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1. Cooked the second of my three Blue Apron meals. Details in this post. Took all resulting compost (and compost from previous days) to the communal bin.

2. Boiled two eggs.

3. Deposited a check.

4. Paid my dental bill from my May 15th appointment, which had finally come in the mail.

5. Posted another tiny installment in my Narnia/HP crossover: The Test of Gold, in which Edmund and Ginny take an unusual boat trip.

6. Baked brownies.

7. Walked to Stewart Park on Sunday morning for my church's annual picnic, which is preceded by a brief service composed of a few songs, a volunteer appreciation segment, and a youth bridging ceremony (ie, welcoming middle-schoolers into high school, and graduating seniors into adult life). The day was sunny and bright with a mild breeze, the songs were fun, the bridging speeches were moving, and the food was delicious. :)

I get to Stewart Park via the Renwick Wildwood Bird Sanctuary (which is both more direct and VASTLY more pleasant than the other potential routes), and this year the cottonwoods are all shedding their seeds so thickly that parts of the path looked like they were covered in snow or swathed in a million spiderwebs.

Also three mosquitoes attempted to bite me, but I squished them all and only one got far enough into the biting process to leave an itchy welt.


9. Changed linens.

10. Outlined a fic I may or may not ever get around to writing, but the idea wouldn't stop bugging me until I fed it a little structure, so.
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1. Dental appointment at 8:15am. My teeth are fine, yay! The office manager was out for the week because of some unspecified life crisis, so I did not pay my bill on Monday (the hygienists have not been trained to work the billing program -- scheduling yes, financials no) but I should receive one in the mail sometime this coming week.

2. Made my weekly Facebook update.

3. Emailed the DRE about summer and fall youth group plans. I have not yet heard back, but I will try to corner her in person on Sunday and chat for a few minutes.

4. Caught a bus out to the mall and watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which I enjoyed A LOT. :D

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19. Bought groceries.

20. Repotted my peppers!


You will note that I still have not cooked the fajitas for which I did ingredient prep last week. The containers of sliced onion, pepper, and chicken have been sitting in the freezer for a week and a half now. I may try to get that dealt with tomorrow night, but give that I will already be baking brownies (church obligations), I am inclined to doubt I will manage the fajitas until Monday. *sigh*

I failed to get any writing done whatsoever -- like, I got a couple hundred words toward a prompt response, but there were aimless twaddle, totally unusable, and I haven't managed to get any of the slightly less awful ideas onto a page. Blargh.

I think, on the balance of evidence, that I have probably been stuck in a mild blue funk for the past couple weeks. I hadn't noticed sooner because I haven't felt particularly disconnected (one of my main depressive symptoms), but I have definitely been suffering from executive dysfunction (aka, lack of can-do), disordered sleeping patterns, and a general lack of enthusiasm for things I would normally enjoy. I also may have fic-binged a couple times, which is a telling symptom even without the disconnection that usually triggers it.

There is really nothing to do except try to fight the disordered sleeping patterns and wait it out. And maybe to grit my teeth and force myself to write, because that CAN be done and I do generally feel a lot better for up to a full day after completing some kind of creative work in the face of my brain's attempt to paint the whole world gray. I guess I'll see if I have any free time at work tomorrow to get that prompt response pinned down.
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1. Put away the remaining laundry.

2. Backed up my hard drive.

3. Made an appointment to give blood this coming Thursday.

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17. Submitted my WIP Big Bang snippets.

18. Checked 2D movie times for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which I would like to see tomorrow. (I'd wanted to see it Thursday or Friday, but see above in re: the universe squashing me flat.) I think 1:15 or 3:10pm sound most promising.

19. And this is true for all the days in question: I plonked at a few bits of fiction to no particular effect. *sigh* I will keep trying tomorrow.
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I am debating going to a NYS Baroque concert at my church on Saturday evening. It's relatively obscure stuff, to wit:

The Sweetest Sounds

Ravishingly beautiful cantatas, arias, and instrumental music: Bach’s cantata BWV 82a "Ich habe genug;" a new flute concerto by Vivaldi, Thomas Arne’s The Morning, a Handel concerto grosso, and more.

Laura Heimes, soprano; Steven Zohn, flute; Marika Holmqvist, Boel Gidholm, violins; Dan Elyar, viola; David Morris, cello; Heather Miller Lardin, bass; Deborah Fox, theorbo; Michael Beattie, harpsichord

Tickets are $25. If I ordered one online today or tomorrow, it would be held for me at the door. And I'd have an hour and a half between the end of work and the start of the concert to grab some kind of dinner...

Should I?



ETA, 3/24/17: I bought them. This is a little silly from an "I need more sleep" perspective, and also from an "I need to save money" perspective... but there's more to life than just surviving, you know? And I could use a little beauty right now. *wry*
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I have been wondering all evening WHAT on earth the persistent rushing noise I kept hearing in the background could possibly be -- wind? neighbors showering or doing laundry? some kind of generator or crowd watching sports at the restaurant across the street? Nothing seemed to quite fit.

