Jun. 5th, 2017

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one squash seedling in a clear plastic tub . one squash seedling in a clear plastic tub

1. Tan, Monday, 5 June 2017
2. Sethera

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As previously mentioned, only one of the seeds in the fourth squash container sprouted, and its cotyledons were somewhat damaged -- brown spots at the edges and so on. But the seedling (henceforth known as Covera) has been growing, albeit a bit slowly, and its growth pattern (firm upright stem) follows that of Azer rather than the inside sprouts (Tan and Sethera), so I think it will be all right.

The other peppers are putting forth proper leaves, and while Azer is lagging Tan and Sethera in number of leaves, it certainly makes up for that in size and general health.

one pepper plant in a terracotta pot . six pepper seedlings in black plastic planters

4. the Lazarus pepper
5. peppers A2, A4, A6, B1, B3, and B5

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Meanwhile the Lazarus pepper is still looking a bit unhappy. I suspect soil leaching, since after all it's been in that pot for over twelve months now. I don't think sun shock is the problem, since it sits under the mulberry tree and is thus relatively shaded. The weather continues to be abnormally cold and wet, but I did give all the plants a small dose of MiracleGro this morning. (And they have probably lost it all to a thunderstorm this afternoon. *sigh* Well, I do try.) It also has a number of buds, which are probably a week or two from opening, and I think it's been putting forth some new leaf growth as well.

The baby peppers have take a while to properly settle into their new homes, but they are now beginning to grow in earnest and I expect the next couple weeks to show some significant height gains.

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Ha! I finally finished the fill scene for "Second Chances," which I have been attempting to write for... uh... three months now? Ugh. Anyway, it still needs some tweaking (like, I want to connect Foggy's client to the Rainmaker in order to bring that element into the picture a little sooner (and not via Matt) and also to reduce rambling and stuff) and of course I still have to finish revising later scenes, but the biggest headache is DEFEATED.

Also I have now successfully inserted Marci into the story, which makes me very happy. :)


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