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FYI, I finally finished the edits to Second Chances, my Daredevil Secret Santa fic from last December, and updated the AO3 file. The story is now ~2,700 words longer, and hopefully everything flows better and the plot arc is less jumpy.

Six months late is better than never? *wry*
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Ha! I finally finished the fill scene for "Second Chances," which I have been attempting to write for... uh... three months now? Ugh. Anyway, it still needs some tweaking (like, I want to connect Foggy's client to the Rainmaker in order to bring that element into the picture a little sooner (and not via Matt) and also to reduce rambling and stuff) and of course I still have to finish revising later scenes, but the biggest headache is DEFEATED.

Also I have now successfully inserted Marci into the story, which makes me very happy. :)
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Today is Daredevil Secret Santa reveal day! Here is the story I wrote:

Second Chances: When Foggy meets an old acquaintance who's fallen on hard times, he naturally does his best to help. When this leads to romance, he couldn't be happier. Unfortunately, life is never that simple. Foggy/OMC, Foggy/Matt. (14,825 words, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] iraya)


So uh, this story is a little bit of a mess still, which is my own fault for not starting it until very close to the deadline. I was avoiding it because the prompt asked for a type of tropey romance plot that I am very bad at writing. Unfortunately for me, iraya's other prompts asked for romance involving a ship that makes no emotional sense to me -- here is where I say, Your Ship Is Not My Ship, And That's Okay! -- each with some attached tropes that are emphatically Not My Trope (And That's Okay!), which meant this one was my only real option.

further thoughts, to be read after you read the fic )

I still want to make a bunch more edits to this story, and may post a revised version sometime in January. Until then, though, this is far and away the longest story I wrote all year and I'm proud that it hangs together considering how far outside my strengths it is, and the ridiculous time crunch I got myself into.
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My Yuletide story for this year has been doing pretty well for itself! In fact, it's been doing better than a lot of my non-Yuletide stories do. I find this is often the case; unless you're writing for a really obscure canon, there is often a fair bit of pent-up demand for fic that results in intense appreciation for once-a-year stirrings of life in mostly nonexistent fandoms.

(This has been working in favor of one of my gifts -- Threads from the Confused Distaff of Memory, a wonderful Darkangel Trilogy fic about Eryka in Pirs after her husband's death -- but not so much for the other, which makes me sad. Listen, That First Blush of Love (roses always wilt) is a story wherein Karla from the Black Jewels series gets a happy romantic/sexual relationship in her teens, before the drama of Queen of the Darkness goes down. It is excellent femslash! With people working to communicate openly and effectively! And Karla unapologetically being in charge of her country! Seriously, people, what are you waiting for???)

Anyway, my still-anonymous assignment is the only Yuletide fic I wrote this year. I did mean to write a treat, but stuff got in the way, as it often does. With a pinch of luck I will manage to repurpose the idea as a New Year's Resolution fic in January. *crosses fingers*

The main reason I didn't write any treats is, of course, my Daredevil Secret Santa fic, which got a bit out of hand. *wry* That one was much more of a stretch for me as a writer -- to the point where only Vicky's timely advice saved me from my perpetual failtasticness on a certain front, which probably disguises my authorship a bit.

(I love my sister dearly. She is, was, and always will be my best editor, and she's gotten even better since she started writing ebook romances as a secondary career.)

Anyway, if you guess either of my fics, I will write you a ficlet of at least 500 words in a fandom of your choice. The Yuletide one is for a canon that I have neither written in before nor talked about on this journal, though I feel it's fairly obviously in my voice and deals with several of my pet writerly preoccupations. The Daredevil one also deals with several of my writerly preoccupations, though slightly different ones from the Yuletide fic, and, as I said above, it's a bit less nakedly in my own voice.


You know, I don't think anybody has ever even tried guessing my holiday exchange fics. I might get more nibbles if I made a similar offer for NFE -- smaller pool of participants, for a start -- but eh, whatever.
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1. Added the necessary scene to my DDSS fic, researched a couple factual issues, and made some preliminary edits. Then I got Vicky to look over the beta draft and made a bunch more edits in response to her advice. (I probably would have made even more than that, but the archive went live three hours early so oh well, maybe after they're no longer anonymous.)

2. Went with Vicky and Mom to see A Child's Christmas in Wales as performed by the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival... oh wait, excuse me, the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey. (I always forget they got fancy. My image of them is frozen around the mid-90s, back when I was part of their Junior Corps: aka, when I did unpaid summer ushering and concessions work for them in return for free drama lessons. I quit when they started requiring payment for the lessons while still not giving any monetary compensation for the ushering and concessions work.) The performance was very good. We had seen it at least once before, many years ago, but none of us remembered more than vague impressions so it was effectively a new experience. We were all pleasantly surprised by how many songs there were -- really, it's as much a musical as a play.

more items under the cut )

23. Started working through the DDSS archive. Hopefully I will finish that on Tuesday and can then get properly started on the Yuletide and Yuletide Madness archives.
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Quick update!

I got two (!!!) Yuletide fics and a really long Daredevil Secret Santa fic. They are all lovely. I have kudos'ed them all.

