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1. Put away laundry.

2. Wrote some character descriptions for "Intervention" and emailed them to my WIP Big Bang artist. That was actually a very useful exercise, because I had not thought in detail about the characters' appearances before and now I can try to work some of those visual details into the story text.

Like, about all I had before was that Kath is short and wears her hair in braids, Jahiem is a lot taller than Kath, Adam has blond hair and always wears black, Inez wears a gold cross necklace, Jayavanti is a bit taller than both Kath and Hegev, Nico is tall and often sleep-deprived, Hegev is Tellarite, Zhi-ren has long hair he sometimes puts into a ponytail, Fra Treefell is weather-beaten, and Elakwa looks like Marina Sirtis's more tired and less fashion-conscious cousin. Which is not a lot to be going on. Now I know a lot more. :)

3. Put my peppers and squash out all day on Wednesday, since the forecast predicted a mostly cloudy day rather than full sunlight.

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10. Finally got around to cooking the fajita filling for which I chopped and froze the ingredients a couple weeks ago. \o/ That's now in the fridge, cooling down, and I'll stick it in the freezer in the morning.
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1. Baked brownies for church.

2. Boiled eight eggs.

3. Facilitated youth group, which basically meant running plans past another member who was (as with last week) the only person who turned up. I then caught up with the DRE to ask if she'd received my email, and we have tentatively agreed to meet in person either this week or next week to discuss the 2017-18 year.

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14. Finished and posted a [community profile] genprompt_bingo ficlet, in response to a request on my latest mini-ficlet prompt meme. \o/

15. Emailed my WIP Big Bang artist to ask if they want character descriptions. (My story is all about OCs. Descriptions are kind of relevant.)

Incidentally! WIP Big Bang art claims are open! If you are an artist or know an artist who might be interested, please go take a look. :)
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I closed the poll tonight (thank you to everyone who voted!) and it was an even tie between "Intervention" and "Strange Likenesses," so... using my tie-breaking power as the person who is actually going to write the story in question, I am picking "Intervention." Sorry, "Strange Likenesses." Maybe next year. *wry*

And now to actually sign up. :)
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I would like to attempt [livejournal.com profile] wipbigbang again this year, but I am not sure which story to tackle. The finished work must be at least 7,500 words long, and the WIP must be at least 500 words long at the time of entry. (These words can be publicly posted or can exist only in one's own document files.)

So here are five stories that fit those requirements, and which I think I have a plausible chance of finishing by the end of June:

1. Five Things That Never Happened to Rex and Ana Lewis (And One That Still Might)
--This is a GI Joe: Rise of Cobra fic (yes, I know) that does exactly what it says on the tin. I currently have the first three sections written to the tune of 9,000 words, and a couple hundred each for parts four and five. Part six is only an outline and might end up unwritten depending on my mood after rewatching the movie to refresh my memory of the characters and plot (insofar as they exist). Would probably be 15,000-18,000 words when complete.

2. Intervention
--A Star Trek: AOS fic centered entirely on original characters with a brief cameo from the Enterprise near the end. The crew of a Red Cross ship investigate a mysterious plague on a small and deliberately isolationist human colony, where they run into a bunch of cultural issues (the colonists are a religious splinter group with negative opinions about technology) but begin to make progress... and then an Orion slaver/pirate fleet arrives in the system. Oops. I have about 14,000 words written and am stalled in the middle of the space battle section. Would probably be 18,000-20,000 words when complete.

3. Ephemera
--This is an Angel Sanctuary fic following Belial's pre-canon journey from heaven to hell. It's kind of messed up (because Belial is kind of messed up) and has a lot of vaguely meta stuff about gender, gender roles, morality as related to sex and violence, and free will. Also hopefully some gory fight scenes in the as-yet-unwritten parts. :) I have one 6,000 word chapter written and posted on ff.net, a second chapter partially written, and a third tentatively outlined. (I will probably have to revise the posted chapter at some point.) Would probably be ~20,000 words when complete.

