Mar. 4th, 2017

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Evil palate cleanser fic idea I will probably not write because it would run way too long:

TLB AU. Remove some of the 'end of the world' bullshit and just have the Calormene invasion plot using Shift's cult as a cover. Jill and Eustace fail to save Narnia from the invasion, get chucked through the stable door... and instead of random afterlife hijinks, they are right back on the train as it crashes into the station.

For extra bonus angst, not everyone dies. Some do (I'd probably roll dice to decide, because I trust random chance more than my ideas of narrative 'appropriateness' in this case), others are permanently disabled to various degrees, and even the ones who recover fully have a long hard road to get there. And they have to live, knowing they failed and Narnia is now an outpost of Calormen, and they have no idea if any of them (or anyone unrelated to them) will ever get a chance to go back and fix it.

Have they lost the rings in the accident? If so, woe! If not, oh my god the knock-down ethical fights I could play out, mwahahahaha. Also Susan gets to say "I fucking told you so" to people because they are (at least some of them) alive to listen.


Quick, someone remind me that I don't like writing England-based Narnia fics because the historical research is prohibitive and also I need more long WIPs like I need a gaping bullet wound in my gut.
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1. Finished outlining Susan's super-belated gift story. My next creative task is to finish editing "Second Chances" (my Daredevil Secret Santa fic from Dec. 2016), after which I will move on to my FandomTrumpsHate fic.

2. Bought some groceries.

3. Watered my houseplants. Also applied a drop or two of anti-fungal solution to each of my peat cylinders, since they were starting to grow mold and that is obviously no good for the pepper seeds I am actually trying to grow. *crosses fingers for the seeds*

4. Cut my fingernails and toenails.

5. Took an afternoon shower and finished packing in preparation for the lock-in.

6. Helped staff the Ithaca/Oneonta lock-in!

details under the cut )

Anyway, enough about that.

7. Shoveled my sidewalk when I got home, despite being dead tired, because I am apparently the only tenant who cares about that. Nrgh.

8. Unpacked, took a shower, and then TOOK A NAP.

9. Posted about my week on Facebook. I think I've mentioned that I'm trying out weekly updates over there as a way to stay connected to people I know non-fannishly. It seems to be working as intended.

10. Called Vicky to sing Happy Birthday to her answering machine. :)

11. Boiled a dozen eggs.

12. Received my federal tax refund, yay! I promptly transferred most of it from checking to savings, where it will sit while I figure out how much of it I want to apply to a church pledge and how much I want to dump into my IRA as a 2016 contribution. (I would really like to be able to eventually retire rather than having to work until I'm ninety to keep up with expenses, so I contribute what I can when I can, even if it's not nearly as much or as often as I'd like.)

And now, I think, I will go back to bed. :)


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