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General Disclaimer: These stories are based on characters and situations created and owned by other people and corporations. I make no money from this borrowing of intellectual property, and intend no copyright or trademark infringement.

Organization: This list is organized primarily by fandom; within each fandom, it's arranged first by associated story cycles and then by writing date. Word counts and writing dates are approximations.

Content/Warning Policy: 1) I am not consistent about warnings! I use them when I remember, for a few relatively broad categories of potentially problematic content, but if something troubling is off-page, non-explicit, or generally backgrounded, I probably won't note it in the metadata. 2) The things I try to warn for are explicit sex, rape, death, torture, cannibalism, incest, depression/suicide, familial dysfunction, and occasionally also societal dysfunction (aka dystopia). Sometimes I just slap a general content warning on all my fic for a given fandom and don't label each individual fic. I also don't generally warn for violence, unless the violence in a fic is dramatically out-of-step with the violence in its source canon. 3) I don't use any content rating system unless I'm posting to a site or community that requires or encourages ratings, because I find movie-style ratings counter-intuitive when applied to written fiction, and not particularly useful for anything other than denoting the presence of explicit sex, which I already note in the metadata.

Quality Rating System: I've marked my favorite stories with asterisks, on a scale of 1 to 4. The more asterisks, the more I like the story. This doesn't necessarily mean that stories without asterisks are bad, just that I don't like them as much. Also, I am not claiming to be an arbiter of taste; you may love stories I dislike, and vice versa. I am just providing a heads-up about the ones that I think are best written and/or most interesting.

Where To Read: What I post on my journal tends to be the equivalent of a beta draft. If I have cross-posted a story literally anywhere else (except Tumblr; fic content there is just a mirror of fic content here), read the version that isn't on my journal. Versions on AO3 are definitive. If there is no AO3 version, read the ff.net version. If there is no ff.net version, read the FictionAlley version (only applicable for HP fic). Failing that, read the journal version, because that's the only one there is.

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two dreams

May. 26th, 2016 03:22 pm
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I had a couple weird dreams last night, which I made a point of remembering after I woke up because I wanted to share them.


1. The first dream was sort of a sci-fi action thriller thing, in which a group of people had the ability to 'abstract' themselves one layer away from normal reality, and then perform the same trick a second time (second-level abstraction), but while it was technically possible to keep going indefinitely, in practice if you went to a third-level abstraction, about half the time what came back (if anything came back at all) was not quite you.

Abstracted people, as viewed from normal reality, were invisible except when they were in motion, at which point they appeared sort of like a silvery column of heat distortion. The people who could abstract (which I think relied on gadgets) were on some kind of heist mission related to maybe overthrowing a dystopia of some sort, and were being chased by agents who could either not abstract at all or could only perform first-level abstractions, BUT they had guns whose bullets could, upon touching the after-image an abstracted person left in the lower reality level, explode in such a way as to send shockwaves through higher levels of abstraction and hopefully knock abstracted people back into normal reality where they'd either be arrested or shot for real.

Being abstracted was visually weird to experience, because it literally was abstraction -- the world went from three-dimensional reality to first being kind of flat color and drawn with heavy linework, and on a second-level abstraction, you started to get light shining through stained-glass color blocks and vaguely cubist distortion effects. Third-level abstractions got really trippy, and that's where the mental effects started to kick in because abstraction didn't erase the world around you, just your perception of it and its ability to interact with you, and in third-level abstractions you could, like, walk through walls if you wanted, or ignore gravity, and sort of see time-currents or something? And your mental processes went all weird, and I guess a bunch of people just didn't want to go back, and some who did couldn't readjust because brain chemistry is delicate, you know?

I might try to work that idea into a proper story someday.


2. The second dream involved me trying to make a baby shower gift for some friends (who are not remotely romantically involved in real life, let alone expecting a child) and I settled on a knit wool hat of many colors which I was going to make via an automatic knitting machine. It was in my public library, over near the paperback fiction shelves, and what you did was enter a pattern into a computer and the machine would produce your design in whatever colors and fibers you wanted. It manufactured your chosen kind of yarn out of a pile of raw synthetic fibers, so I guess it was a bit like specialized 3D printing?

Anyway, I was sitting there trying to translate a set of knitting instructions into a sort of grid pattern, and all around me other people were entering their own programs... one of which was an actual baby. Literally, these two women programmed the machine (in the public library!) to knit a living child out of a pile of synthetic fibers. And it worked. They picked the crying baby up out of the basket of finished products, put on a diaper and a onesie, and took the kid off to get a birth certificate or whatever.

