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Wow, I kind of forgot to make one of these posts for a while, didn't I? I knocked my sleep schedule out of whack midway through and got stuck in a rut where I am a little too brain-fried to be productive and instead spend hours surfing the internet and not getting to bed early enough to fix the sleep debt problem. But I think I may finally have started wrenching myself back into a more useful schedule as of last night. *crosses fingers*

Anyway, stuff!

1. Took my weekly vegetable photos and posted them. Also applied some MiracleGro.

2. Made my weekly Facebook update post.

3. Finished reading Marie Brennan's Within the Sanctuary of Wings (which I enjoyed a lot -- I really do think the Memoirs of Lady Trent series gets better as it goes on, and I'm sad to see it finished) and returned it to the library.

4. Checked out Lois Bujold's Penric and the Shaman while I was at the library, because why not. :)

5. Collected trash and took the bag to the outdoor bin.

6. Gathered some basic information I will need for ordering transcripts after I apply to TC3. Also looked over TC3's online application form, which I couldn't complete because it wants exact end dates for my association with my high school and previous colleges and I'm kind of like... uh, I graduated high school in June 2000? How the hell am I supposed to remember the exact day? And I think I am still currently enrolled in ESU's online learning program, so should I just list the last class I took...? Needs more research.

7. Checked out Megan Whalen Turner's Thick as Thieves from the library and read it all in one night. (This was not the greatest life choice from a regular sleep schedule perspective. I regret nothing. *grin*)

8. Made a packing list for my upcoming vacation!

9. Bought groceries.

10. Read Penric and the Shaman and returned it to the library. It could have used more women, but that aside, this is a lovely, low-key little story.

11. Staked 16 of my 18 peppers. (One has just been growing slower than the rest and was still too short to need a stake, and the other, of course, is the one that got all its true leaves munched and therefore was also far too short for a stake.)

12. Cooked my third Blue Apron meal. Details in this post.

13. Boiled a dozen eggs, since they keep better than raw ones and I will soon be gone for eight days of delightful vacation.

14. Wrote and posted a small Homestuck Jade/Rose fic -- Sweets to the Sweet -- in response to a list of 'wholesome domestic AU' prompts I found on Tumblr.

15. Finally pinned down a meeting time with the DRE to talk about Youth Group activities this summer and in the 2017-18 year. Unfortunately, because we kept getting distracted and I will be gone for a while, the meeting isn't until July 2, but hey, at least we now have a time and date.

16. Took my trash bin to the curb for pickup.

17. Took recycling bins to the curb for pickup.

And that is that.
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