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Master List of Elizabeth Culmer's Fiction


General Disclaimer: These stories are based on characters and situations created and owned by other people and corporations. I make no money from this borrowing of intellectual property, and intend no copyright or trademark infringement.

Organization: This list is organized primarily by fandom; within each fandom, it's arranged first by associated story cycles and then by writing date. Word counts and writing dates are approximations.

Content/Warning Policy: 1) I am not consistent about warnings! I use them when I remember, for a few relatively broad categories of potentially problematic content, but if something is off-page, non-explicit, or generally backgrounded, I probably won't think to note it in the metadata. 2) The things I try to warn for are explicit sex, rape, murder, torture, cannibalism, incest, depression/suicide, familial dysfunction, and occasionally also societal dysfunction (aka dystopia). Sometimes I just slap a general content warning on all my fic for a given fandom and don't label each individual fic. I also don't generally warn for violence, unless the violence in a fic is dramatically out-of-step with the violence in its source canon. 3) I don't use any content rating system unless I'm posting to a site or community that requires or encourages ratings, because I find movie-style ratings counter-intuitive when applied to written fiction, and not particularly useful for anything other than denoting the presence of explicit sex, which I already note in the metadata.

Quality Rating System: I've marked my favorite stories with asterisks, on a scale of 1 to 4. The more asterisks, the more I like the story. This doesn't necessarily mean that stories without asterisks are bad, just that I don't like them as much. Also, I am not claiming to be an arbiter of taste; you may love stories I dislike, and vice versa. I am just providing a heads-up about the ones that I think are best written and/or most interesting.

Where To Read: What I post on my journal tends to be the equivalent of a beta draft. If I have cross-posted a story literally anywhere else (except Tumblr; fic content there is just a mirror of fic content here), read the version that isn't on my journal. Versions on AO3 are definitive. If there is no AO3 version, read the ff.net version. If there is no ff.net version, read the FictionAlley version (only applicable for HP fic). Failing that, read the journal version, because that's the only one there is.

Harry Potter Fanfiction

Naruto Fanfiction

Angel Sanctuary Fanfiction

Chronicles of Narnia Fanfiction

Homestuck Fanfiction

Minor Fandom Fanfiction
(currently includes BtVS/A:tS, Daredevil (MCU), The Dark Is Rising, FF7: Mercverse AU, Inception, and Star Trek: AOS)

Miscellaneous Fanfiction
(Currently includes: American Gods, An Ash-Blonde Witch, Arthurian Mythology, Batman, the Bible, the Black Jewels series, the Bourne trilogy, Captain America (MCU), Charlotte's Web, Code Geass, the Darkangel trilogy, Death Note, Discworld, Doctor Who, Enchanted Forest Chronicles, The Girl with the Silver Eyes, Glee, Gormenghast, Hamilton, Hexwood, The Homeward Bounders, Howl's Moving Castle, Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, Lucifer, Mad Max: Fury Road, Merlin, the Oz books, Ranma 1/2, Rise of the Guardians, Sailor Moon, Saiyuki, Seaward, Shakespeare, White Collar, Wolf Hall, X-Men, and Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Crossover Fanfiction
(I do not cross-list crossovers and fusions under their component fandoms; this is the only place to find them. Currently includes: the Anita Blake series, ASoIaF, Avatar: The Last Airbender, the Black Jewels series, BtVS, Cardcaptor Sakura, Chronicles of Narnia, the Darkangel trilogy, The Dark Is Rising, Discworld, Doctor Who, Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Ender's Game, Gundam Wing, Harry Potter, Hikaru no Go, Homestuck, Inception, the Indiana Jones movies, Leverage, Lucifer, MCU (various), Merlin, Naruto, the Oz books, Stargate: SG-1, Star Trek: AOS, Vorkosigan Saga, Welcome to Night Vale, and a couple other things that only appear in memes rather than actual fic.)



These stories are all mine! *grin* I use the same warning policy and quality rating system as for my fanfiction.