And nobody blinked twice.

I decided to make my friends' kid a blanket as well as the hat, because I felt slightly upstaged after that.
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black and gray flowerpot

black and gray saucer

saucer and flowerpot

saucer and flowerpot, different angle

So my friend Susan is a freelance artist who also works various part-time jobs to supplement her commission income. Currently one of those jobs is at a pottery, and for this past Christmas she made me a really nice flowerpot.

Last month, I asked her to make an accompanying saucer (because it was too nice a pot to keep using an old pickle-jar lid as a makeshift drip catcher), which she did, and we traded money for ceramics when I was in NJ this past weekend.

They are both SO PRETTY, and they go really well together! I'm not entirely sure what to plant in them (I had a narcissus in the pot this winter, but it has now gone back to resting bulb state and would probably do better in a slightly larger pot next time anyway), but I will think of something and it will be beautiful. :D

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thirteen pepper sprouts photographed from above, 24 May 2016
top view

thirteen pepper sprouts photographed from the side, 24 May 2016
side view

In the confusion of travel, unpacking, and installing my AC, I forgot to photograph my peppers on Monday. So you get to see an eight-day difference rather than a seven-day difference. Horrors!

They traveled down to NJ in their tray with the lid for protection (it only just fit over the tallest sprout) and came safely back the same way. My parents and aunt made the requisite impressed/pleased noises over them, and Mom even watered them herself a couple times with a spray bottle.

I think I may transplant the biggest ones into actual pots next week, if only because it will be easier to tie them to proper stakes than it would be to try inserting popsicle sticks or the equivalent into the peat cylinders. :)

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Things done recently:

1. Got around to seeing Captain America: Civil War on Wednesday. That was not really a Cap movie; that was an Avengers movie... which is not inherently a bad thing (I like big team movies), but is annoying because Steve should not get upstaged by Tony in his own damn movie. Also holy shit the writers have no idea how international diplomacy and treaties work, do they? The logistics on that broke my suspension of disbelief so badly that I spent the rest of the story with a little section of my mind just spinning its wheels trying to think of some way to handwave that mess that made even a token 5% gesture at real-world logic.

(I am still working on that, btw.)

But it was fun, and I'm glad I saw it on the big screen.

2. Drove to NJ on Friday, after which I spent the evening hanging out with Susan -- by which I mean we ordered a pizza and talked about nothing in particular for a few hours, and then my parents and aunt arrived home from their trip and all five of us talked about nothing in particular for another hour and a half. Sometimes it's nice to just be around someone without pressure to be Doing A Thing, you know?

3. Went over to Susan's on Sunday afternoon, where we watched Deadpool (we had both missed it in theaters, which is much more explicable in my case) and agreed that it was pretty much exactly what we'd wanted out of a Deadpool movie. I would definitely be interested in a sequel. :)

4. Washed a lot of laundry.

5. Not written any fiction since Thursday evening. Traveling is a little disruptive that way. *shrug*

6. Signed up for Ladystuck Remix, because I love remix challenges and I love Ladystuck, and while two great things do not always and necessarily taste great together, in this case, I am pretty sure they will. :)

7. Despite not actually writing, I did make a firmer outline for the rest of "The Courting Dance," which became possible once I finally figured out how to approach Peridan's POV chapter. (In summary, I'd been starting in entirely the wrong place and being too narrative instead of focusing on his own preoccupations.) Previously my 'outline' could be summarized as, "And then politics, return to Archenland, Great Council session, maybe another wedding, the end. Remember [redacted argument point] and [redacted physical prop]." Which is not wrong, but is not terribly useful either. Now I know whose POV I'll be in for each chapter, and have at least a one-sentence summary of what should be happening. I have also decided not to actually write the second, northern-style wedding, because while the fact that Aravis and Cor agree to put on that show is important, the show itself is irrelevant to the story I am telling.
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[personal profile] sablin27 said: Can I use the wild card on: Uhura, Spock and Gaila chase friendly but flighty magical cards (a la Card Captor Sakura)?

Note: So I've never read or watched Cardcaptor Sakura, but I hope this is more or less what you wanted. :D (900 words)

[ETA: The slightly revised final version is now up on AO3!]

Cardcaptor Uhura )

That was fun!
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thirteen pepper sprouts photographed from above, 16 May 2016
top view

thirteen pepper sprouts photographed from the side, 16 May 2016
side view

My peppers, photographed on Monday, 5/16/16.

