Feb. 20th, 2017

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a small green pepper plant in a terracotta pot, with two unopened buds

I am not entirely sure whether the Lazarus pepper will actually bloom, nor whether anything will come of any hypothetical flowers, but it sure does look like it's gearing up to try. I gave it a bit of MiracleGro over the weekend, which it seemed to like, and I have been misting and fanning it regularly, as well as turning the pot a little bit every morning.

So that's the remnant of my 2016 pepper project. Moving on to my 2017 pepper project... I bought the seeds earlier this month -- the Emerald Giant variety of bell peppers -- and on Sunday afternoon I finally planted them. Yay! They will not do anything visually interesting for a couple weeks, give or take, but they are presumably busy under their shallow coatings of peat. :)

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1. Changed the scented wax in my wax melter.

2. Checked my weight.

3. Bought some groceries. Sadly, I failed AGAIN to buy applesauce, because there was none of the right kind in stock. (The other kinds were also sold out or pretty sparse, oddly enough. Is there some kind of applesauce shortage I don't know about???) Well, I have two individual serving cups left, after which I guess I will eat craisins as my breakfast fruit, and hope that the store is restocked on Thursday.

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12. Worked a little more on the Cotton Candy Bingo ficlet. I am just... it's not making me happy, you know? It's meant to be a cute and fluffy ficlet, but it keeps veering toward people being tired and uncharitable toward each other -- which I think is because I myself am tired and stressed and fed up with the world in general -- and that's not what I want to be writing. I think I need to rip up the second half (from the introduction of the unexpected ambassadors) and go into those scenes with the assumption that the characters are going to give each other the benefit of the doubt and be polite rather than snappish. Appropriate behavior is a big thing in the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, after all.


And now to bed.


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