I am also veyr tired and kind of tipsy on champagne cocktails, so I am not leaving comment tonight (because comments should be coherent and I am kind of really really not right now, also spelling is hard) but I will do that tomorrow morning.

In themeantime, I leave you links!


That First Blush of Love (roses always wilt): Karla takes back control from her uncle, and with Morton, she starts establishing herself as Territory Queen.

You'd think that she'd be too busy for anything else. And it wasn't as if she expected anything else. After all, she never once felt attraction the way anyone else said they felt it.

Until, of course, she meets someone. And suddenly, she realizes she's not broken, or different - or even too busy. She's having the time of her life. (Black Jewels, 5,074 words, f/f, mature)


Threads from the Confused Distaff of Memory: Women born of Isternes are slaves to no man. Eryka may be locked in a tower, but she will not wait helplessly for someone else to save her. (Darkangel Trilogy, 3,414 words, gen, not rated)


The Very First Case of Page & Murdock: Karen meets Matt in her first semester at law school. Foggy is their first suspect. (Daredevil (MCU), 10,400 words, gen w/ background relationships, teen+)
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1. Washed laundry, dried laundry, put laundry away.

2. Changed linens.

3. Took recycling bins to the curb for pickup. Brought them back in Monday morning, and consolidated the stuff that didn't get taken (because it was frozen to the bins, argh) into a single bin.

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And now I think I will try tackling that missing scene in my DDSS fic, because it will be easier for Vicky to edit a complete work than a work with a gaping hole in the middle. *wry*
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I misunderstood the due date for the Daredevil Secret Santa exchange -- it was meant to be midnight as Monday became Tuesday, and I thought it was midnight as Tuesday becomes Wednesday -- but fortunately I seem not to have been the only person who did this? Anyway, there is an extended deadline until midnight tonight for those who need it.

I need it. (My bad habit of writing down to deadlines continues. *sigh*)

This story is going to need so much editing once I'm finished, because I am cheerfully handwaving a whole bunch of details I know are probably wrong in their current form; also, my perennial problem with scenes taking place between faceless mannequins on blank white paper is out in full force. But it's a lot easier to edit a story that exists than to spin it into existence in the first place, so.

This may end up being the longest thing I've written all year -- and that's even counting the last five chapters of "The Courting Dance" that I finished this summer. I probably should not have attempted anything this ambitious on a tight deadline, but eh. What is life without challenges?


I think I'll have to skip tonight's solstice service, though, unless I make really good progress in the next two hours. I will need that time for writing.
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1. Completed five more NYS tax training modules, go me. \o/

2. Bought a set of non-denominational holiday cards for next year so I won't have to worry about that next fall. It is always a bit of a struggle to find something that A) includes enough cards in the set, B) doesn't look hideous, and C) isn't ruinously expensive. I can get actual Christmas-themed ones every other year, since a set of twenty leaves me with a few leftovers, but I send cards to a few people who specifically aren't Christian and don't celebrate Christmas, so non-denominational is important.

3. Took recycling bins to the curb for pickup on Sunday night.

more items under the cut )

And now I should probably take some Benadryl and go to bed, because I have a long day tomorrow and I never sleep well the night before a trip.
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1. Finished my Not the IRS paid skills training (...for now).

2. Made two political activism phone calls. Granted, this only involved leaving messages on answering machines, but still. I dislike calling strangers on the phone as myself. Making phone calls as Employee of Company X is a different issue. That's a role; it's impersonal. I can also make phone calls to schedule appointments (both medical and job interviews), because again, those are roles with a set script and I've been through that scenario dozens of times before so I know, viscerally, that everything will be fine. Politics is an inherently higher-emotion thing, plus there's unfamiliarity, so making these calls is a more spoon-intensive proposition. I will probably try to make another one or two on Friday, though, because one does what one can and what I have to give right now is time rather than money.

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15. Wrote one fill (to get away from it all, MCU, Laura Barton/Clint Barton) for this year's Three Sentence Ficathon before heading out to my tax course tonight. This is the first proper piece of fiction I've written since the NFE at the very beginning of September.

(Let me clarify that. I consider my tiny comment!ficlets from an October meme response more of a meta post with examples than any kind of functional story, and the few hundred words I've attempted toward a Cotton Candy Bingo prompt fill haven't gone much of anywhere since I got that prompt in August, so. Like I said, the first proper writing I've done in nearly two months.)

I burned out pretty badly earlier this year, creatively speaking. Actually, I probably burned out in late 2015, but I kept walking on broken legs for quite some time. Eventually, though, I realized that attempting to shove through was doing me more harm than good, and (with gritted teeth and a bunch of lectures on how this wasn't being irresponsible and lazy and useless) gave myself permission to take a fucking break until writing no longer felt like a dreaded chore.

Writing started to feel thinkable again a couple weeks ago, but until today I'd only managed some speculative outlining for Yuletide and the Daredevil Secret Santa exchange (which is going to be a bitch and a half, because my recipient wants big, emotional, tropey genre romance fics and what I am capable of writing is... not that *wince*) and the aforementioned unproductive noodling for the CCB prompt fill. So it feels really good to dip my toe back into the pool.

I am not sure how many more prompt fills I'll manage for this iteration of the ficathon, but what the hell, anything beyond that first one is gravy. :)


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