Feb. 5th, 2017

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I keep my master fic directory post at the top of my journal not by making it sticky but by dating it twenty years into the future. This is partly because I started doing that before sticky posts were a thing, but I keep up the habit because it has a very useful side effect:

It catches spam comments.

See, LJ spammers tend to attack the most recent post on a journal, regardless of its content. And since the 'most recent' post on my journal is always my fic directory, it catches all that spam in a single place where I can deal with it conveniently, instead of having it spread over dozens of posts.

I mention this because I got a notification of a spam comment a couple days ago, and when I went to delete it, I realized that LJ had (for unknown reasons) NOT been notifying me about spam comments for several months... and I had accumulated 118 other spam comments since October. *headdesk* I mean, they were all screened and therefore invisible to anyone but me, but still. When you don't delete a spam comment, the spambot that left it thinks you're a viable target and just keeps pinging you every few days, which is how I built up such a pile of bullshit on that post.

About 110 of them were for porn sites, and predictably gross ones at that. The remaining few included one makeup ad, one online medication ad, one 'make a living filling out online surveys; this is totally not a scam, we swear!' ad, and about five things in Cyrillic which I couldn't read but were, statistically speaking, probably also porn. *sigh*

I cleared them all out, and will be keeping a closer eye on that post going forward since LJ is demonstrably falling down on sending me spam comment notices.


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