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1. Took photographs of my various vegetables and posted them online.

2. Changed my wax melt.

3. Finally finished beta'ing the Small Fandom Big Bang fic I'd agreed to edit. It is a good fic! It's also creepy, claustrophobic, and potentially highly upsetting, but since that's more or less the point I am inclined to count those aspects in its favor. I am a little sad that it's not in a bigger fandom so more people will eventually read it, but I suppose that would rather defeat the purpose of the 'small fandom' aspect of the challenge. *wry*

4. Sewed a new button onto a pair of pants, since the old button twisted loose and fell off during the day. :/

5. Stitched up a tear in my laundry bag since I already had my sewing basket open.

6. Bought groceries. I am planning to try the cheesy spinach roll experiment again on Sunday and needed appropriate supplies, and also some honey to bring to the rental office for my endless cups of tea.

7. Stayed an extra few hours at Not the IRS Thursday evening, since we didn't have a Stewardship committee meeting this week and Hill Boss stuck me on the schedule in case of walk-in clients. (We did not get any walk-in clients.)


I am really looking forward to the end of April, when I will revert from working ~50-55 hour weeks to working only ~27 hour weeks. My bank accounts will be sad, but man, I did not realize how much I depended on having those 10-15 hours until I lost them, to say nothing of getting two days off per week. *sigh*
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1. Took garden progress photos and posted them online.

2. Plunged both bays of my kitchen sink, which didn't seem to do anything. Poured drain-declogging fluid down the left bay of the sink, and also down my shower drain. Washed it out fifteen minutes later with boiling water from a teakettle followed by generically hot tap water. The pipes seem to be running better now.

3. Put away my remaining laundry.

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17. Gave blood! \o/ It took me three and a half months to get my health and my schedule aligned, but by gum, I finally managed it. :DDDDD

18. Did a preliminary read-through of the Small Fandom Big Bang fic I am editing. I will try to go through and leave actual comments tomorrow night.

And now, I think, to bed.
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I have slowly been doing edits on Second Chances, since I wrote that story down to the absolute wire and had approximately negative three hours to edit it before the archive went live (my issues with deadlines, let me show you them *sigh*), and most of what I've done so far, aside from tidying up weird and awkward phrases, is fill in transitiony stuff that I only had time to vaguely gesture at in the initial draft. Or in other words, tweaking the foreshadowing and plot/emotional arcs so they hang together better.

Later I will also need to smooth out the denouement, but right now I'm still stuck on shaping the build-up correctly.

And I think... I think there is too rapid a jump from Ray getting his new job to Matt coming to confront Foggy with Daredevil's investigation results. I think I may need another scene in there. The thing is, I'm not quite sure what it should be. I'm leaning toward maybe Ray dropping in to visit Foggy at HCB? Because I should probably do a bit more with Foggy's professional life, and also lawyer stuff gives him a good reason to A) think conflicted thoughts about Matt and B) be involved in some case that tangentially touches on the Rainmaker thing, so that doesn't come completely out of nowhere when Matt brings it up in the next scene.

But I don't want to plot and wriiiiiiiiiite it... *flops angstily to the ground and sulks*

...You know, instead of whining to the internet, I should go edit [redacted]'s Small Fandom Big Bang fic instead, which I agreed to do and should ALSO stop procrastinating about.

Or maybe just go to bed. It's cold, I am tired and sore from shoveling far too much snow, and presumably things will look more manageable in the morning.
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1. Made my weekly Facebook update and spent about half an hour checking up on what my non-fannish friends and acquaintances have been up to. I think this was a good resolution -- I do feel more connected to them, and limiting Facebook use to those once-weekly posts (and maybe two random log-ins during the week to respond to any responses) keeps me from screaming in frustrated rage over Facebook's mind-bogglingly infuriating and anti-helpful user interface, to say nothing of the incessant ads.

2. Paid my monthly internet bill.

3. Planned something I hope to cook on Thursday night (or maybe next Saturday, depending on timing) and added the relevant supplies to my grocery list.

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20. Trimmed some dead stem sections from my jade plant, and put the still living parts (which had been attempting to grow new roots, except they were not anywhere near dirt so that wasn't doing them a lot of good) into the soil, where hopefully their rooting attempts will be more successful.

21. Planted my squash seeds. I will take photos of them tomorrow, for whatever photos of bare soil in small plastic applesauce cups are worth. *wry*
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1. I did not go to church on Sunday, since it was either a Sci-fi Sunday (alternate joint program for high school and middle school kids, runs the first Sunday of each month) or an improv/drama session, and in either case I wasn't needed to facilitate anything. Also I was very tired, so I slept in. Then in the afternoon, I took a nap. Sleep is delicious. :)

2. Changed linens.

3. Thawed and cooked some more tilapia fillets.

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8. Changed the wax in my wax melter. The new wax was another of the kinds my parents bought me as an ancillary Christmas present, and as before, I do not recommend it. The Glade scent was obtrusively artificial -- it just smelled off in a way that's hard to put my finger on. This brand -- ScentSationals Scented Wax Cubes -- smells less off-putting... but the smell is impossibly strong. I could literally see volatile fumes rising from the surface of the melted wax, and it permeated the air to the point where I felt like my breaths were slowly coating the inner surfaces of my lungs with a layer of wax. I could not sleep because the scent and the wax-in-lungs sensation were so overpowering and inescapable. And this persists for hours even if the heat source is removed from the wax after only thirty minutes!

Despite this, the scent wears out very quickly. I had to dispose of the new wax on Wednesday because it had lost its advertised scent and now was just filling the air with the scent of generic candle wax, while still feeling like it was coating my lungs with aerosolized wax particles.

