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I was going to write Sakura fighting Kabuto and pulling off his trick of healing herself mid-battle, which is something that would happen in my vague and shapeless idea of the proper sequel to Tides (...technically the second proper sequel to "Tides," since my old outline got adjusted to take canon revelations about Itachi into account and now ends when Team 7 leaves Konoha a second time), but I didn't get to the actual fight, even though I ran twenty minutes over the time limit of a 15-minute fic.


So you get Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto heading to Hidden Sound several months after the events of Undertow, with the intention of confronting Orochimaru and Kabuto for a final time... only to find that they've been expected. This would be the opening of chapter 1 of... well, the first story is called "Tides," and the second is called "Leaves," so maybe the third should be "Swords"? Or no, wait, the second should be called "Sparks" so the third is still "Leaves." Yeah. (Or maybe the other way around? *is indecisive like an indecisive thing*)

Anyway, Sakura POV, 775 words.

[ETA: The edited and notably expanded (by 300 words, ye gods!) final version is now up on AO3!]

Troy in Reverse )


...I kind of want to write more of this story now, except I don't want to go back and write ten chapters of the middle story explaining how Team 7 got from killing Tsukimaru in River Country, to confronting Itachi and Kisame in Wave Country (inconclusively), to going back to Konoha and prying through classified archives for information on the Uchiha massacre (while Sasuke sits around under house arrest and possibly fends off some plot from Danzo...?), to saying, essentially, "Fuck this noise," and running off to be missing-nin again because they can't get the council to let them do anything they think is productive.

So just, you know, take that all as read. Okay?


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