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1. Repotted the section of Mom's erstwhile spider plant that I'd had sitting in water since Thanksgiving. (In summary, Mom was getting rid of a plant, and I said I'd take it. Unfortunately, while they were unpacking at my house, the pot fell out of the car, tipped upside-down, and the plant's various sections got completely disarrayed and squished. I put most of them back together, but this one section's roots were a dead loss and it's been in slow recovery since then. I am still unsure how the plant will do long-term, but I am doing my best to give it a fighting chance.)

2. Hand-washed the crotch and waist of the pants I wore on Saturday and intended to wear again on Monday, because that particular fabric blend (63% polyester, 34% rayon, 3% spandex) collects odors a LOT faster and stronger than any of my other clothes and I did not particularly want to reek by the midpoint of a 12-hour work shift. Fortunately my plan worked and I emerged unstinky at the end of the day. :)

3. Baked brownies for church.

4. Took brownies in to church; also did coffee hour cleanup after the service.

5. Attended the monthly free community soup lunch our DRE has instituted, where I found a table to myself and read for half an hour or so. Three separate people stopped by to check that I was alone by choice and not unwillingly isolated, but they all accepted, "I'm fine, just unwinding with a book," as an answer and left rather than push further. At that point, sitting quietly by myself while in a room filled with cheerful people was right about my speed, and I was duly grateful.

6. Changed linens.


8. Did some more editing on "Second Chances." I think I have figured out where and how to insert some conversation/information that I feel is missing in the currently posted version, so that's good.

9. Finished reading Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe: Early Scandinavian and Celtic Religions by H. R. Ellis Davidson. This was one of the 'to-read' books I have had sitting on my shelves for years, which I am attempting to finally read and either properly shelve or get rid of. I may be keeping this one. It's a little dry, and in that awkward spot where it's a little too concerned with specific details for a sweeping generalist approach but not concerned enough with details to feel like you're really digging down into any given area, but I feel I learned some useful things from it.

(I tend to read anthropology-of-religion books with an eye to designing plausible, lived-in religions for my own secondary fantasy worlds, but also just because I like learning how humans have approached religion through the ages. We have come up with SO MANY different ways of seeing the world, the divine, and ourselves, and all of them are true, you know? I think that's pretty cool.)

10. Checked my weight on Monday morning, which I'd like to make a weekly ritual. I think I am more likely to be motivated vis-a-vis exercise if I have an easily quantifiable measure to track.

11. Watered my houseplants.

12. Took compost to the backyard bin.

13. Requested Elizabeth Marie Pope's The Perilous Gard via interlibrary loan, based on a Tumblr rec from [personal profile] mme_hardy.

14. Scanned one paycheck each from Not the IRS and the rental office, and uploaded them to the New York health care website as proof that I meet the income level eligibility requirements for my current insurance plan.

15. Refilled my salt shaker.

16. Picked up my interlibrary loan book and paid a $1 fine from a late book return in January.

17. Photographed the heart display in the rental office, downloaded the pictures to my computer, deleted some duplicates and hopelessly blurry ones, and have resolved to get some replacement photos on Saturday. (I will post them all eventually. They're just going to take a while to organize.)

18. Spoke with Susan on the phone for about an hour. :)

19. Got myself unstuck on my Cotton Candy Bingo fill -- if having the unexpected ambassadors interrupt the picnic doesn't work, have the picnic interrupt the unexpected ambassadors instead. *wry*


And now to bed, because I have another 12-hour shift on Thursday. *headdesk* (I need the money. The money is good. I can sleep in April.)
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