Additionally, the wax itself is not packaged usefully. It is notionally divided into six cubes, but in practice they're all fused together into a massive lump that requires a heated knife to separate, and even then sheds annoyingly sticky wax flakes all over one's work area.

In short, I actively disrecommend ScentSationals brand wax melts. I have thrown out the unused portions of the scent I tested, and have tossed the unopened other scent into my box of assorted random donations for my church's annual recycling sale.

(For the record, wax melts I have had good experiences with are Yankee Candle, Woodwick, and (tentative initial assessment) Chesapeake Bay Candle Home Scents.)

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And now, I think, to bed.
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I need to finish editing "Second Chances" but I am really not in an editing mood tonight (it is a very specific mood, even more so than writing), so blargh.

I am starting to think I may have to try getting up an hour earlier in the mornings and going to bed at, like, 10pm, because I am generally awake enough to focus in the morning but I have no time, whereas when I get home from work I have a few hours to spend on whatever, but am too worn out/spoonless to do much besides vegetate for most of that time.

(I write at work sometimes, but it's hard to properly sink into a creative mindset when I might get interrupted by the telephone or clients/tenants at any moment, not to mention I have an intense squick about people reading over my shoulders when I'm doing creative stuff on a computer. Also I don't have access to the majority of my files, which is a problem. (And no, don't say Google docs. At the rental office I can't access my own Google account because I have to stay logged into the office's own supplemental Gmail account, and at Not the IRS I can't access Gdocs because it's on their blocked site list. (Which includes LJ and Tumblr, but not DW or AO3, and I hope they never cut off those particular escape valves.)))

...Actually, on that note, I should go to bed. *wry*

(How on earth am I slowly ending up with a morning person's life schedule? I mean, I can do that if I need to -- and it really looks like I might need to -- because I am fortunate enough to have relatively malleable circadian rhythms, but left to my own devices I am a night owl and I resent the way the world seems to be conspiring against my preferences.)
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Okay. In order of priority, my current writing project lineup goes like this:

1. Finish Cotton Candy Bingo prompt for [livejournal.com profile] wistfulmemory. I know roughly where it's going (as in, I know why the unexpected ambassadors are in the Mountains of Morning, and I know Kazul's going to generally agree to their request/offer), and I have finally managed to find the right arrangement of story elements to lead up to that conversation, but I still need to fit some other stuff around the edges in a hopefully logical way and come up with a good closing paragraph or two, so... a few more days' work, probably. (It's currently at ~1,850 words, FYI. It needs at least 500 more to wrap up, quite possibly more like 1,000. We'll see how that plays out in practice.)

2. Finish editing "Second Chances." Again, I know roughly what I need to insert, and where; the trick will be making it all read smoothly without disrupting what's already there. Another few days.

3. Quick-sketch outline for Susan's very belated gift story. Just set up the scenario, the main characters, and the problem/resolution so I can run them past her and make sure I'm hitting the requested trope correctly without veering into tropes she doesn't like as well. Actual writing will hopefully happen sometime this summer.

4. Quick-sketch outline for Vicky's very belated gift story, because evidently trying to write without one does not work in this particular case. Whimsy needs a framework, or else 'this could go anywhere!' rapidly turns into 'and therefore I have no reason to care.' Again, actual writing will be put off until summer.

5. Start work on Fandom Trumps Hate fic for [personal profile] mme_hardy. We've already emailed a few times to pin down a general prompt and some ancillary details, but I need to work that into an actual outline that can sustain at least 6,000 words of story. And then of course I have to write the story, since I'm not postponing this one until summer! That won't be a hardship; I like the prompt a lot and it involves a bunch of affectionately teasing conversations, which are always fun to write. :)

6. Anything else if inspiration strikes and refuses to go away, but I'm tired enough (argh, work) that I don't think that's terribly likely. *sigh*
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1. Watered houseplants.

2. Photographed my pepper and narcissus. That is going to be my last 2016 pepper project photo for the foreseeable future, since I doubt the Lazarus pepper's one remaining bud will ever actually amount to anything.

3. Put away laundry that was air-drying since Sunday afternoon.

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17. Backed up my files onto my external hard drive.
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Victory! Yuletide fic is done and posted.

There was an analogy that occurred to me around 6pm as being wonderfully apropos, but trying to fit it in wound up derailing the emotional through-line horribly, so I cut that attempt back out again. I kinda-sorta finagled it into a different location in a different form, but this version is not nearly as direct (or imagery-rich) as before, which is a little sad, but hey, that situation is exactly what the phrase 'kill your darlings' is meant for. *wry*


I should probably get the story beta read. The problem is, what I really need is a canon and characterization check, and this canon is... not obscure obscure -- I would be willing to bet that several people in my circle have consumed it at some point -- but not something I think a lot of people have detailed knowledge of right at their fingertips, and obviously asking would be a dead giveaway.

Presumably this is when I learn to use the Yuletide chat thingywhatsit and try to find a hippo? Ugh. That kind of technology never wants to work for me.

Tomorrow, I suppose.

(I mean, if anyone is willing to offer sight unseen, I will tell you the canon in private and you can decide from there whether it's something you are familiar enough with to offer informed commentary, but that's not a very reliable method of finding editors.)
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1. Went to New Jersey for the weekend. This involved catching a bus to the Ridgewood park-and-ride, whereupon Dad picked me up and we drove to my parents' house. While in New Jersey, I:

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16. Set up my drying rack as a humidifier, by which I mean I soaked two towels (oddly-sized misfits, kept for this specific purpose) until they were sopping wet, and then hung them over the rack and let evaporation make my apartment slightly less bone-dry. This process is not completely effective and needs to be repeated every three to eight hours for the duration of winter, but it's effective enough, and a lot cheaper than buying and running an electric humidifier to boot.

And on that note, I will go soak the towels again and then go to bed, because I have work in the morning.


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