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six pepper seedlings in black plastic planters . five pepper seedlings in plastic planters and pots

1. peppers A2, A4, A6, B1, B3, and B5 - Monday, 19 June 2017
2. peppers C2, C4, C6, D1, and D3

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As you can see, I have rearranged my peppers. Actually I had them rearranged for a while -- not in this exact configuration, which I adopted a couple days ago because I wanted to space out the squash planters a little -- but differently from the groups-of-six I was using for photos. This is because Landlord Dude has yet to fix the damn gutter on the back of the house, and consequently any rain harder than a drizzle (or that lasts longer than half an hour) turns the gutter into a waterfall that happens to be right over one of my kitchen windows/my back porch. So I make sure none of my poor plants are right under the cascade, because they are small and tender and do not deserve to be punched repeatedly in the metaphorical face. *wry*

As you can also see, I have staked sixteen of the peppers. I did not stake E6 because it's growing noticeably slower than the others, but I think I will do so Wednesday evening because I will be leaving on vacation Thursday morning and I am quite sure it will need a stake before I get home a week later. I also didn't stake B5 because the poor dear is only just beginning to recover from its savage beheading -- it is growing a new leaf! Life finds a way!

Pepper D5 has something wrong with its leaves. I suspect it may have caught some residue from the fungicide/insecticide I sprayed on the Lazarus pepper a couple weeks ago, but the newest tiny leave seem on track to be normal rather than crumpled, so I trust it will do all right in the long run.

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tiny green bell pepper on a pepper plant

8. the Lazarus pepper - Monday, 19 June 2017 (OMG AN ACTUALFAX PEPPER!!!)

And last but not least, the Lazarus pepper bloomed! The first bud opened on Wednesday, and as of today that first flower has lost its petals (heavy rain, what can you do?) to reveal an ACTUALFAX PEPPER. It is so tiny. And so cute. :DDD

I continue to fight a rearguard action against the evils of the white mulberry tree. You have no idea how many berries I have to sweep off the porch every day, or pick out of the pots and planters, to say nothing of the infinite mulberry seedlings I have to uproot and toss away.

(If you haven't realized by now? I hate mulberry trees. I mean, they are probably lovely trees in an orchard, or out in the woods where they can do their own thing without bothering anyone, but trust me, you do NOT want them in your yard. Not in a million years. They are a MENACE.

Also they attract squirrels, but that is a separate problem.)

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Meanwhile, unidentified marauders (*cough* squirrels *cough*) tried to uproot Tan and/or shred its stem again, but so far as I can tell the leaves retain enough connection to the root system to stay alive. Also I have buried the long, floppy part of the stem under even more potting soil -- I did the same for Sethera while I was at it -- and have tried to prop up the vertical parts of the plants such that they have proper support and won't tip over under their own weight as the grow.

Azer and Covera, of course, do not suffer from this problem as they never went through a floppy phase of growing sideways in search of the sun, and are both growing great guns. I am fairly sure their mutual end goal is to devour my porch. Sethera and Tan probably share this ambition, though they are not quite as well-placed to follow through on it. *wry*

I have spaced out the four planters a little bit, but I am beginning to think that I may have to move one or two of them off the porch entirely. I am not sure where else they could go. Down in the yard among the raspberry canes? (Which survived last year's drought and have put up slightly alarming amounts of new growth; I think they want to devour my porch as well, though from below rather than from above.) In the front yard behind the shelter of the hedge? In the driveway beside the trash cans?

I will have to consider this before they get too big to move...

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They grow so fast at this stage. :) Or in other words, Monday morning I had two sprouts, Monday night I had three sprouts, Tuesday morning I had seven sprouts, and Tuesday night I had nine sprouts.

This is very exciting!

eighteen small peat cylinders in a black plastic container, with green arrows pointing to the seven whose seeds have sprouted . eighteen small peat cylinders in a black plastic container, with green arrows pointing to the nine whose seeds have sprouted
1) pepper sprouts, Tuesday, 7 March 2017 (~8:15am)
2) pepper sprouts, Tuesday, 7 March 2017 (~7:45pm)

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(As before, sprouts are named on a grid pattern, where A1 is the lower left square and F6 is the upper right square.)

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I can has SPROUTS!!! :DDD

I have decided, for convenience of discussion, that I will name the sprouts on a grid pattern. Columns are A through F while rows are 1 through 6, which means the lower left square from the viewer's perspective is A1 (and also empty) and we go from there.

eighteen small peat cylinders in a black plastic container
1) pepper sprouts, Monday, 6 March 2017 (~7:45am)

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eighteen small peat cylinders in a black plastic container . small peat cylinder with a pepper seedling peeking above the soil
4) pepper sprouts, Monday, 6 March 2017 (~8:00pm)
5) sprout E4, evening

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a small green pepper plant in a terracotta pot, with one white blossom
8) the Lazarus pepper, Monday, 6 March 2017

Meanwhile, the Lazarus pepper continues to bloom, but some of its leaves are going a little yellow and sad, so as before, I do not really expect it to produce an actualfax pepper fruit at this point. I am impressed enough that it pulled off a flower.

And in other gardening news, I bought a packet of summer squash seeds today, which I think I will plant next weekend (once I have enough applesauce cups to use as pots). I will eventually transplant them to the yard below my back porch, where my former upstairs neighbors attempted a garden some years back, and where my current upstairs neighbor is attempting to grow raspberries. We shall see what, if anything, comes of that experiment.