All Original Fiction


My various bingo cards: Cotton Candy Bingo, Round One; Cotton Candy Bingo, Round Two; and Daredevil Bingo, Round One.
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About twenty minutes ago I heard a funny clattery noise from the direction of my kitchen, and got up to see what had fallen over.

Not any of the dishes in the drying rack. Nothing on any of the counters. Not my poor pepper pots on the back porch.

And then I remembered that I do keep two mousetraps perpetually armed and baited (I use chunks of Snickers bars, because they don't rot) and they do sound a bit like falling dishes when they snap.

The one in the kitchen cupboard was untouched. The one under the bathroom sink, on the other hand... Bingo.

if animal injury and death bother you, stop reading here )

Tomorrow I'll buy a Snickers bar and bait two more traps.
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I... kind of have a functional computer again?

The new battery and power cord arrived today, and after I fed the dog, walked the dog, and fed myself (because one shouldn't attempt laptop surgery when slightly loopy with hunger), I opened the laptop, did a final check to make sure I had the right battery type, replaced the sucker, and closed everything up again. Then I plugged in the new power cord.

Net result: Shadowfall is running fine on wall socket power, but the battery charge light is staying solid red and the system tells me it cannot detect any battery at all! Meanwhile, the little battery charger popup window thinks there IS a battery and it's 100% charged. *headdesk* And before you say anything, YES, I tried turning the machine off and on again. That changed nothing.

I will still try that again overnight, probably.

In slightly stranger news, Chrome updated itself at some point between last Monday and tonight, yet the new program still remembered all my open tabs from over a week ago. This was slightly counteracted by the way it made me clear all my cookies before it let me access Tumblr. Chrome is weird.

Anyway, if Shadowfall doesn't start recognizing (and charging) its battery by tomorrow night, I will try taking the machine in to Best Buy and telling them that I don't care if they say my service plan only covers software issues, because I have fixed the hardware problem and clearly the ball is now in their court, because it's software that lets the operating system talk to the battery.


In other news, my parents are safely home from Prague, and tomorrow Dad will drive to Ithaca to collect Dottie and take her home for a week and a half, until I drive down to NJ to kidnap her again. :)
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After about fifteen years of somehow avoiding any involvement in church governance (that is, I volunteer for a bunch of stuff but on the foot-soldier level rather than the officer level), I have been invited to join two committees in the past two days. O_o

I have tentatively said yes to both. This may not work out in practice -- there are some potential scheduling conflicts with my new job -- but hey, I am game to try. :)


In completely unrelated news, my replacement laptop battery and power cord should arrive on Tuesday afternoon. I have duly watched a couple tutorials on how to open up my particular laptop model so assuming no unforeseen new issues arise, I should be able to get back online properly sometime tomorrow night.
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1. Work, obviously. I may post more detail about that later this week after I have a functional computer again.

2. Went to NJ to pick up Dottie. Had dinner with parents on Sunday night, did two loads of laundry (clothes and linens), and visited Susan Monday morning.

more items under cut )

Also, obviously, I have fed and walked Dottie every morning and evening, which includes successfully getting her to eat her joint medication pills, much though she dislikes them. Yay for determination, I suppose. *wry*
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Another quick update!

I ordered a replacement laptop battery and power cord from Amazon; they should arrive on Tuesday. I will try to watch some tutorial videos about the replacement process on Monday, so I'll have a better idea of what to do with them. With luck, I will have a functional computer again by Wednesday night.

If not, I have asked my parents if I can borrow their dinky notebook computer while I turn the problem over to professionals. So I guess I'll email or call them after my attempt at playing tech repairperson and they will either bring or not bring the notebook on Wednesday, depending.

In the meantime, I read what I can on my phone. *sigh*


In completely unrelated news, all three of my Yuletide nominations (and all four characters for each fandom) were approved with no problems. Two went through within the first couple hours, while the third didn't go until later that day, presumably because two of the characters I picked are very minor and have not yet appeared in/been tagged in any of the extant fanfic on AO3. So I know what three of my requests will be, and I'll decide whether I even want to make a fourth or fifth once the full tagset is revealed.
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Quick post to say several things!

