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I got up at 4:00am EST on Thursday, so as to shower, eat breakfast, finish packing, and set up my apartment before heading outside shortly before 5:00am to wait for my cab. In the event, the cab was about ten minutes late, but I still got to the airport and through security in plenty of time. The flight from Ithaca to Detroit went smoothly, and I made my transfer with several minutes to spare even though they were slow to unpack the plane-side checked bags. (These are bags that would be carry-on items in larger planes, but small jets have small overhead compartments so they basically wrap a tag around your suitcase handle, stash it in the cargo compartment with the actual checked bags, and then hand it back to you at the end of the flight.)

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As for my reading: I got through the entirety of C. S. Lewis's The Problem of Pain, which was one of my "I am not entirely sure where I picked this book up, but I should probably read it before donating it" books, and another several sections of Religion in the Japanese Experience: Sources and Interpretations, a textbook composed of various themed excerpts from other works and brief explications thereof.

Lewis is, as always, infuriating because I disagree vehemently with a number of his assumptions, with most of his theology, and with a bunch of his implicit politics... and yet he keeps coming to conclusions about human experience and what a good life should look like that are unnervingly close to my own in some respects. So it's a constant swing between, "yes, exactly, that was beautifully put!" and "but HOW can a reasonably intelligent and well-meaning person be so WRONG?!?!" Some other day I should probably quote one of the passages I thought was most apt, and also take a stab at analyzing one point where I think he went most terribly awry.

(Also science has marched on and Lewis's chapter on animal pain and consciousness is consequently even more awful and wrong-headed than when he wrote it, though I think I would have considered it awful and wrong-headed even decades ago because he's arguing from a foundation of theological assumptions which I utterly fail to share. But that is something where I could point to actual science to prove that he is talking through his hat, whereas the other point is more of a philosophical/ethical thing, and thus less subject to hard proof... though one could probably cite various studies on criminal justice and prison reform which I believe tend more toward my side of the argument than toward his. Hmm. *makes note to look into that* But anyway, I'd want to do more research and marshal my arguments in logical order before venturing into that particular alligator swamp.)

And that is what I have been up to for the past three days. :)
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The taxi was ten minutes late, but Ithaca airport security is pretty efficient so I got to the plane on time. All my connections went smoothly, and though takeoff from the Twin Cities was a little delayed by weather, that flight actually landed at Bemidji a few minutes early. Victory!

I am on the island, in the cabin, and will probably make a longer post tomorrow after I have pulled myself back together a bit more. :)
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1. Laundry! Washed, dried, air-dried, folded, hung, and put away.

2. Changed linens.

3. Withdrew cash to pay for cab rides to and from the airport.

4. Bought gum for airplane takeoffs and landings.

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21. Finished packing, aside from a few things I am still using/will use overnight, which I'll add to my suitcase or backpack in the morning.

The plan is to go to bed at 10pm tonight (and take a Benadryl in hopes of knocking myself out) so I will not be completely brain-fried when I get up at 4am in the morning. UGH.

I must remember to light candles to Meteora, Constructa, Constricta, Wayland, and Trilitus, to request good weather, no mechanical troubles with the planes, a smooth and timely flight, no airport delays or complications, and no taxi delays. (My pantheon of travel gods is about 85% a joke with myself. But only 85%. The other 15%... well, that's between me and my superstitions. *wry*)

And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go wash some dishes and clean my teeth.
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1. Taped, sanded, and painted a fifth frame; touched up the two I painted on Thursday. Then I touched up the fifth on Saturday morning before packing them all into a laundry basket, carefully cushioned by towels, and took them down to NJ.

2. Made a packing list. Then packed.

3. Bought groceries.

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10. Went to see Rogue One with Susan at 4pm. I liked it a lot!

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On the other hand, as Susan justly remarked, there wasn't very much of that ineffable sense of joy/wonder/boundless possibility that is the hallmark of Star Wars at its best and most inspiring. For me, the movie's virtues outweighed that flaw -- I am totally down with Star Wars attempting a gritty and morally gray war movie (the tragedy is not a departure; tragedy is a central theme of the franchise, just as much as hope) -- but judging by reviews a bunch of other people feel differently. And that's okay!

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17. Responded to all the comments on my Yuletide fic and my Daredevil Secret Santa fic. \o/
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1. Washed laundry, dried laundry, put laundry away.

2. Changed linens.

3. Took recycling bins to the curb for pickup. Brought them back in Monday morning, and consolidated the stuff that didn't get taken (because it was frozen to the bins, argh) into a single bin.

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And now I think I will try tackling that missing scene in my DDSS fic, because it will be easier for Vicky to edit a complete work than a work with a gaping hole in the middle. *wry*
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1. Went to New Jersey for the weekend. This involved catching a bus to the Ridgewood park-and-ride, whereupon Dad picked me up and we drove to my parents' house. While in New Jersey, I:

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16. Set up my drying rack as a humidifier, by which I mean I soaked two towels (oddly-sized misfits, kept for this specific purpose) until they were sopping wet, and then hung them over the rack and let evaporation make my apartment slightly less bone-dry. This process is not completely effective and needs to be repeated every three to eight hours for the duration of winter, but it's effective enough, and a lot cheaper than buying and running an electric humidifier to boot.

