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First day of RE tomorrow. Eep. I met two of my co-teachers in passing at the orientation session, but had to leave before I could meet them properly. Another was one of my co-teachers last year, which will be helpful. And the fourth I do not know at all -- he hasn't even been replying to our group email conversation (possibly because his wife is one of the first two co-teachers, but still).

In other news, nearly two years after promising her a story, I am still trying to write a romance for Cat. I decided a couple days ago that since it has utterly failed to catch fire as a realistic narrative, perhaps I should go back to my original inspiration and write the damned thing as a fairy-tale. So I am attempting to strip it down and write the bare bones.

It starts like this:

The Fox and the Star: a fragment )


I am not quite sure where the story thinks it's going -- this is not exactly in line with my muddled background notes, and I have no idea how and when Ran is going to meet Drinan'qar (the heroine, Seb Seqoura's foreshadowed daughter) -- but at least this version seems to be alive... for now. *sigh*

(You would never know from the style and the subject matter of this opening section, but "The Fox and the Star" is set in the same world as "Finding Marea." Seriously. If you read that story, you may recall the vague mentions of the Jenjani and the Symbolists? Well, you are now reading about them directly.)


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