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Master List of Elizabeth Culmer's Fiction


General Disclaimer: These stories are based on characters and situations created and owned by other people and corporations. I make no money from this borrowing of intellectual property, and intend no copyright or trademark infringement.

Organization: This list is organized primarily by fandom; within each fandom, it's arranged first by associated story cycles and then by date. Word counts and writing dates are approximations.

Warning Policy: Any story with explicit sex or other potentially problematic content (mostly death, torture, or various forms of psychological, familial, or societal dysfunction) will be marked as such; otherwise all stories are equivalent to PG-13 at most -- i.e., there may be some darkness, violence, or mentions of sex, but it will either be off-page or non-explicit. I do not use any content rating system unless I am posting to a site or community that requires or encourages ratings, because I think movie-style ratings are counterintuitive when applied to written fiction, and because I have never found ratings particularly useful for anything other than denoting the presence of explicit sex, which I am already warning for.

Quality Rating System: I've marked my favorite stories with asterisks, on a scale of 1 to 4. The more asterisks, the more I like the story. This doesn't necessarily mean that stories without asterisks are bad, just that I don't like them as much. Also, I am not claiming to be an arbiter of taste; you may love stories I dislike, and vice versa. I am just providing a heads-up about the ones that I think are best written and/or most interesting.

Where To Read: What I post on my journal tends to be the equivalent of a beta draft. If I have cross-posted a story literally anywhere else, read the version that isn't on my journal. Versions on AO3 are definitive. If there is no AO3 version, read the ff.net version. If there is no ff.net version, read the FictionAlley version (only applicable for HP fic). Failing that, read the journal version, because that's the only one there is.

Harry Potter Fanfiction

Naruto Fanfiction

Angel Sanctuary Fanfiction

Chronicles of Narnia Fanfiction

Homestuck Fanfiction

Minor Fandom Fanfiction
(currently includes BtVS/A:tS, The Dark Is Rising, FF7: Mercverse AU, Inception, and Star Trek: AOS)

Miscellaneous Fanfiction
(currently includes American Gods, Batman, the Bible, the Black Jewels series, the Bourne trilogy, Captain America, Code Geass, The Darkangel, Death Note, Enchanted Forest Chronicles, The Girl with the Silver Eyes, Glee, Gormenghast, Hexwood, The Homeward Bounders, Labyrinth, Lucifer, Merlin, Ranma 1/2, Rise of the Guardians, Saiyuki, Seaward, Wolf Hall, X-Men, and Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Crossover Fanfiction
(I do not cross-list crossovers under their component fandoms; this is the only place to find them)



These stories are all mine! *grin* I use the same warning policy and quality rating system as for my fanfiction.

All Original Fiction


And just for my own reference: my Cotton Candy Bingo cards, for Round One and Round Two.
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I signed up for the Narnia Fic Exchange 2014 tonight! This is a great exchange that [personal profile] snacky has run since 2008. This year it's moving from LJ to AO3, which means it will no longer be a double-blind exchange (in other words, writers now know who their recipients are) and the stories will all go live at once and be anonymous for a week instead of being posted one per day to LJ and remaining anonymous until all are up.

The NFE has never been a very large exchange -- there were only twenty fics in 2008, which rose to all of thirty-seven (not including Madness ficlets) in 2013 -- but the general quality is very high and it's a lot of fun. If you have any interest in Narnia fandom, come give it a chance! Signups run until August 1, so you have a few days to consider your options. :-)
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This is a placeholder. :-)
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1. Tonight I posted all six extant component fics of my Narnia genderswap AU to AO3. You can read them here: As the Morning and the Night.

I have decided not to crosspost fragments -- by which I mean false starts and introductions that I plan to turn into proper stories at some point. Therefore, the only thing left to post is "The Courting Dance."

I feel a little odd posting that when it's still so far from being finished, and I don't even have a new chapter ready to go... but eh, them's the breaks.

