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Work continues to have slow periods. I therefore continue to play with crayons. :)

The colors on these two scans are more accurate than on the previous set of coloring pages, because I found my laptop's photo-editing program and made them more vibrant and less blue.

spring of rainbow-shaded flowers, colored in crayon

brown and blue vase holding a red rose, a purple tulip, and a yellow daffodil, colored in crayon

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One thing that happens sometimes at Not the IRS is that clients arrive for appointments with their children in tow. Company regulations forbid us to have much by way of kid entertainment in the office, but we DO have a box of crayons and a whole bunch of random line art that I've printed off the internet.

Another thing that happens sometimes is that I get very bored on slow evenings. This is the result. :)

arrangement of assorted flowers, colored in crayon

three pinkish-purple blossoms on a pair of leafy twigs, colored in crayon

(My scanner made both pictures look slightly more blue than they are in real life, but eh. Details.)

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I finished off my stained glass coloring book listening to three podcasts of varying length, and have started in on my weird geometric pattern paper coloring book. That one is vicious and evil on my wrist, because the shapes are so small and fiddly and colored pencils have much smaller tips than big Crayola markers so they fill space at a much slower rate. I think I may toss that book out after I finish the one pattern I started and print out some mandalas or something instead.

But anyway, pictures!

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The first pattern has no particular significance, but the second and third are, respectively, the associated color sets for Nesta of the Waves and the Serpent: two of the Estarian Trinity from my Firsthome stories. (The Star is not represented because his/its colors are white, black, and occasionally gray, which struck me as defeating the basic purpose of stained glass.) Nesta gets blue-purple-gray because she's a sea/water goddess, and red because her other main symbolic association is blood. The Serpent gets green-brown for the earth, and yellow-orange for fire. (Dreams and lies do not have colors and are therefore not represented.)

The fourth pattern is a weird color scheme that I am somewhat ambivalent about, but hey, if experiments all worked out flawlessly they wouldn't be experiments. And the last one is just a classic four-color combo that I knew was going to be excellent, because I wanted to finish this series on a high note. :D

(You can find the previous seven stained glass coloring pages in this post with five patterns and this post with two patterns, or you can look at all fourteen pages at once here on imgur.)
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Another podcast, another pair of coloring book pages. :D

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And I finally managed one that doesn't include green! Not that I have anything against green -- green is a lovely color, and obviously goes well with pretty much anything -- but I was using it at least twice as often as any other color and that was starting to get silly.

Now I am going to kill another fifteen minutes before heading off to my blood donation appointment. It was actually scheduled for 12:30pm, but the Red Cross had some logistical issues setting up (and getting a supervisor on-site), so I was told to try coming in a bit later and see what happens. So I suppose I will see.

ETA: They were still in the final stage of setting up when I arrived, but they processed people through pretty quickly so I was done by 2pm and left the snack table by 2:10. Now I am eating another small snack (plus drink) at home, and will shortly brave the ominous thunder and dark western sky on my walk to work, blargh.

Ah well, rain and wind won't kill me.
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I ran out of sewing projects (or more accurately, I ran out of patience for sewing projects), so I have started using coloring books as the focus aid that lets me actually listen to podcasts instead of losing concentration about two minutes in.

I'm currently working through a set of geometric stained glass patterns, from a book by an A. G. Smith. I've finished seven and have seven still to go, which is at least three hours of listening time. Then I have a proper paper coloring book -- also geometric patterns -- which I think will be a colored pencil task rather than a marker task.

Anyway, I am going to share the colored pictures with the internet so I don't feel quite so much like I've been wasting my time with them. *wry*

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As you can see, I got a little better about even color application over time. (Also, I uploaded these to imgur rather than to tumblr, which means that the links should remain stable instead of breaking the next time tumblr staff decide to 'upgrade' their site.)


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