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I know this is not my regular schedule, but! I feel the world should be informed that the Lazarus pepper is blooming. :)

a small green pepper plant in a terracotta pot, with one half-opened white blossom

And now I am heading off to the Ithaca/Oneonta youth group lock-in. With a pinch of luck, I may even get some sleep tonight...

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1. Finished reading Dar┼Ťan: Seeing the Divine Image in India by Diana L. Eck (third edition). This is a short book, only about 90 pages and heavy on photographs (for obvious reasons), but very informative! It's the kind of basic 'here is a concept, here are some things it means to the people who hold it/do it, here are some ways it plays out in practice' introduction to a foundational cultural practice/assumption that is really helpful in understanding anything higher level, but which very often seems to get overlooked and thus leaves people from other cultures floundering without a framework and misinterpreting that higher level stuff because they're using a mismatched set of cultural assumptions.

I am definitely keeping this one.

2. Shoveled the sidewalk when I got home from Not the IRS, because apparently NOBODY ELSE bothered to do that during the FOURTEEN HOURS I was commuting or working. *side-eyes neighbors, hard*

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And now I should be heading to bed, because I have work on Saturday and I would like to finally shake my not-quite-cold rather than let it develop into a full illness. *wry*
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six narcissus plants in terracotta pots on a kitchen table
1) six narcissus, Friday, 6 January 2017

For convenience, I have 'named' the plants. Starting from the front left pot (in picture #1), and going clockwise, they are A, B, C, D, E, and F. Plants A, B, and E have begun to bloom, and plants C, D, and F are on track to follow within a few days. :)

All plants except A should eventually have three flower sprays; A will only have two. (A penalty for being the earliest bloomer, perhaps?)

I am turning the pots 90 degrees clockwise every morning, to hopefully prevent the plants from growing sideways and falling over. I have also added stakes to A and E (and to B after I took these photos), since they were leaning a bit last night. They have been much more vertical today, but I figure better safe than sorry.

But anyway, eeeeee pretty flowers!! :DDD

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Quick update!

I got two (!!!) Yuletide fics and a really long Daredevil Secret Santa fic. They are all lovely. I have kudos'ed them all.

I am also veyr tired and kind of tipsy on champagne cocktails, so I am not leaving comment tonight (because comments should be coherent and I am kind of really really not right now, also spelling is hard) but I will do that tomorrow morning.

In themeantime, I leave you links!


That First Blush of Love (roses always wilt): Karla takes back control from her uncle, and with Morton, she starts establishing herself as Territory Queen.

You'd think that she'd be too busy for anything else. And it wasn't as if she expected anything else. After all, she never once felt attraction the way anyone else said they felt it.

Until, of course, she meets someone. And suddenly, she realizes she's not broken, or different - or even too busy. She's having the time of her life. (Black Jewels, 5,074 words, f/f, mature)


Threads from the Confused Distaff of Memory: Women born of Isternes are slaves to no man. Eryka may be locked in a tower, but she will not wait helplessly for someone else to save her. (Darkangel Trilogy, 3,414 words, gen, not rated)


The Very First Case of Page & Murdock: Karen meets Matt in her first semester at law school. Foggy is their first suspect. (Daredevil (MCU), 10,400 words, gen w/ background relationships, teen+)
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(If clicking the picture fails to work, here is the plaintext link: http://caramelsilver.livejournal.com/151259.html. Go forth and have fun!)
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As you can see, the remaining peppers have moved indoors for good. I am doing my best to make sure they get enough light, misting them from a spray bottle to keep them from drying out, and occasionally fanning them to simulate gentle wind.

Despite those efforts, the Lazarus pepper lost its blossoms and did not replace them with fruit; the little stems just withered and fell off. It does have a few more undeveloped buds, but at this point I doubt anything will come of them. :(

The other peppers are doing pretty well, though. The repotted pepper is just starting to ripen -- there's a tiny flush of what will be red at the bottom of one lobe, but at this point it mostly looks brown and also doesn't photograph well at all. Meanwhile, the pepper with the miraculous good-luck shield is almost completely ripe. I mean, look at that beautiful red color!

This is very exciting for me, since I've never managed to get a pepper all the way to ripeness before. (Squirrels are the main problem, which I'm sure comes as no surprise to anyone who's been following this saga.) One time I got a pepper to about the shade the lower good-luck pepper was this past Thursday, but it was going soft and funny as fast as it ripened so I had to pick it before it started to actually rot. These two peppers, in contrast, are still firm and healthy.

I am going to pick and process them pretty soon anyway, but until then I am getting such a kick out of seeing them all red and tempting amid the green leaves. :D

five peppers in terracotta or plastic pots on a kitchen table
1) five peppers, Monday, 28 November 2016

a small pepper plant . two small bell peppers with human fingers for scale
2) the Lazarus pepper is not fruiting, alas :(
3) the decapitated pepper, doing well

one bell pepper with human fingers for scale . another bell pepper with human fingers for scale
4) the repotted pepper, just starting to ripen (the color change didn't photograph well)
5) the pepper that lost an entire branch to squirrels

two bell peppers, turning from green to red, with human fingers for scale . two bell peppers, almost fully red, with human fingers for scale
6) the pepper with the miraculous good luck shield, Thursday, 24 November 2016
7) and again on Monday, 28 November 2016

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