1. I retrieved Dottie from NJ and will be taking care of her until next Wednesday, the 28th. Yay dog! She's on a different diet yet again, but at least this one is slightly simpler than some of the previous variations. However, I now have to give her her twice-daily medicine tablet as a separate thing, daubed in peanut butter, since she won't eat them if they're mixed into her breakfast and dinner (and then may not eat the meals either, because ewww, contamination).

2. On my drive back to Ithaca, there was a dead bear on the side of I-380. A BEAR. I have seen roadkill opossums, raccoons, and deer -- to say nothing of innumerable squirrels and birds -- but never a freaking black bear. It may have been a juvenile; it looked a bit scrawny for a full-grown bear.

3. While walking Dottie last night, I spotted a toad hopping between her feet (she missed it completely; her eyesight and hearing have gone fuzzy in her old age) and briefly picked it up to say hello. Then I let it go, of course, because I'm not a monster.

4. My laptop completely died last night. :( Not only is the battery nonfunctional, the power cord is no longer working so I can't even just plug it in and use it as a de facto desktop. I am looking into repair/replacement options, but this is a little tricky because of my work schedule (Tues and Weds 9am-7pm, plus the hours immediately before and after that for dog care) so I may not even be able to take it in to a repair shop until Thursday. *headdesk*

5. Because of the computer woes, I will probably not be online much for the next week. This means I will be even slower about commenting and/or responding to comments than usual, because I only get an hour of free internet at the public library (and that only on non-work days) and it's really hard to type anything long and coherent on my phone. (I am typing this at the rental office, but I'm not supposed to use our internet for personal stuff, so I will be signing out of Dreamwidth as soon as I'm done.)

6. While in NJ, I dropped by Susan's place of work (a pottery) for an hour and a half, and got to shape two pinch-pots as part of a monthly gimmick they're doing for October: a 1000 bowl sale for charity. Susan will pick and apply the glazes, obviously, since I am now back in Ithaca. I may be down in NJ again over the sale weekend (for yet another dogsitting pickup), in which case I might try to buy one of my bowls if they haven't sold yet. :)
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Today is NFE reveal day! I wrote two stories this year: my assignment and one tiny Madness ficlet. I will talk about each in a separate post.

enchantments: One night, she will let him out of the chair and not recast her spell. Rilian fears that day more than anything. Dark. (450 words, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] Komadori)


I felt kind of bad for writing dark!fic as a gift when Komadori hadn't specifically asked for dark!fic... so I wrote her more dark!fic as a Madness treat. *headdesk* Yes, that was an excellent plan. There was no way it could possibly go wrong.

On the other hand, I think the resulting ficlet holds up fairly well for something written in half an hour. It's a dark what-if style of AU, where Rilian made one different choice from canon and everything consequently went straight to hell for him, for his would-be rescue party, and for Narnia in general. (The Lady of the Green Kirtle is perfectly pleased with the outcome, of course.)


I think the takeaway from my NFE participation this year is that I should probably avoid signing up for exchanges when I'm in a protracted depressive episode. Not only does that make writing difficult, it also seems to affect the tone and style of what I end up producing. *sigh*
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Today is NFE reveal day! I wrote two stories this year: my assignment and one tiny Madness ficlet. I will talk about each in a separate post.

A High and Lonely Destiny: All the stories Jadis knows begin with Lilith. Dark. (3,375 words, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] Komadori)


This was my assignment!

As I said in my post when the collections opened, I didn't even try for anonymity this year. I had sort of wanted to write a Lucy/Sea Girl story (which is a concept I clearly like or I wouldn't keep asking people to write it for me!) but that required a lot more creativity than I could dredge up over the past few months, so I went with something that I already had mostly laid out... which is also not what I ended up writing. (The story of my creative life could probably be summarized as follows: 'That was not what I meant to write, but I think it came out okay despite that.')

cut for length )
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1. Checked this year's Porchfest schedule to figure out when it might be safe to leave on Sunday. I think the best plan is to slip away during the gap between the 12pm and 1pm performances. It will be a small gap, but if I miss it I'll be stuck until 2pm and that's not ideal.

more items under the cut )

And now to bed. :)


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