(Or maybe I could take a stab at the Peridan POV chapter, using a 15-minute ficlet prompt as external motivation? Hmm. I may try that tomorrow.)


2. When I got home from my reemployment services appointment on Tuesday, and bent down to take off my good professional-type shoes, I discovered that both of them had gaping holes in the sides where the leather shoe joins the rubber sole. "Oh, so that's why they were making funny squeak/spuff noises as I walked!" I said to myself.

Then I threw them away. And on Thursday I went to the mall and bought new shoes.

I came home on the #30 bus instead of the #13, on the theory that walking home from the Commons while carrying stuff would be useful exercise, and then decided I might as well look around Trader K's (a used clothing store) while I was in that neighborhood. You see, most of my pants are getting a bit old and are somewhat frayed around the ankles and/or slightly bleach-stained, which is no way to make a good impression at an interview. So I bought two new-to-me pairs and washed them in today's batch of laundry.

I will need to hem up the ankles, of course -- I decided years ago that this was simpler than trying to find petite styles, particularly at used clothing stores -- but I feel less at the mercy of my laundry schedule now when it comes to looking good on short notice.
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Today I had my first reemployment services appointment with Tompkins Workforce NY. I'm not sure if this is a NY state thing or just a Tompkins County thing, but in order to continue receiving unemployment benefits you are required to have these appointments every three or four weeks -- until you get a new job or the benefits run out, whichever comes first. Today was basically an intro, kind of a "who we are and what services we offer" spiel, along with a whole bunch of informational flyers and some free resume advice. It turns out they have access to a bunch of free training programs (I can learn new office-work type things! yes! this is good and useful!) and also they run one to three workshops a week on various topics. I have sent in a registration request for one on August 1st which is about what Cornell University looks for in employees, and how to tailor your application to best effect. So that's progress.

I have contacted TC3 to request a form that apparently they should have included along with my transcript, but didn't; this is necessary to determine whether or not I have fulfilled ESC's general education distribution requirements. Hopefully they will get back to me soon.

I have paid my credit card bills for the month, and my August rent and health insurance.

I have prepped a batch of chicken soup, which is currently cooking merrily away in my crock-pot. I also baked two chicken thighs, steamed a bunch of broccoli, and put them in the fridge for lunch and/or dinner over the next couple days. And I have six meals' worth of pot roast in two containers -- one which I moved down to the fridge to defrost yesterday, and another still in the freezer -- so I am totally on top of this food business. :-)

I have noticed that I'm cooking a bit more frequently now that I am eating breakfast and lunch at home instead of at work. Of course, breakfast tends to be Eggo waffles, and either lunch or dinner may often be pepperoni and cheese on bread, or bread-and-butter plus craisins plus a hardboiled egg, or cheese and crackers and juice, or something similarly picnic/snack-like, but the point remains. My grocery bills have gone up slightly, but on the other hand, I'm withdrawing cash from my account a lot less often. It's probably cheaper overall this way... or at least if would be if I didn't keep buying wine to go along with dinner. If I'm going to the trouble of cooking actual real food, I want wine to accompany it, because that is what you do in my family: wine with dinner. (It's funny what things you absorb as unquestioned rules from your parents.) I am not buying mad expensive wine or anything, and I usually get five glasses from every bottle, but that does add up.

I haven't written anything over the past few days, and I stalled on AO3 crossposting as well. There wasn't any particular reason behind that. Sometimes you just run out of oomph for certain tasks, even as you simultaneously keep up with others perfectly well. But I think I should be able to get a few done tonight, and maybe even write a couple hundred words of something or other.

So yeah. Life continues, as it tends to do. *wry*
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I will have custody of my parents' spare car from August 4 (give or take a couple days) through mid-October, during which time I will naturally be using my own driveway. But after that, I have no use for it.

