Apr. 14th, 2017

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A random nice thing the Red Cross sometimes does is tell you what happened to your blood donation.

For example, I recently received the following email:

Dear LIZ,

Thank you for giving blood with the American Red Cross on 3/16/2017. After first ensuring that local needs were met, your blood donation was sent to University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY to help a patient in need. Your donation is on its way to change lives!

Every day, patients receive blood for a variety of conditions including life-threatening illnesses, blood disorders and traumas. Your blood donations are critical to helping save patients' lives.

On behalf of the hospitals and patients we serve, thank you for being a Red Cross blood donor.

I think this is both a nice gesture of acknowledgement and a really effective way to make people want to donate again, because it puts a tangible result -- your blood went to this place to help an actual human being who needed a transfusion -- onto what is otherwise a very open-ended, giving-to-the-void sort of activity. So kudos to the Red Cross communications team members who came up with this idea. I will even forgive you for trying to make me sign up for a half-dozen blood drives while I am still in the ineligible eight weeks after my previous donation. *wry*
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So I was working on an alternate fill to my remaining mini-ficlet prompt meme request this morning at work, accidentally clicked the wrong link when I wanted to check a thing (the computer I was using at Not the IRS has an annoyingly unresponsive mouse, and often either fails to register a click or registers a right click as a left click or vice versa), and lost everything I'd written.


However, I think that, upon reflection, I have found a way to fit the new concept into my existing fill attempt in a way that will make everything come out all right.

But I will work on that tomorrow morning rather than tonight, because today I have worked a 12.5 hour shift and have also just finished drinking a Black Russian and I am therefore both punch-drunk and tipsy and should probably not attempt delicate word surgery. *wry*

(You do not want to know how many times I had to backspace and retype things in the preceding paragraph. Or this paragraph, to be honest.)

But tomorrow I get to sleep in until the wonderfully decadent hour of 8am! So I should hopefully be compos mentis enough to finally get the dratted ficlet finished.

*resolve face*

*resolve face x20, actually*

And now, bed. :)


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