And on that note, I will go soak the towels again and then go to bed, because I have work in the morning.
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The bus ride down was uneventful, and arrived only 5 minutes late despite leaving Ithaca ~20 minutes late and not making up any time between Ithaca and Binghamton. Dad was waiting for me, and our drive to Madison was likewise uneventful.

I did another NYS tax training mini-course this afternoon, and will shortly change into nicer clothes for Mr. M's memorial dinner, which will start at 6pm.

Probably I will not get any writing done tonight, but perhaps tomorrow -- I don't have anything scheduled besides Susan's concert in the evening. (Well, and presumably laundry, but that's not nearly as much of a production when I don't have to haul two weeks of clothes and linens to a laundromat all at once. *wry*)
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1. Completed five more NYS tax training modules, go me. \o/

2. Bought a set of non-denominational holiday cards for next year so I won't have to worry about that next fall. It is always a bit of a struggle to find something that A) includes enough cards in the set, B) doesn't look hideous, and C) isn't ruinously expensive. I can get actual Christmas-themed ones every other year, since a set of twenty leaves me with a few leftovers, but I send cards to a few people who specifically aren't Christian and don't celebrate Christmas, so non-denominational is important.

3. Took recycling bins to the curb for pickup on Sunday night.

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And now I should probably take some Benadryl and go to bed, because I have a long day tomorrow and I never sleep well the night before a trip.
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I think from now on, work is going to become one of the background events I don't bother to mention. Just take it as read that I am working three days a week unless I specifically say otherwise. :)

Anyway, the list!

1. Drove down to NJ on Saturday to pick up Dottie for another stint of dogsitting. Drove back on Sunday with the dog in tow. This time I remembered to bring Aunt Cara's present with me -- Mom had it sent to my apartment when she pre-ordered it, because the shipping date overlapped with one of their summer trips.

I have been feeding Dottie twice a day, walking her twice a day, and piddling her in the afternoon except on Tuesday when Upstairs Neighbor E took care of that for me so I didn't lose my lunch break at work.

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14. Mixed a new batch of dental hygiene water for Dottie after the old one ran out today. I also made several new meal additive containers, by combining little blobs of frozen wet food with some of the pre-cooked vegetables Mom also sent along. At the moment, I am two containers short of what I will need to use before my parents pick Dottie up next Friday. I have a whole bunch more wet food blobs (Mom packed them in a large Tupperware, in layers separated by wax paper) but I ran out of pre-cooked vegetables. So I think I will buy a bigger yellow squash than usual when I go grocery shopping tomorrow evening (I have made a list) and use a few slices as Dottie-food instead of putting the whole thing into a batch of veggie sidedish.
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Quick post to say several things!

1. I retrieved Dottie from NJ and will be taking care of her until next Wednesday, the 28th. Yay dog! She's on a different diet yet again, but at least this one is slightly simpler than some of the previous variations. However, I now have to give her her twice-daily medicine tablet as a separate thing, daubed in peanut butter, since she won't eat them if they're mixed into her breakfast and dinner (and then may not eat the meals either, because ewww, contamination).

2. On my drive back to Ithaca, there was a dead bear on the side of I-380. A BEAR. I have seen roadkill opossums, raccoons, and deer -- to say nothing of innumerable squirrels and birds -- but never a freaking black bear. It may have been a juvenile; it looked a bit scrawny for a full-grown bear.

3. While walking Dottie last night, I spotted a toad hopping between her feet (she missed it completely; her eyesight and hearing have gone fuzzy in her old age) and briefly picked it up to say hello. Then I let it go, of course, because I'm not a monster.

4. My laptop completely died last night. :( Not only is the battery nonfunctional, the power cord is no longer working so I can't even just plug it in and use it as a de facto desktop. I am looking into repair/replacement options, but this is a little tricky because of my work schedule (Tues and Weds 9am-7pm, plus the hours immediately before and after that for dog care) so I may not even be able to take it in to a repair shop until Thursday. *headdesk*

5. Because of the computer woes, I will probably not be online much for the next week. This means I will be even slower about commenting and/or responding to comments than usual, because I only get an hour of free internet at the public library (and that only on non-work days) and it's really hard to type anything long and coherent on my phone. (I am typing this at the rental office, but I'm not supposed to use our internet for personal stuff, so I will be signing out of Dreamwidth as soon as I'm done.)

6. While in NJ, I dropped by Susan's place of work (a pottery) for an hour and a half, and got to shape two pinch-pots as part of a monthly gimmick they're doing for October: a 1000 bowl sale for charity. Susan will pick and apply the glazes, obviously, since I am now back in Ithaca. I may be down in NJ again over the sale weekend (for yet another dogsitting pickup), in which case I might try to buy one of my bowls if they haven't sold yet. :)


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