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Dear Yuletide Writer,

Hi, and thank you in advance for writing a story for me! I'm pretty easy to please -- unless you write a context-free sex scene, I'll be thrilled just to get a fic in one of the fandoms I asked for. *grin* But I realize that's not terribly helpful, so here's the (very!) long version. (I am sorry for the tl;dr, but I like to talk about things I love and I figure more details are better than fewer.)


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Okay. On to specific fandoms.


The Lions of Al-Rassan )

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Saga of the Skolian Empire )

Daredevil (Comics) )

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And that is that. Thank you again, and happy writing!
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Apropos of nothing in particular:

One narrative trope I particularly like is The Reveal (TM). This works best if it's not deployed lightly -- a character with a big secret is obviously not going going to spill it to someone they've just met, and anyway the trope works best with some time to build up dramatic tension. But I really like the moment when the truth comes out.

This can be either voluntary or involuntary. It can be public or private. It can lead to a positive or negative reaction. I like all variations. The main point is that somebody now knows, the tension is at least partially released, and the story can move on to dealing with fallout, which is also a narrative trope I particularly like.

I mention this because one series I like has a doozy of an interconnected web of secrets at its heart, and absolutely no one has all the pieces: namely, Catherine Asaro's Saga of the Skolian Empire, and the truth about Sauscony, Jaibriol II, and their children.

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I don't expect Asaro to go there, but that is what I want. In fact, I want it to the point that I am considering nominating the fandom for Yuletide. Obviously I would not phrase the request in such detailed terms as the preceding paragraphs, but I think the general outline of "Rocalisa Qox Skolia leaves Prism as a young adult, learns what's happened to her relatives since the Radiance War, and has adventures while trying to keep her identity secret in order to protect the various branches of her family. A romance of some sort -- lesbian or poly would be especially welcome, though het is also fine -- would be a lovely addition though not strictly necessary" could be quite workable.


Hopefully I will remember that when nominations roll around this fall. :)


ETA: I was finally able to read a copy of Carnelians while visiting my parents in NJ this September (thanks to their county library system) and... on the one hand, it rehashes a stupid number of points from previous books, which is kind of silly and annoying. Like, haven't we already done this? But on the other, it gave me THAT SCENE at the climax with Jai and his family and I just... ahhhh. *floats blissfully* I'd forgive an awful lot of egregious repetition for that. Plus what's-her-name, Alina? (I am not always great with names.) Anyway, Althor's surprise!kid, and her friend the escaped provider (Red?). They were a little thinly characterized in the book itself, but there's a bunch of potential for future stories there, not that I necessarily expect Asaro to pick up those threads.


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