As you can see, they are all growing well! Even the one that had the worst dehydration scare has recovered and is finally growing its first pair of actual leaves. (They didn't show up terribly well in the photographs, but the seedling in question is the only one in the second column from the left.)

I'm a little worried about hydration when I go to NJ next weekend, since I will be leaving on Friday and not returning until Monday afternoon. Perhaps I should just take the whole tray with me...?

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[tumblr.com profile] asukaskerian said: Untimely ripped, Damara (+ another dancestor?), sunrise/sunset. :3

Note: Oh look, it's another ficlet in the Untimely Ripped AU! Contains mention of suicide and a friendship that fractured under the weight of untreated depression. I think the best description would be emotional hurt/comfort?

Also! Have some background notes! It's implicitly stated in "Untimely Ripped" that this version of North America contains more countries than ours does. One of those fictional countries is Ganonsyoni, which contains most of what in our world is western and upstate New York, plus a chunk of northwestern Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio. (I haven't mapped it exactly, but I'd estimate Pittsburgh and Cleveland as the far corners, roughly speaking.) Part of the international border runs along the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers, which has the knock-on effect of erasing Binghamton. (People do still live there, but in small and distinct towns on opposite sides of the rivers rather than a single city/metro area.) The Megidos and their friends live in an as-yet-unnamed town approximately where Conklin is in our world, a few miles upriver/southeast of not!Binghamton and right near the NY-PA border. The fictional reservoir in this fic has flooded out what would otherwise be the village of Conklin Forks. (2,100 words)

[ETA: The slightly revised final version is now up on AO3!]

Almost at Odds with Morning )

I'll probably do another editing pass before sticking this on AO3 -- maybe add some more description, maybe clarify a few emotional beats, that sort of thing -- but I have been fighting it for four days in a row and right now I just want to post and be DONE. *falls gratefully into bed*

(Title is, as always for this series, a quote from Macbeth.)
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1. Landlord Dude is taking advantage of Diagonal Neighbor P's departure to completely clear out her old apartment -- rip up the carpets, cart out a whole bunch of junk, probably repaint the walls, etc. -- and is also doing some general house work while he's at it. He has even found/hired assistance! They are about halfway through ripping out the old main staircase carpet (which has needed replacing for several years now), and nearly done repainting the front porch floor. I hope he'll attach a new gutter to the porch while he's at it, because the drips are very annoying and also an ice hazard in the winter.

...I should mention that to him tomorrow.

2. I did a bit of yardwork yesterday, by which I mean I chopped down a strange weedy shrub thing that has been growing between my lilac bush and the porch for a couple years, snapped a bunch of dead branches off the poor sour cherry tree in the front yard (which bloomed in December and suffered accordingly), and clipped and/or rooted out approximately a hundred scrub maples that were trying to grow up through the hedges that line our sidewalk. I have probably five hundred more scrub maples to go if I want to clear out the rest of the hedge, which I really do. I also want to haul my stepladder outside and go after the higher deadwood on the cherry. Then I will have to hollow out the back of the lilac (which I do every year, so I have space to install my AC) and gather my clippings into a bag, tag it, and stick it out on Sunday night for city yard waste collection. I might bag up a bunch of the waste pile in the back yard while I'm at it, since I only built that heap as a stopgap measure and the upper layers are nowhere near the 'usable soil' stage of decomposition.

3. I am working on my next prompt meme mini-ficlet, and it's basically sticking out its tongue and laughing at me. I want to write emotional hurt/comfort with an emphasis on the comfort, but it just keeps handing me more hurt. *headdesk* Maybe if I rework the opening so it starts with some landscape description and backstory for why my POV character is at that particular location...? Gnrgh.

4. An ICSD election is scheduled for next Tuesday. I got the election notice and proposed budget report in the mail on Monday, and must remember to grab this week's issue of the Ithaca Times which should (going by past precedent) have interviews with the school board candidates, since I only recognize one of the names off the top of my head.
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thirteen pepper sprouts photographed from above, 9 May 2016
top view

thirteen pepper sprouts photographed from the side, 9 May 2016
side view

My peppers, photographed midafternoon on Monday 5/9/16. I think I am finally getting the hang of keeping the peat pucks hydrated enough, and the sprout that I wasn't sure would recover -- the only one in the second column from the left -- is still alive (though it’s also the only one that hasn't grown any proper leaves yet). So hey, progress! :)

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