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Things I have done today:

1. Wash dishes at 4am (...my sleep schedule is still out of whack from my blue funk, shut up) and drop my favorite glass to shatter all over the kitchen floor. Then I had to sweep up the fragments by hand with damp paper towels, because I couldn't run the vacuum cleaner at that hour and wake my upstairs neighbors and their baby! *headdesk*

2. Buy a new pair of slippers, because the sides of my old pair were giving out. (Also the lining was worn away to pretty much nothing, but since I only wear them over socks, that was not exactly a pressing issue.) Mmmmm, nice, comfy, warm slippers that were on sale for under twenty dollars... *curls toes happily*

3. Start reading Kuroko no Basuke so as to better understand [personal profile] branchandroot's fic. I am not sure this was a good life decision.

4. Attempt to get back to writing "Trollstuck." Crash headfirst into the minor world-building problem of how in the seven hells Vriska's vision eightfold actually works. I mean, seven pupils in one eye are only going to focus extra light on the same retina, right? So how does that equate to ~magic eyesight~ or whatever? Why do they glow red when she's staring really hard at something? I assume her psychic powers must be involved somehow, but god damn it, I didn't expect I'd need to come up with a good technobabble handwave for this! I just want to get through a bit of exposition and take votes on which character should talk to her online! Gnrgh.

5. Decide on an idea for my Yuletide fic. My recipient wants minor character and/or OCs? Great! The character I plan to write about appears for less than a single page in the entire saga. ...And now I need to invent her nearly out of whole cloth. Oh well, it's not as if I don't have experience there. At least she has a few lines of actual canon dialogue, which is way more than I had to work with when creating Ilgamuth Tarkaan.

6. Figure out why I kept occasionally feeling drafts and smelling cigarette smoke in my bedroom. It turns out that when I removed the screen and closed the window for the autumn, I didn't actually close the window, since the top pane had slid down two or three inches over the summer, and therefore when I turned the lock it went over the housing it's supposed to slide into, which, like a dumbass, I completely failed to notice. *headdesk* That is fixed now.


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