4. Debts
--This is an Angel Sanctuary fic following Alexiel's various incarnations between her capture and Setsuna's birth. (Spoiler: they all end badly.) I have one 3,000 word chapter posted on ff.net, but stalled out on the next ones because I didn't want to face the necessary historical research. I have a fairly solid outline which calls for five additional chapters, for an eventual total of 18,000-20,000 words.

5. Strange Likenesses
--This is a Harry Potter fic in which the newly disembodied Voldemort notices his link to Harry and (after some ghostly travails) attempts to possess him. It doesn't work out as planned, but this scenario does not end well for anyone involved. I have 15,000 words currently written and posted on ff.net, but stalled out because I wasn't sure how I wanted the story to end. I'm still not entirely sure, but I think a metaphorical kick in the pants would be more useful for concentrating my mind than years of dithering have been. *wry* Any estimated final wordcount is highly suspect, but given the plot threads I need to wind up, I'd guess 25,000-35,000.

With those descriptions in mind, here is a poll:

Poll #18110 WIP Big Bang options
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Which story should Liz use the 2017 WIP Big Bang challenge to finish?

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Five Things That Never Happened to Rex and Ana Lewis (GI Joe: Rise of Cobra)
1 (14.3%)

Intervention (Star Trek: AOS)
2 (28.6%)

Ephemera (Angel Sanctuary)
0 (0.0%)

Debts (Angel Sanctuary)
0 (0.0%)

Strange Likenesses (Harry Potter)
4 (57.1%)

If you can't get the poll to work for you, please vote by leaving a comment! You do not need an account to comment. :)
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[livejournal.com profile] wipbigbang will open for signups on Friday the 24th. Here is this year's schedule and FAQ post.

I want to participate again, since last year the pressure of a deadline and an artist kicked me into finishing "The Courting Dance" despite various and sundry obstacles, and this year I am feeling much less flattened by life -- well, let me rephrase that. Much less flattened by depression. I am currently feeling a bit flattened by my work schedule, and will continue to feel that way until sometime after April 22nd. (I would say until after tax day, but I agreed to cover some extra shifts at the rental office that week, so. Still going to be an ~50 hour week. *sigh*)

I have my FandomTrumpsHate fic to work on, but I think once I reconnect with the mythical thing known as 'free time' that should go fairly quickly. (I want to start working on it NOW, but I know if I do that I will never finish the edits to "Second Chances" and dammit, I want to get those done.) I also want to use this year to finish off a bunch of projects that have been hanging over me for a while, so. Definitely going to sign up for something.

I just need to decide which fic to tackle.

At the moment, I'm leaning toward "Five Things That Never Happened to Rex and Ana Lewis" (GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, shut up, I know), "Intervention" (Star Trek: AOS, featuring a cast of entirely original characters), "Ephemera" (Angel Sanctuary, following Belial's pre-canon journey from heaven to hell), or maybe "Strange Likenesses" (Harry Potter, wherein Voldemort tries to possess Harry pre-Hogwarts and it does not end well for anybody). You may note that this list does not include some things I put in my 'tell Liz what to write' poll from last year, and does include two fics I left off that poll. The projects that sound most interesting to me do tend to change over time. *wry*

I think I'll take another look at my various languishing WIPs and see if there's anything else that sounds both interesting and doable within the Big Bang's timeframe, and throw up a poll within the next few days.
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The Courting Dance: (AO3 version) Marriage is a bit more complicated than quarreling and making it up again, especially for the crown prince of Archenland and an exiled Calormene Tarkheena. Aravis/Cor. [21,100 words]

This was my 2016 WIP Big Bang entry! I started writing it back in 2010, only to stall out after ch. 8 in 2012. There were several reasons for my woes. First, I wrote ch. 1 as a oneshot and ch. 2 as an only semi-connected sequel, so the fic was structured awkwardly from the beginning and I had to construct an outline after the fact instead of going in with a plot or character arc (however vague). Second, genre romance is really not my strong point. Third, I have a tendency to get carried away by worldbuilding if given half a chance, and stirred potentially ridiculous quantities of fictional history and culture clashes into the mix. It should be obvious that these factors were a bad combination.