Diagonal Neighbor P has asked if she can rent it from me. I have tentatively said yes (and she is using it through the end of July gratis, because I didn't have any reasonable price estimates at the time), but I'm not sure how much to charge her. The only parking rental market information I can find for Ithaca is all Collegetown-based, and Collegetown is not remotely representative of the parking situation in the city at large. (I mean, some of those spaces go for $150 a month or more. There are some that are over $2,000 a year. It's nuts.)

I am currently thinking $25 a month (which is $300 a year) might be a reasonable starting point for negotiation. If Diagonal Neighbor P agrees, that would be awesome. I am willing to be negotiated down to $20 a month, but no further.

On the other hand, maybe I should make an opening offer of $30 a month and see what happens? Or would that come off as asking too much?

Does anyone have any advice?
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1. Since the smoke shop closed, I have noticed that I feel very out of touch with what is going on in the world. Heck, I feel out of touch with what's going on in my town. This is because over the past eight-and-a-half years, I stopped checking the news online. There was no point. I could walk ten steps from the register and see shelves of newspapers five or six days a week, and I could look at the return shelves in the back room for any days I missed because I was off work. I didn't read all that many articles full length, but even a glance at the front page of two or three papers will give a general sense of what the major current issues are.

Now I have to remember to actively search for news, and I am completely out of the habit.

I do still have a subscription to the Economist, which is a very useful world overview, but that's a weekly and I don't usually get my copy until Monday or Tuesday (instead of Saturday), so it's not an adequate substitute for a daily newspaper smorgasbord.

I have such first world problems. *sigh*


2. I have new neighbors! Upstairs Neighbor E and her partner/husband Upstairs Neighbor T (...well, I think his name starts with a T, but I'm bad with names so I could easily be misremembering) moved in last Friday and Saturday. They have a two-year-old daughter (Mini Upstairs Neighbor C) and thus far seem like friendly and sensible people. They specifically asked for permission to store their bikes on my half of the front porch, and to stash their canoe (they have a canoe, what even) under my back porch. Upstairs Neighbor E also mentioned that she likes gardening, so she may do something about our rather slapdash landscaping. (Landlord Dude only does the bare minimum of yardwork, since he has back and shoulder problems.)

There IS a little designated garden plot in our backyard, but the problem is that the soil in a lot of Fall Creek neighborhood is 19th century landfill. In other words, it's a bunch of coal dust and related gunk, with maybe a one-foot-deep veneer of topsoil. So the more you garden and the more you turn up the dirt, the more this grayish yuck gets mixed in. That is why my old neighbors gave up on gardening a couple years ago and the "garden" is now a nicely stone-lined weed patch.

Upstairs Neighbor E sounded like she thought that was an interesting challenge, however, so we shall see if anything changes. :-)


3. I have an appointment with Tompkins Workforce New York on Tuesday, to review my resume and job search strategies. This is a required part of the unemployment benefits program -- they want both to help people find new jobs, and to make sure they aren't mooching around doing nothing instead of actively searching for employment. I will definitely wear my nice shoes instead of my sneakers, and maybe a necklace, but I don't think this is the kind of thing I need to dig out my old suit/blazer jackets for. (Although I should air those out anyway, in hopes of future interviews.)


4. I still have not received the snail-mail letter I am supposed to get from ESC regarding my mentor and the academic advising program, but I emailed them yesterday and they put me in touch with him electronically. He has sent me some preliminary information, and I will email him back tomorrow once I've had a chance to look it over and formalize my plans.


5. I don't recall if I mentioned this, but the tiny pepper sprout with oddly dark leaves that had been refusing to grow basically pulled up its roots, tipped over, and died maybe ten days ago. The other tiny pepper survived and I repotted it into its adult home today, but I'm not putting it outside just yet. It's too small to stake, you see, and I'm afraid that without a stake for a shield, animals will attack it. (It is a tiny pepper. Going by number and arrangement of leaves, it's only a week behind the others, but it's literally only a third of their size. It's like a bonsai pepper. Very cute! But also very strange.)

