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I have mentioned a few times over the years that I am working on a story called "Small Mysteries," wherein Ekanu meets Ain Taylak, the man she eventually marries, while she is on assignment as a chapterhouse inspector on the continent of Yanomy. I am not anywhere near done with the story, but I have a section that more or less stands on its own as an introduction. It will be 1/4 to 1/3 of the finished story.

Ekanu is about 25 years old here. Ain is 24, but he acts older. "Small Mysteries" is set after Harvest and before Getting to Know You and Nor Good Red Herring. There is brief reference, in one of the songs Ekanu sings, to the events of For Want of a Nail. Also, I stole the first verse of the Ramchad funeral song from Terry Pratchett's Small Gods, but the rest of the verses are my own, as is the tune I sing it to. *grin* (2,950 words)

Small Mysteries, part 1 )

To be continued, whenever I get around to writing more. :-)


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