Apr. 12th, 2017

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As tax day is nearly upon us and I can practically taste the return of those mythical things known as 'free time' and 'sleep,' it is time for a new writing project to-do list! Priority order is based partly on when I started doing a thing, partly on due-dates, and partly on estimated project length.


1. Finish the fourth ficlet from my latest mini-ficlet prompt meme.

2. Finish editing "Second Chances," argh, why has that taken so long?!

3. Outline FandomTrumpsHate fic, send outline to bidder for review, write fic.

4. Reread existing portions of "Intervention" and previous space battle brainstorming, then buckle down to finish the story for WIP Big Bang.

5. Write Vicky's hideously belated gift story.

6. Write Susan's hideously belated gift story.

7. Narnia Fic Exchange!

8. Work on various longstanding WIPs. The most likely options include finally finishing "Trollstuck: Make Her Pay," writing another few chapters of "The Guardian in Spite of Herself," writing another few chapters of "Lemonade," blacking out my second Cotton Candy Bingo card, and finally finishing "Harvest" (an original story I have been writing forever).

9. Yuletide!

10. Other fic exchanges as time, energy, and interest allow.

11. Mini-ficlet prompt memes if and when I get bored and/or stuck on longer projects.


edenfalling: stylized black-and-white line art of a sunset over water (Default)
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