Tomorrow or Sunday I think I may repot the baby spider plants I cut loose and stuck in water two weeks ago. They have grown some rootlets by now, and I have set up the hanging pots into which I intend to plant them. I'm thinking two or three babies per pot, so they start out looking reasonably full but still have some room to grow.
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If you have subscribed to me on AO3, I would like to apologize for the stream of backdated stories I've been posting for the past week or so.

I am not the world's most organized person, so it takes me a while to pull together and format each fic. The summaries always exist, but they may not be attached to the story files on my computer. The author's notes may have to be written from scratch, or at least heavily modified in the transition from informal chatting on my journal to formal metadata on an archive site. I have to check the files to make sure all the italics tags are where they should be -- I may have yanked them out, you see, if I posted the fic in question to ff.net, which forces people to use their own rich text editor and also eats formatting in general. I have to open the story on my journal to check the original posting date. And then I have to think of appropriate and informative tags.

It's not a difficult process, but it's tedious and a bit mind-numbing, so I deal with the stories one at a time as I have the time and mental energy.

I will keep doing this until I've crossposted the majority of my fic backlog, or until I run out of spoons. I have been writing fanfiction since 2002. I have a LOT of old stories to crosspost.

So if you are subscribed to me, consider this your fair warning: you are going to keep getting "Elizabeth Culmer posted a backdated story!" spam for a good long while.


ETA: All my MN-era Narnia fics are now up on AO3! Tomorrow I think I will tackle the Problem of Susan fics, since they form another sort of easily-grasped unit.
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I've been crossposting a bunch of my older Narnia fic to AO3 over the past few days. I haven't touched the Jadis-centric ones yet, nor the Problem of Susan fics, nor the genderswap AU, and definitely not the random one-offs. I also haven't figured out what I want to do about the really short pieces, and whether or not I want to try grouping all the stories that fit into my "Lost Chronicles" timeline into a single series.

I think I will put all the Problem of Susan stories into their own series, since that's basically how I have them grouped on my own journal master list page. And obviously the genderswap AU is its own series. But the other bits and pieces... nrgh. It would feel odd to post a bunch of tiny ficlets as individual things, but most of them have no unifying theme, nor unifying character/pairing set, nor were they all written for a specific ficathon, so I don't know what the organizing principle could possibly be.

I suspect I will end up posting pretty much everything individually and not trying to corral them into a series.

I might post my timeline as a meta file, though. I believe that is allowed. Or maybe just link to it in the Author's Note section of every relevant story? That seems like an awful lot of work, but I'm not sure a tidier solution exists. :-/


After all that, I will need to get back to crossposting my ancient HP fic. God love a duck, I am not looking forward to that. But it needs to be done sooner or later. (Also, right now my AO3 works statistics look even more hilariously wrong to me than they did when it looked like I only wrote Homestuck and Yuletide fics. Having one of my other major fandoms somewhat correctly represented somehow makes the omissions even more glaring. And at a certain point, that will stop being hilarious and start driving me nuts until I fix the imbalance.)
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Argh, why is my unexpected love Cotton Candy Bingo fill being so impossible to write??? I have been working on it for... it feels like nearly two weeks now, and it's still only 1,300 words long. I also have 1,100 words worth of deleted scenes. That is almost as much non-story as story, which is ridiculous.

One problem is research. You know those stories where you read an entire 500 page super-dense technical reference book for a throwaway bit of verisimilitude in one sentence? It's not quite that bad, but along those lines.

Another problem is tone. I keep sliding away from fluff and normal family teasing into something either angsty or outright vicious, which is not what I am aiming for AT ALL. I don't know if this is related to real-life frustration or if it has other causes.

A third problem is length. This ficlet is the kind of thing that could all too easily slide into being the opening scene of a novella, but I do not want to write that novella. It's not that I think it would be a bad novella, and under other circumstances I might deliberately set out to write something along similar lines, but it's not my goal here and I resent the phantom novella constantly trying to sneak in and disrupt the structure of my tiny short story.


I think I will go have dinner and then do some work on a meme or something. Maybe that will unstick my brain.

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