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[personal profile] mme_hardy said: Calliope/Roxy, having a cuddlepile on Earth C after all the fireworks have died down. Basically, what we can do now that we don't have to do anything.

Note: This ficlet was written in response to the [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo square soft. It is also a [community profile] genprompt_bingo fill for the square monsoon.

This is tangential at best to Madame Hardy's prompt (and also only tangentially fluffy), but it's the only version of this thought that was willing to coalesce into a fic with a beginning, a middle, and an end, so I am declaring victory and getting out rather than letting this project devour me alive. *wry* (700 words)

[ETA: the slightly revised final version is now up on AO3!]

I Am the One Who Lives with the Ocean )

I have noticed, over the years, that I have a tendency to get kind of experimental (in both structure and phrasing) when dealing with water imagery. I am not sure why that is.

Possibly I should try doing something similar with other imagery sets.
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[personal profile] the_rck said: How about the butcher / baker / candlestick-maker: tradesman for an OC view on some part of the Naruto story line?

Note: This is set pre-canon, and hopefully I've included enough context clues about which canon character and part of the story line I threw at my OC businesswoman. :D (1,600 words)

[ETA: the AO3 crosspost is now up!]

Whose Allegiance Is Ruled by Expedience )

I have Thoughts about economics among the Elemental Countries, in case that wasn't already obvious from my other Naruto fics. *wry* Actually, now I kind of want to work Natsume into "Guardian," if only as a throwaway line discussing some of Amane Eiji's business partners and stuff. (I am pretty sure Natsume uses his company for shipping, since that's something she'd rather subcontract out to avoid headaches.)
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[personal profile] gramarye1971 said: For the 'It was a Decoy / Feint / Distraction' prompt: Sailor Moon, with one of the senshi remembering that Usagi has that Disguise Pen and actually using it for something?

Note: This is about the genesis of a feint rather than its execution, but eh, details. It's set in the Death Buster arc at an indeterminate point between Kaolinite and Eudial's deaths. I'm not entirely sure what version of canon has the most space for this detour, so call that aspect indeterminate as well. *shrug* (1,500 words)

[ETA: The ever-so-slightly tweaked AO3 version is now up!]

Camouflage the Question )

I have no idea why that fic took so long to write -- it was like my brain just jammed up every time I opened the file -- but it's done, it's cute, and I can move on to other projects. :)
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[personal profile] minutia_r said: I would love to see something with Erin and Aeriel (either gen or shippy) for "Grooming".

Note: I dunno if this actually crosses the line into shippiness or remains ambiguous gen. Regardless, I may revise this ficlet later when I get home and have a chance to do some canon review on the details of Erin and Aeriel's introduction. (250 words)

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

Written on the Skin )

Three down... :)
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[livejournal.com profile] akatsuki210 said: For the "science and magic" prompt: Star Trek: The Next Generation/Sandman. When Data begins to use his dream program, he encounters Morpheus, who welcomes him as the first non-biological life-form to enter the Dreaming.

Note: I seem to have wound up with Daniel rather than Morpheus, whoops. Also, TNG is not really my Trek, so I cribbed everything about Data's dreams from Memory Alpha. *wry* Also also, I'm pretty sure there have been other non-biological species in the Dreaming before -- it's huge, it's old, it touches multiple universes -- but Data can still be the first of his species to get there. (400 words exactly)

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

Transition State )

Two down, more to go... :)
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[personal profile] musesfool said: I think something with Finn, Rey, & BB8 for your "cute" cotton candy square would be awesome. *g*

Note: I cribbed some information about Jakku and Rey's past from Wookiepedia, but most of the worldbuilding in this ficlet is blithely made up -- because I wanted to and because I can. :D

This is pretty dark for a fluff ficlet, since it contains discussion of animal death and general references to Finn and Rey's traumatic pasts, but the main theme is about hope and togetherness and stuff. (1,175 words)

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

Foundlings )

Ha, victory!
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[livejournal.com profile] wistfulmemory said: I would love to claim the "picnic" prompt with Cimorene, Morwen, and Kazul having to deal with unexpected ambassadors.

Note: So that took way too long to write... *sigh* Also, if you find yourself curious about Thelistra and Andovan, you can read their earlier adventures (and the tale of how Morwen met Kazul) in The Affairs of Dragons, a story I wrote for Femgenficathon back in 2008. (3,525 words)

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

An Unexpected Meeting )

Okay, that's one project down! Now on to editing "Second Chances," whipping up two original gift!fic outlines, and planning and writing my FandomTrumpsHate auction fic. (And by the time I'm done with all that, it will doubtless be time for WIP Big Bang, which I'd like to participate in again this year for reasons that should be obvious. *wry*)
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[tumblr.com profile] madamehardy said: Ooh! Homestuck, Dirk, Roxy, cuddle. It's the post-Sburb world, and there are too many people all the time, and only Dirk and Roxy want to flee screaming to a (pair of) faraway mountains. Bring back the blissful solitude of the post-apocalypse.

Note: Not compliant with the credits snapchats, because reasons. :) (2,700 words)

[ETA: The slightly revised final version is now up on AO3!]

Some Little Talk a While of Me and Thee )

It's still a little disjointed, I think, but whatever. I win. \o/
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[tumblr.com profile] runespoor7 said: Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura, eyes, using the Sharingan after Sasuke came back.

Note: This took me slightly over five months to write, because reasons, but I got there in the end. :D (1,075 words)

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

Maboroshi )

Victory! \o/

I have two more prompts to fill from that particular mini-ficlet prompt meme, after which I will get to work on some other projects that have also been languishing while I took a mental health break from writing.
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[personal profile] marmota_b said: Can I claim "adventure/quest" and ask for more of Susan and Lucy's Interesting Times? Please? 'Susan only went to fetch a few jars of jam. Meanwhile, the daring Captain Lucy, aged nine, accompanied by her loyal crew of Otter pups, set sail to the Port of Pantry.' (2,550 words)

Note: The problem with this story is that in my head, Susan and Lucy's 'interesting times' are BIG adventure-type things -- shipwrecks! kidnapping by magical birds! surprising a group of invading soldiers! etc. -- not two people (and a group of young Otters) crashing into each other in the kitchen. So I tried to work up some big thing that the pantry chaos could lead into, and that kept turning into an irretrievable mood clash that made me flinch away from the story every time I went to add another hundred words.

(I do still intend to write the big thing I came up with, but without the comedy and incidental Otters. Also it will be about half story and half academic textbook, because reasons, and involve all four Pevensies instead of only Susan and Lucy.)

Anyway, the upshot is that I ditched the long 'interesting times' story as unworkable and instead wrote a small fic about a minor domestic accident and slightly differing interpretations of how to be a responsible queen. Which is probably what you wanted all along and I'm the one who tripped over myself and made a lot of unnecessary bother for three weeks. *wry*

Continuity notes: The weather problems Susan mentions are detailed in Dedication. Mrs. Grubbins is the castle healer who previously appeared in Liminality.

[ETA: The slightly revised final version is now up on AO3!]

Responsibility )

This concludes the latest iteration of my mini-ficlet prompt meme, with a third bingo. :) (I still have six Cotton Candy Bingo squares to fill, so I may run this again, but not for a while. I have other things to work on first.)


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