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Okay so.

I am stuck like a stuck thing on "Guardian" ch. 17 scene 3 (not because I don't know what comes next; I just... can't make the words happen). I can't manage to focus on "The Courting Dance" instead (because guilt? tone mismatch? who even knows; brains are weird), and when I try to avoid the issue and write something completely unrelated, I just kind of blank out, like those two fics are gnawing away all the processing power that would normally go to the part of my brain that comes up with new ideas and/or picks an old idea and says 'your time in the sun has come, small plotbunny!'

I think you see where I am going with this, yes? Yes. It is once again mini-ficlet prompt meme time, because when I can't jumpstart my own creativity, I beg other people to do it for me. (Because it works. Why? Who knows. See above in re: brains being weird.)

The caveat this time is that I want to write fluff!

Here is a link to my open Cotton Candy Bingo card, which still has sixteen unfilled squares. For those who prefer lists to graphics, the open prompts are: picnic, soft, sleepwalking/sleeptalking, tradition, the little things, names/naming, WILD CARD, eyes, favorite, adventure/quest, color, open, cute, cuddle, free, sunrise/sunset.

Leave a comment with one to four characters, a prompt word from the list, and a scenario, and I will write you a ficlet of at least 500 words. Scenarios must be fluffy!

(...Look, I know my definition of fluff can get pretty idiosyncratic. But work with me here, okay? If the characters end the ficlet on a happy note, we're good.)

Anyway, if you have ever wanted a sequel to one of my oneshots, or another installment in any of my series/AUs, this is your chance to make me write it for you. :)

[Obligatory small print: Crossover prompts are fine! I reserve the right to reject fandoms I am not familiar with and produce ambiguous gen when attempting to write shipfic. Also, if someone else has previously claimed your requested prompt word, I will tell you so and offer you a chance to make a new prompt.]


Fill List:

1 ) A Problem That You'll Understand - 1,025 words, jane and dirk, the little things, one of them helps the other recover from a bad mood?, written 4/30/16 for [tumblr.com profile] longroadstonowhere. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]

2 ) Have Dominion - 1,075 words, I'd like to claim Names/Naming for a Narnia ficlet (Magician's Nephew): when Helen was just a girl, it had been so easy to dream up endless names for some future child; now, she had no idea where to start with a veritable zoo of creatures all awaiting names of their own, written 5/1/16 for [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]

3 ) But Every Hour Is Saved from That Eternal Silence - 1,450 words, susan pevensie, sleepwalking/sleeptalking, at home in a thunderstorm, written 5/3/16 for [tumblr.com profile] rollinginbooks. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]

4 ) Rekindling - 2,775 words, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke: tradition; Naruto and Sakura accompany Sasuke in some small family or festival tradition., written 5/8/16 for [personal profile] branchandroot. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]

5 ) Almost at Odds with Morning - 2,100 words, Untimely ripped, Damara (+ another dancestor?), sunrise/sunset. :3, written 5/14/16 for [tumblr.com profile] asukaskerian. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]

6 ) Cardcaptor Uhura - 900 words, Can I use the wild card on: Uhura, Spock and Gaila chase friendly but flighty magical cards (a la Card Captor Sakura)?, written 5/17/16 for [personal profile] sablin27. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]

7 ) Who Contract the Habit of Eating - 2,450 words, Characters: Rose, Jade, Word: Favourite, Scenario: 'Rose & Jade have very different ideas on favourite food. They try to find something of mutual delight.' Could be in the same universe as Leaf & Letter, but it's so general it doesn't matter x), written 5/29/16 for [tumblr.com profile] gracefularchitect. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]

8 ) Truth or Dare - 875 words, Prompt: Rose + Dirk, Open, making Dave very nervous and Roxy very why-is-everything-always-so-wonderful, written 6/2/16 for [tumblr.com profile] runespoor7. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]

9 ) A Splash of Color - 1,600 words, I would love to claim "color" with Morwen and Telemain and the results that come about when Telemain gets distracted from a tricky experiment, written 6/9/16 for [livejournal.com profile] wistfulmemory. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]

