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Drop whatever you are doing and go read my AMAZING Betapalooza gift. NOW.

Morning and Evening, Day and Night: Rose and Dave, Mobiles of the Ekumen, find more than they expected when they visit O. Jade/Rose/John/Dave. (23,000 words) [ETA: by [archiveofourown.org profile] digimaniac33]

I don't know what I did to be this lucky, but seriously, twenty-three thousand words of sedoretu fic! With culture clashes, and people being emotionally honest even when they're not very well equipped for it, and focus on all the individual component twosomes (including the platonic sibling relationships), and some really neat implicit contrasts drawn between the Harleybert family and the Strilonde family, and lots of everyday details of life on a farm, and then a happy ending to top it all off. I may have died a little bit from sheer happiness!

Seriously, this is like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one and I need everyone to go shower my mystery gifter in the praise they deserve!



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