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Trollstuck: Make Her Pay, part 44 )

Hey look, I'm still working on this story! We are inching ever-closer to a hopefully dramatic conclusion. :-)
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At long last, I have defeated the evil illustrations! I mean, they're pretty cruddy illustrations, but we all knew they were going to be cruddy, so what the heck. I would like to get this episode wrapped up by the end of October, after which I will throw the floor open to suggestions for the next episode.

(Yes, I know I said this section was going to be Aradia's POV. I lied. *angelic smile*)

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*dusts hands, puts away art supplies*
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I realize this is a very short section, but I am trying to finish this story and I figure I'm more likely to do so in many short posts than in fewer long posts. I am not good at delayed gratification, you see, so getting to post something is a really nice carrot I can hold out in front of myself. Anyway, quick recap: this is a non-Sgrub AU wherein the beta kids are trolls on Alternia, and everyone is trying to derail the vengeance cycle between Vriska and Aradia. We left Jothan having just realized that Vriska genuinely is trying to kill one of their mutual friends.

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And now back to the Ladystuck archives.
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I did some scene and POV breakdowns for the rest of the story and decided to put the chapter break between parts 40 and 41. So, without further ado...

Chapter 9: Shatterpoint is up on AO3!

Now I'm gonna see if I can get part 42 written tonight. :-)
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I'm still not sure quite where to put the chapter break, dammit. Well, I have Friday and Saturday off from work; hopefully I will get a bunch of writing done between necessary errands and that will give me a better feel for the length of the remaining scenes.

Trollstuck, part 41 )

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Okay, I think I will get started on revising the early parts of chapter 9, regardless of where I eventually decide to end it -- what you've been reading is basically my... not quite rough draft, but not anywhere near what I'd call polished either. Maybe draft 1.5? Anyway, I need to add a little bit more sensory description and scene-blocking, and also clarify exactly how destroyed Aradia's hive is, because that's going to be relevant to future stories. *evil grin*
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I think I am going to end up splitting the chapter, but I'm not quite sure if I want to do it between parts 39 and 40, or between parts 40 and 41. Things will probably become clearer after I write part 41, which I will do tomorrow night.

In the meantime, please enjoy part 40. :-)

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Okay, I need sleep now.
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Longish section tonight -- chatlogs tend to do that, and memos even more so. Oh, also! The concept of “crew” is the invention of the wonderful and talented [personal profile] askerian, for her Covalent Bonds series — which is also a trollstuck concept, btw, though it’s a “suddenly trolls, wtf!” scenario rather than “of course we’re trolls; we always were.”

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And now to bed. Well, actually and now to figure out how to format this for Tumblr when I can't do all the nice chatlog colors, but eh, details.
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Hmm. I still feel reasonably awake. I should go look through the full list of NFE prompts and see if I can dash off a quick Madness Round ficlet. Or maybe I should start sorting through my Yuletide signup options. Oh, decisions, decisions...

But first, chocolate ice cream. It is not always time for ice cream, but it IS always time for chocolate, and right now ice cream is not inappropriate either. :-)
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Guess what? It's time for more bad illustrations! And as a special bonus, you also get more bad jokes!! YAY!!! :-D

Trollstuck, part 37 )

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That is probably all the art for this chapter. There is, I admit, one more upcoming scene that I would like to draw, but alas, I am pretty sure my skills are not sufficient to the cause. I may give it a stab just for kicks, but no promises.
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It is nothing short of amazing how much better I feel and faster I write when I'm getting at least eight hours of sleep per day. Absolutely straight-up amazing. I must continue this streak of sensible life choices.


In other news, this weekend is the 31st Apple Harvest Festival -- hurrah for fall traditions that are carrying on despite logistical oddities caused by the renovation of the Commons. (Normally all municipal festivals are held on the Commons -- a three block pedestrian-only zone in the center of town -- but that's impossible this year and next year since that area is currently a massive construction site.) I bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of hard cider, and I think tomorrow between church and work I may see if I can find somebody selling fudge. Failing that, I will buy funnel cake, because funnel cake is delicious and terrible for me and I only get it maybe twice a year, so I enjoy the hell out of the indulgence when I can. :-)


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