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Summary: Wherein the beta kids have an agreement to form a sedoretu once they're old enough, as told in a series of standalone pesterlogs. Part 3 - Interludes. (3,800 words)

Note: This chapter took me forever and a day (aka, two years and three months) to write. I freely admit I am a terribly slow and inconsistent author. Sorry about that. This chapter is also not what I intended to write, but I felt weird writing a scene that was specifically about the beta and alpha kids meeting when they hadn't yet done so in canon, so I did some transitional scenes for the beta kids and a bit of introductory background stuff for the alphas.

If you're confused about the alpha kids' moieties and why they don't match the beta kids, that is partially intentional and the complete reasons will probably get explained in chapter 4, whenever I get around to writing that. But if the confusion is too great, please tell me and I'll see what I can do to slip some justifications into the text of this chapter.

(The previous two chapters are available here on AO3.)

[ETA: The slightly revised final version of this chapter is now also up on AO3! Yay!]

Four by Four 03: Interludes )

I've had Dave and Rose's chatlog done for ages, and Jade and John's done for nearly six months, but two-thirds of Jane and Jake's and the entirety of Roxy and Dirk's chatlogs were only written tonight, so I haven't had much chance to check them for coherence and such. If you have any suggestions or questions, please tell me! I would like to make sure I am getting my points across and keeping the characters in-character... or at least as in-character as possible, given the AU sedoretu gimmick.
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The Homestuck sedoretu AU returns! (Six months late. *headdesk*)

Part 1, wherein the beta kids talk online on Jade's thirteenth birthday, can be found here on the old kinkmeme or in a revised and expanded form here on AO3.

This is Part 2, wherein the kids attempt to explain moiety to the trolls mid-game. That goes about as smoothly as you'd expect.

This section starts as a version of the memo on page 4690, with slight alterations to take into account the kids' understanding that they will make a sedoretu when they're older. I followed the original text pretty closely at first, but the the conversation derailed progressively further from canon over the course of the chapter.

Sorry it took me so long to write this!

Four by Four, part 2 (~6,000 words)

Thank you to [livejournal.com profile] vehrec who reminded me that the trolls' moieties (or lack thereof) would be a concern for the kids. That made the fic longer, but I think it's better for the inclusion of that issue.
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[livejournal.com profile] homesmut is going to be the death of me, I swear. But! Tonight I am trying a new strategy. Every time I finish a scene of my Narnia Big Bang fic, I am allowed to work on Homestuck fic for half an hour. Then it's back to the NBB. (And also packing for my mini-trip to NJ tomorrow night, but that goes without saying.)

*crosses fingers*

Anyway! Here is a thing I wrote last night but forgot to point to. It is theoretically part one of a chaptered story, but each scene is designed to work as a standalone fic if necessary. They are linked more by being about the same people within the same conceptual AU than by any semblance of plot or character arc.

The prompt is as follows: Basically a Sedoretu is a type of poly-marriage from Ursula K LeGuin's stories. Everyone is split into two groups (or moieties), the Morning moiety and the Evening moiety. Children belong to the moiety of their mother and you CANNOT sleep with someone that belongs to the same moiety as you. (I'd like to see this rule upheld in the fill, pretty please?) A marriage happens when a man and woman from the Morning moiety marry a man and women from the Evening moiety. They would each be expected to form a sexual relationship with the couple from the other moiety, but not with the partner from their own.

Sooo let's say that Morning/Evening were Prospit/Derse instead? A Beta Kid Sedoretu would have John/Rose, John/Dave, Jade/Rose, and Jade/Dave, with John-Jade and Rose-Dave being in a close, but nonsexual relationship.


This is exactly the sort of thing my worldbuilding obsession latches on to. I have so many ideas for this AU, you don't even know. But I am trying to channel them into story scenes instead of historical and sociological essays, so.

Four by Four: John, Jade, Rose and Dave meet in a chat room on Jade's thirteenth birthday to talk about nothing in particular. Sedoretu AU, no spoilers for once! (1,400 words)

[ETA: You can now read the revised and expanded final version of this chapter on AO3!]


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