And then it finally hit me just now: snowmelt swelling Fall Creek to spring flood level. OBVIOUSLY. Just like that has been the answer hundreds of times before, because I live two blocks from the freaking waterfall. *headdesk*

This is how I know I need more sleep.

(And on that note, I am going to bed.)
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1. Did not go to church, because the weather was terrible and also it turned out to be a drama/improv program week for the high school kids, which confuses me since I am pretty sure the schedule I was given in December said this was supposed to be a regular week with drama/improv next week. As this is the second time I seem to have been wrong on my dates, I am beginning to suspect that the DRE just straight-up gave me the wrong schedule. I must ask her for the real final program date at tomorrow night's planning meeting, since that's kind of relevant for my Not the IRS availability.

2. Put away the parts of my laundry that were air-drying.

3. Continued tidying my apartment in preparation for company, which included collecting trash from my wastebaskets and taking a bag out to the trashcan.

4. Family visit!

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And now, I think, to bed, because I am very tired.
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1. Finished reading Darśan: Seeing the Divine Image in India by Diana L. Eck (third edition). This is a short book, only about 90 pages and heavy on photographs (for obvious reasons), but very informative! It's the kind of basic 'here is a concept, here are some things it means to the people who hold it/do it, here are some ways it plays out in practice' introduction to a foundational cultural practice/assumption that is really helpful in understanding anything higher level, but which very often seems to get overlooked and thus leaves people from other cultures floundering without a framework and misinterpreting that higher level stuff because they're using a mismatched set of cultural assumptions.

I am definitely keeping this one.

2. Shoveled the sidewalk when I got home from Not the IRS, because apparently NOBODY ELSE bothered to do that during the FOURTEEN HOURS I was commuting or working. *side-eyes neighbors, hard*

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And now I should be heading to bed, because I have work on Saturday and I would like to finally shake my not-quite-cold rather than let it develop into a full illness. *wry*
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We did not get the February counter display put up today, for two reasons. First, Miss Cactus decided we needed more hearts, and also that we should decorate a bunch of the red and pink ones so the ivory ones wouldn't be the only ones with fancy patterns and such. So we spent a good portion of the day decorating more hearts.

I drew some designs and pictures, I did a handful of conversation hearts (BE MINE, KISS ME, SWEET HEART, etc.), I copied a bunch of love-related quotes (and drew borders and designs around them), and I wrote 'love' (or some approximation thereof) in a whole bunch of languages. In some cases that was very simple. In others, it required a fair amount of internet research (*cough* Mohawk, Nahuatl, Navajo, Cherokee *cough*) and/or attempts to copy writing systems I am totally unfamiliar with. I made one extra heart asking people to please forgive my amateur calligraphy (done in Sharpie marker, may god forgive me), because while I think my attempts at Chinese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Thai, Hebrew, Telugu, Farsi, Greek, Tamil, Cherokee, and Bengali came out more or less legible, I think they are not very aesthetically pleasing to anyone who actually reads those languages regularly. *sigh*

Anyway, we did finally finish the hearts! Miss Cactus began taping them to the counter around 5:00pm... and about fifteen minutes later, the power went out.

In fact, the power went out all over Collegetown. When I finally got through to NYSEG in our attempt to report the outage, we learned that a power station that serves large portions of east Ithaca had gone down, cause unknown, and a team was en route to investigate and hopefully fix things as soon as possible. We spent the rest of our shift fielding a bunch of upset phone calls, and making sure nobody was trapped in any of our buildings' elevators. Obviously taping hearts fell by the wayside.

Miss Cactus said she'd finish the design Monday morning, so I will get to see it in its full glory on Tuesday. :)
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I put on my big-girl panties and went to the concert. This was the right choice; it was awesome. :D

There is a thing live music can do to me, where the right combinations of volume and style and melody/harmony (and sometimes lyrics, though that's much less vital) make me feel like my whole body is a tuning fork vibrating along. And I cry. They're not sad tears. They're not even happy tears, particularly, though the tuning-fork feeling is definitely positive. They're just a weird involuntary quirk of my nervous system: hit the right trigger and I go floaty and my eyes drip.

Rev. Sekou and the Holy Ghost hit that for me three and a half times tonight.
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Problem: the ficlet I am trying to write is like pulling teeth, and I cannot get the transition from intro to actual plot stuff to work.

Potential solution: toss out the entire thousand words I've already written, jump right to throwing the proverbial monkey wrench into the idyllic afternoon, and watch things play out from there. If any of the scene-setting was really important, I can work it into some dialogue later on.


I am not up to making such drastic revisions tonight, but I think I will get on that tomorrow.


In completely unrelated news, I am thinking of attending a free concert at my church tomorrow night. Rev. Sekou and the Holy Ghost will be performing at 7pm at First Unitarian. I'd miss the first fifteen minutes or so, because of closing the rental office and walking down the hill, but I really want to get out and DO THINGS this year (after spending the past couple years mostly treading water (thanks, depression!)) and this seems like it would be both affirming and challenging in useful ways.

Plus, you know, good music. :)


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