Apr. 3rd, 2017

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I think what annoys me about trying to be creative right now is that nothing is grabbing me, and also none of my current projects are short enough to be wrapped up in a single sitting. So I add some words here, and some words there, and everything just kind of inches along inconclusively and I don't get the positive reinforcement of finishing stuff.


I suppose progress by inches is still progress, so. I am slowly piecing together the missing scene for "Second Chances" -- I might be about halfway through that now? -- after which I will get back to fixing the existing scenes. I am starting to toss around some ideas for my Fandom Trumps Hate auction fic, because I need a plot to hang the scenario on and that's fairly low-pressure. I have added some words to 'free' and 'soft,' which are two of my remaining Cotton Candy Bingo squares. ('Cute' I still have no clue what to do with.) I have reread some of my background planning for "Intervention" as preparation for unsticking myself on the space battle.

I am pretty sure this drought is a combination of general overwork and a blue funk, and it will pass, but man, I hate the way depression walls me off from doing things I love. :(
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three buds on a small green pepper plant

So... the Lazarus pepper has developed three new buds??? I am greatly perplexed, and as before, I rather doubt any actual fruit will be forthcoming, but what the heck, I support this ridiculous plant and its refusal to say die. (Next week I might be able to start putting it outside during the day, which it might enjoy.)

eighteen small peat cylinders in a black plastic container, each with a pepper sprout

Several of the pepper seedlings are starting to grow true leaves.

eleven squash seedlings in small plastic cups

A bunch of the squash are also growing their first true leaves. I think a couple of the plants are unhappy, which doesn't surprise me, but eh. I also bought four plastic storage tubs on Sunday and will hopefully get around to repotting four of the more promising seedlings later this week.

And in indoor and inedible botanical news, I repotted Damocles (one of my big spider plants) tonight and hung its pot back up in my living room window. No pictures yet, though I may take one of Damocles and Babylon (the other big hanging spider plant) sometime later this month.

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1. Failed to get a haircut on Saturday morning, because my barber was out of town on vacation. *sigh* I will try again this week.

2. Walked to Agway on Sunday morning in search of trellises for my squash, but did not find any of the type I wanted. Ah well. Perhaps I can train them up the posts of my porch railing?

3. Returned a library book I'd been meaning to return for over a month now.

4. Caught a mouse under a bathroom plunger.

...Uh, okay, context. context )

And that is how I know my work-related dead mouse karma is still going strong. *sigh*

5. Bought four plastic storage tubs for planting squash.

6. Changed linens.

7. Acquired a new back screen door and door frame, yay! (Thank you, Landlord Dude. Thanks are also due to Landlady, who came by and did a whole bunch of yardwork.)

8. Took kitchen compost to the communal bin in the back yard.

9. Photographed my vegetables.

10. Repotted Damocles, one of my big hanging spider plants.

11. Made my weekly Facebook update post.

12. Got some writing done over the weekend and Monday, even if it wasn't always the writing I intended to do, nor was it as many words as I'd hoped for.


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