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Okay. In order of priority, my current writing project lineup goes like this:

1. Finish Cotton Candy Bingo prompt for [livejournal.com profile] wistfulmemory. I know roughly where it's going (as in, I know why the unexpected ambassadors are in the Mountains of Morning, and I know Kazul's going to generally agree to their request/offer), and I have finally managed to find the right arrangement of story elements to lead up to that conversation, but I still need to fit some other stuff around the edges in a hopefully logical way and come up with a good closing paragraph or two, so... a few more days' work, probably. (It's currently at ~1,850 words, FYI. It needs at least 500 more to wrap up, quite possibly more like 1,000. We'll see how that plays out in practice.)

2. Finish editing "Second Chances." Again, I know roughly what I need to insert, and where; the trick will be making it all read smoothly without disrupting what's already there. Another few days.

3. Quick-sketch outline for Susan's very belated gift story. Just set up the scenario, the main characters, and the problem/resolution so I can run them past her and make sure I'm hitting the requested trope correctly without veering into tropes she doesn't like as well. Actual writing will hopefully happen sometime this summer.

4. Quick-sketch outline for Vicky's very belated gift story, because evidently trying to write without one does not work in this particular case. Whimsy needs a framework, or else 'this could go anywhere!' rapidly turns into 'and therefore I have no reason to care.' Again, actual writing will be put off until summer.

5. Start work on Fandom Trumps Hate fic for [personal profile] mme_hardy. We've already emailed a few times to pin down a general prompt and some ancillary details, but I need to work that into an actual outline that can sustain at least 6,000 words of story. And then of course I have to write the story, since I'm not postponing this one until summer! That won't be a hardship; I like the prompt a lot and it involves a bunch of affectionately teasing conversations, which are always fun to write. :)

6. Anything else if inspiration strikes and refuses to go away, but I'm tired enough (argh, work) that I don't think that's terribly likely. *sigh*
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1. Completed an intro course on Pennsylvania state income tax. My overall takeaway? Pennsylvania is weird.

2. Completed a skills training course on Not the IRS's new customer service bells and whistles for the 2017 tax season, which I apparently should have done several weeks ago but nobody told me about it until Thursday. Oops.

3. Church stewardship committee meeting. We have our 'thanks for donating/please give more' dinner date pinned down, and are going to look into language to use in both our general letter and in personal phone calls to both invite church members to the dinner and gently prod them into increasing their pledges. The idea is that since we are getting a new minister this fall (or at least we devoutly hope we are getting a new minister; things could always fall through), we would like to have money on hand for the minister to use in starting new programs since that's one of the things the congregation has expressed that they'd like a new minister to do.

Also, community outreach ain't free. *wry*

I will miss the next three meetings because of Not the IRS shifts that Plaza Boss scheduled before I changed my availability, but I should be able to contribute some via email.

4. Threw the decapitated pepper into the back yard to decay and become food for new plants in the spring. Now I have only one pepper left... at least until I plant seeds for this summer's saga. *rubs hands, grins diabolically*

5. Bought groceries.

6. Chopped and froze two bell peppers I bought last week. I am not entirely sure what I'm going to do with them -- maybe make some kind of beef-pepper-onion thing in my crockpot? (I have a packet of taco seasoning I could use in such an endeavor...) In any case, they are now safely stored until I figure out my plans.

7. Took compost out to the bin.

8. Emailed the winning bidder of my Fandom Trumps Hate auction, to clarify prompt details and such.


I failed to write anything yesterday -- I didn't get a chance while at work (because I was chugging through the tax courses), and by the time I got home I was too burned out to think creatively. I am going to try writing a little something as soon as I post this, but I am not going to beat myself up if I fail, because it has been a long week and I am in the middle of wrenching my sleeping schedule back to a more diurnal pattern.

If I am not paying attention, you see, I drift toward getting up around 11am and going to bed around 2-3am. I am not sure how much of that is natural inclination and how much is residual from eight years of retail closing shifts, but it's a very strong pattern. It is also a completely inappropriate pattern right now, since my rental office job requires getting up around 7-8am three days a week. So I am trying to go to bed by midnight whether I have work the next day or not, but it's hard and I keep slipping. *sigh*

ETA: Successfully added ~100 words to my current project. :)
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Over on Tumblr, [tumblr.com profile] fandomtrumpshate (a fannish charity auction) is now open. You can find all the contributor pages on [tumblr.com profile] fandomtrumpshateofferings; here is a tag list to use when searching for contributors by name or by fandoms they're willing to work with. Bidding runs through January 19th.

Here is my contributor page. It contains the information I have copypasted below, as well as links to my bidding spreadsheet and bidding form.


Type of fanwork: fic
Fandom(s): Chronicles of Narnia, Homestuck, Daredevil (MCU), others subject to negotiation; please check my previously published work for a starting point
Rating(s): G, Teen, Mature
Length/size: up to 10k words, depending on how much the bidder contributes.

Especially interested in: Worldbuilding; families of choice; works centered on female characters; works centered on something other than character introspection or romance

Will not: I will not write pining, and I suggest you avoid asking me for trope-heavy genre romance since the results will likely disappoint you. (My attempts at romance tend to come out low-key and often indistinguishable from extremely close platonic relationships, which is not what many people want from shipfic. *wry*) Aside from that, I don't have a hard and fast do-not-want list. Please contact me to make sure your request is something I can write to our mutual satisfaction.

Notes: A $5 bid will get you a guaranteed minimum of 1K words. Each additional $5 gets you another 1K words, with an upper limit of 10K words. These words do not have to all be written as part of a single story; you can split them over two or three shorter prompts, though the total word count will remain the same. I am open to trying most things, but it's hard to know in advance what might turn out to be a deal-breaker. PLEASE contact me to run your prompt past me before finalizing your bid, to make sure we both come out of this happy! :)


I have never participated in a fandom auction before; I suppose we'll see how it turns out. I do, however, have a lot of experience writing to prompts, and this is your chance to get a story with a significantly higher guaranteed minimum wordcount than I usually offer. (For the record, the usual minimums I offer when I run mini-ficlet prompt memes are 3 sentences and/or 100 words if it's just a meme for its own sake, and 500 words if I'm trying to knock off bingo squares; most exchanges, of course, set a 1,000 word minimum.)


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