10 ) Responsibility - 2,550 words, Can I claim "adventure/quest" and ask for more of Susan and Lucy's Interesting Times? Please? 'Susan only went to fetch a few jars of jam. Meanwhile, the daring Captain Lucy, aged nine, accompanied by her loyal crew of Otter cubs, set sail to the Port of Pantry', written 6/25/16 for [personal profile] marmota_b. [Tumblr crosspost; AO3 version]


And that, as of 6/25/16, is a wrap! Thank you for all the prompts. :D
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Here are six fills from the current Three Sentence Ficathon. (I am quite aware that only four of them actually meet the structural requirements. Shush. I do what I want.)


1. For [profile] samparker: Star Trek AOS, Uhura/author's choice, someone playing with her hair, written 2/8/15.


Sisterhood )


2. For [personal profile] betony: King Lear, Goneril, Regan, (&Cordelia), they loved their sister once, written 2/9/15.

Loving-kindness )


3. For [livejournal.com profile] saoirse7: Narnia, Lucy & Susan, adventures of their own, written 2/9/15.

Interesting Times )


4. For [personal profile] minutia_r: Homeward Bounders, Joris (/ & author's choice), be prepared, written 2/9/15.

Be Prepared )


5. For [livejournal.com profile] ruanchunxian0: Any, any, I would follow you to the ends of the earth with only mild complaining, written 2/10/15.

[Homestuck, alpha timeline, Dave/Jade/Rose]

Gladly Beyond )


6. For [personal profile] betony: Howl's Moving Castle, Sophie Hatter, the path of pins or the path of needles, written 2/10/15.

The Grandmother's Tale )


Yay for writing stuff!
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Summary: In the woods near Rose's house, Dave braids Jade's hair and helps her avoid talking about John's refusal to join their rebellion against the Condesce. Alpha Timeline Fluff, implied Dave/Jade/Rose. (1,150 words)

Note: This ficlet falls between To the Lees and Every Child a Wanted Child.

[ETA: The significantly revised and extended final version is now up on AO3!]

Worth It, After All )


Last fic of 2014, in under the wire by five whole minutes!
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Something I find fascinating about Homestuck as a fandom is the weird experiments it inspires me to try. For example, this fic, which I wrote... and then decided to format entirely as a series of images. Because why not? (Don't worry! The second "chapter" is not actually a chapter; it's just a text version for anyone who is using e-readers, is reading on a small screen, has trouble parsing cursive fonts, or just doesn't want to bother with images. You may want to disable the AO3 work skin, though, since I did use pesterlog formatting.)

Anyway, this fic is a combined response to two kinkmeme prompts. The major prompt, by [personal profile] random_gal, was for Jane contacting either Rose or Dave to assuage her doubts that Roxy and Dirk are actually related to them. The minor prompt was for Jane meeting either Rose or Dave in person and striking up a conversation about their child that they've never met.

Contact for Proof: Dear Ms. Lalonde, my name is Jane and I met your daughter online last month... [Alpha Timeline Fluff, obviously] (3,075 words)
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Summary: It's not safe to meet in person, to make these tiny, transient bubbles of illusory comfort. It's not safe, and it can't last. Rose/Jade/Dave, Alpha Timeline Fluff... for certain idiosyncratic values of fluff, anyway. (425 words)

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

Who You Are in the Dark )


Okay, now back to revising my NFE fic -- thank you very much to my betas, btw! -- and working on a super-sekrit project I can't talk about for a while. *evil grin*
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It is once again random kinkmeme promptfic time!

The stream of everything that runs away: In Dave's defense, he really, truly, honest to god, cross my heart, do I look like a liar to you, thought Jade and Rose had locked the super-fancy teleportalizicator console already -- set it to track baby alterna-Rose and her cat and nothing else -- and so it wouldn't matter if he twirled the dials and pushed the levers and sat on the big fuckoff green button. Especially since he wasn't anywhere near the zappy ray bits.