The story ended up being two chapters shorter than planned, because Lune and Corin's second POV chapters wound up shifting the focus away from Aravis and Cor in a way I didn't like. (They were also impossible to write, in the sense of being dead on the page.) I had to make heavy revisions to ch. 1-8 in order to get ch. 9-13 to make sense, so even if you've read the story up to this point, I'd advise starting over from the beginning.

Also, there is some wonderful art by [archiveofourown.org profile] Hecateae which you should go check out before or after you read the fic. :D
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The problem with deciding at nearly the last minute that the reason two chapters you've been consistently unhappy with aren't working is that they shouldn't exist at all, is that you have to pick apart and reconstruct all the other chapters now that you've removed some of their supports.

I feel like I am playing Jenga with phrases and plot elements. One wrong move will bring everything crashing down.


It really does work better without those chapters, though. The arc is much tighter and the focus is more securely on the main characters.

(I'll have the story up some time this evening.)
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If I ever try to combine genre romance with a story about politics and prejudice again, please shoot me.




Oh shit, I just remembered that's basically the plot of "A Change of Season." *headdesk* No WONDER I've been reluctant to start serious work on that fic!

...Well, okay, "The Courting Dance" has bigger structural issues that have nothing to do with its particular combination of subplots -- namely, the rotating POV thing, and the fact that I started it as a one-shot with a followup and therefore didn't lay proper groundwork for ANY plot at the start -- but still. I hate romance, I hate romance, I hate romance and I should not be allowed to try writing it. At all.

*resolve face*
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Writing stuff:

1. I grabbed a Ladystuck Remix pinch hit. This was possibly a bad idea, but I very much want to play with some of the writer in question's stories, so. We shall see how it goes. :)

2. I just received my Narnia Fic Exchange assignment, whereupon I cracked up and startled the dog, because my recipient reflected several of my own prompts right back at me with slightly different emphases. Obviously these are stories I am interested in! The question now is whether they are stories I can write as well as stories I want to read...

3. I am continuing to edit pieces of "The Transient and the Eternal" and post them to AO3. Most of the edits so far have been very minor -- punctuation tweaks, a rephrased clause here and there -- but the tenth fic got some actual substantive changes. I wanted to mitigate some glaring sexism that snuck in while I wasn't examining my default cultural assumptions, and I wanted to play up Sara and Kira's friendship a bit more by clarifying that she cares about him, she knows he's dangerous, and she doesn't find him personally intimidating in the slightest. Also the beta draft final paragraphs were missing some connective logic, so I needed to let them breathe a touch more.

4. I hate my WIP Big Bang. Hate it, hate it, hate it. ...On the brighter side, my artist sent me a progress shot of the illustration and it looks really cool. So there's that!
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Okay. Current writing project summary:

1. WIP Big Bang. My posting date is August 15. I should probably have all my chapters done at least a week before that, for editing purposes. I am currently stuck (yet again) halfway through ch. 11 because I suddenly realized I need to explain a bunch of political process stuff, which should have been introduced a lot sooner for proper flow and foreshadowing purposes. I have the terrible feeling I need to go back and make edits to previously posted chapters so the necessary setup for my ending is in place. (This is doubly annoying since I already did make edits on ch. 1 a couple years back. *sigh*)

2. Ladystuck Remix. Due July 25. I looked through my remixee's archive, picked a few likely stories, and then stalled out. This is my most immediately pressing project and I should try to get an outline and a decent stab at a rough draft done by Sunday night.

3. Narnia Fic Exchange. I made my requests and offer today, though I may tweak them somewhat before the signup period closes. Assignments go out around July 29 and stories are due August 31. I don't need to worry about this for a month.

4. Remix Redux. There is no schedule yet and signups probably won't open until next week at the earliest. Again, I don't need to worry for a while.

5. Daredevil Bingo. [personal profile] significantowl wants to set one up. I want to participate! No hard details exist yet.

6. I am not allowed to sign up as a Palestuck pinch hitter. I do not have the time. (Other people should, though!)

7. "Guardian" ch. 17. Yeah, I'll... uh... get back to you on that sometime? *headdesk*


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