Apparently accidental time travel is still a thing. Alpha!Dave and kid!Dirk, gen and feels. (2,700 words)

Notes: "The stream of everything that runs away" may or may not be an official part of my Alpha Timeline Fluff series. It uses that as background, but I'm not sure how it would affect other series events, so for now it exists in a sort of quantum bubble. The title is a line from Robert Frost's poem "West-Running Brook".

[ETA: The slightly revised final version is now up on AO3! And I have decided that it is a full part of the Alpha Timeline Fluff series after all.]


The prompt in question, courtesy of [personal profile] askerian: alpha Dave somehow ends up 400 years into the future with kid!Dirk. (like, he doesn’t die and escapes into the medium and then falls out? condie throws him and rose in a bigger version of dirk’s headless microwave thing to keep them out of the way? what? i don’t even care which)

i just have this image in my head of this classy motherfucker in button-up shirt and waistcoat, sitting on one of the lowest metal struts over the water with his feet bare and his suit pants legs rolled up as kid!Dirk shows him Very Srsly how to fish.

awkwardness and sparring and tender feelings as they learn to know each other plz.

And hey, happy stupidly early birthday, Asuka! (I know I am a month off-target, but given my longstanding time-management issues, I figure this is close enough. Also, it was a really good prompt. *wry*)
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Summary: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Jade English/Dave Strider. Alpha timeline fluff. (625 words)

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

To the Lees )

So yeah, my Alpha Timeline Fluff series has officially turned into a Dave/Jade/Rose threesome of some sort. I actually did always mean to do that, but since thus far the only incontrovertible on-page romance was the Jade/Rose in Mad Science Family Reunion, I can see this development coming as a surprise. (Rose does refer to Dave as Jade's "boytoy" in "Mad Science," but that probably comes across more as a joke than as a serious statement that Jade and Dave also have something non-platonic going on. In retrospect, that was maybe not the smoothest move on my part. Whoops.)
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Summary: Rose Lalonde meets Dave Strider for the first time on a college tour. They're not emotionally well equipped to have a touching, heartfelt reunion, but that's okay. They wouldn't be comfortable with that kind of thing anyway. (1,300 words)

Note: This fic was written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo, in response to the prompt: comfortable / content. It is also a 15-minute fic that got wildly out of hand, once I realized it was heading into Alpha Timeline Fluff territory and figured I might as well see if I could knock off two birds with one stone. :-)

Fair warning for standard alpha timeline background levels of angst, plus Rose and Dave being their own special morbid selves. Also, yes, I set this in Ithaca because that obviated the need for research. I have never denied being lazy. *wry*

[ETA: the slightly revised and expanded final version is now up on AO3! Please go read that instead.]

Some Company Would Be Nice )

Okay, that took stupidly long to edit from rough draft to beta draft, and I really need to go to bed now. Good night! (Or good morning, as the case may be. *headdesk*)
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Summary: Jade English calls her little brother one week before his birthday. (825 words)

[ETA: the slightly revised and expanded final version is now up on AO3! (950 words)]

In Spite of Time, and Death, and the Space Between the Stars )

I am trying to fight depression via creation. Result: I did indeed create a story, but the story is incredibly depressing. I'm not sure the plan is working...

The title of this story is taken from the closing words my childhood minister, the Rev. David E. Bumbaugh, used at the end of every service. The full quote goes as follows: "[We/This church/This community] [is/are] dedicated to the proposition that behind all our differences, beneath all our diversity, there is a unity that makes us one, and binds us forever together in spite of time and death and the space between the stars. We pause now in silent witness to that unity."
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Summary: Wherein Rose Lalonde, up-and-coming author and urban recluse, receives an unexpected telephone call from her friend Dave Strider to discuss a possible new ally in their struggle to unearth and publicize the shadowy danger that is slowly consuming their world. Alpha Timeline Fluff, set about a week after The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship. (1,750 words)

Note: This fic was written for Cotton Candy Bingo Round One in response to the prompt: keys.

[ETA: The ever-so-slightly revised final version is now up on AO3!]

Veritas vos liberabit )

Ha, one more square down. :-)

I think I will go sign up for Round Two now.


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