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Today is Ladypalooza reveal day! I wrote two fics this year: my assignment and a pinch hit. I will talk about each in a separate post.


Let the Water Take Me: You've known since you were a wiggler that one night Meenah Peixes will set you free. You've known for almost as long that your death will only draw her further into the trap of your Master's schemes. And it only took one sweep in your Master's active service before it occurred to you that she is the only other troll in the universe who will live as long as you, with all the loneliness and loss that implies. It would take a far stronger person than you will ever be to not love and pity her a little, if only in the abstract. (You will destroy her anyway.) Handmaid/Condesce, depression, suicidal ideation, attempted suicide. [2,450 words]


This is a pinch hit, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] Burgundyrose!

The prompt was for a version of Handmaid/Condesce that leaned toward red- or palerom rather than blackrom, which I leapt at because I'd been wanting to write something along those lines for a while but didn't have any framework for such a story. Burgundyrose's suggestion of a scene where the young Handmaid tries to drown herself, only to be interrupted by the Condesce, immediately gave me ideas. :D

I've always liked this ship, and while my first impulse in 2012 was to categorize it as a kismessisitude gone wrong (one of them kills the other), I later rethought my stance and decided the Handmaid would be much more likely to hate the Dolorosa, the Signless, the Disciple, or the Summoner. See, what would piss her off most is hope, since she knows in her bones how futile it is to expect any change to the system she's helped build at Lord English and Doc Scratch's orders. And by the time the Condesce is an adult, I think she shares that fatalistic, nothing-changes worldview. She comes at it from a different direction -- her core assumption is that she's always going to win and always be in charge -- but that can easily get wearing and pointless in its own way. She and the Handmaid also share an assessment of other trolls as toys/game-pieces.

And when you come down to it, after all, the Handmaid wants to die. She makes a genuine suicide threat to Doc Scratch as a child, and I can't think eternity in Lord English's service was any kind of pleasure. The Condesce, in effect, frees her by killing her.

"Let the Water Take Me" is a small exercise in radically divergent character perspective. For Meenah, it's almost a meet-cute (aside from, you know, the 'I rescued you from attempted suicide' thing), whereas for Damara, it's several small tragedies bound together because she knows exactly how their story is going to end, hates what that's going to do to Meenah, hates herself for looking forward to it, and would probably go through with that final assisted suicide attempt even if she did think she could change the outcome, because she wants her freedom more than she wants to save Meenah from Lord English's service. (And she hates herself for that, too.)

I used the characters' Beforan names for simplicity's sake, because Meenah at this point in her life is too young for an adult title (and might have used a different one at first anyway).
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Today is Ladypalooza reveal day! I wrote two fics this year: my assignment and a pinch hit. I will talk about each in a separate post.


Wear Your Finest Hour: Rose and Jade go dress-shopping for prom. Jade/Rose. [1,350 words]


This is my assignment, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] casetrippy!

Casetrippy made a number of interesting prompts, most of which I felt unqualified to write for varying reasons. So I went for the cute and slightly ridiculous prom fic instead. :D I was originally going to include a scene from the actual prom, but the (tiny!) character arc wrapped up so neatly at the end of the dress shopping scene that I couldn't figure out how to extend the story without tacking on some kind of action/adventure or mystery plot, which didn't seem like it would quite fit the spirit of the prompt, so I quit while I was ahead.

I had a small struggle wrapping my head around a version of Jade who displays a strong Indian/Southeast Asian cultural identity in her everyday life, since her canon cultural background (insofar as she displays any) comes from Colonel Sassacre and the Condesce via Jake Harley and is kind of generic rich American plus weird sci-fi and survivalist influences (regardless of what racial identity you go with), but I eventually came up with a backstory wherein Grandpa Harley, on his quest to see the world, wound up working as a railroad telegraph operator in British India and falling in love with a local woman who became Jade's grandmother. This is loosely referenced in the paragraph where Jade explains how she found her own prom dress in her grandfather's attic.

The dresses described in the fic are based on one of casetrippy's lovely pictures, which you can see either via that link or embedded at the end of the story. The title is from Steeleye Span's "We Shall Wear Midnight," a song from their Wintersmith album based on Terry Pratchett's work. The song has no thematic relation to the fic; I just liked that particular line in conjunction with Jade's description of the two dresses.
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Ladypalooza authors were revealed today, which reminded me that I never posted about the opening of the archive or my gift. *headdesk*

So let me do that now.

Life & Space (1249 words) by [archiveofourown.org profile] GracefulArchitect
Fandom: Homestuck
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Jade Harley, Jane Crocker

Summary: Jane visits Jade on her island.

This is a lovely fic about Jane and Jade spending time together post-game, nominally because Jane wants some technical advice on pieces of Crockercorp technology she's trying to safely decommission, but also because she wants to know her ecto-relative a little better. The background details are perfect, and the slight awkwardness of two people who share a bunch of friends (and an interlude of mind control) but haven't interacted much on their own comes across clearly, as well as the first steps toward a more proper friendship.

Go read it!
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Today was my first day of proper work at Not the IRS this year. Of course, since it is too early for people to have their W-2 forms yet (they aren't required to be sent until the end of January), there was hardly any work to do. But the office is officially open and therefore people have to staff it.

I ran through two case studies on practice mode, sat in to observe an audit services discussion, and scheduled an appointment for a guy who walked in and wanted to talk with someone about his tax situation since it's going to be kind of messy. The next two weeks will basically be more audits and consults, neither of which I am allowed to do. Well, I could maybe technically do consults, but in practice anyone who needs that service has a much more complicated life than I am qualified to deal with yet and wouldn't want me as their adviser. And so I am not scheduled for many days or hours right now.

Things will pick up in late January, though, and hopefully by then my state paid preparer ID number will have been approved. (I have the federal PTIN, but New York requires their own separate PTIN because bureaucracy is annoying that way, blargh.)


In other news, I finished and posted my Ladypalooza fic on time. Then I made the mistake of looking at the pinch hit mailing list, which always seems to end with me saying, "I do technically have the time; that prompt looks right up my alley; and if not me, then who?" and completely bollixing my schedule for the next few days. *headdesk*

But you know, the prompt I grabbed really is right up my alley, and I don't have anything I need to do on Wednesday or Thursday...

We shall see how it goes!
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Note: I am repurposing my stock Yuletide letter here, which is why some of the sections may seem slightly off-topic for a single fandom exchange.

Hi, and thank you in advance for creating a story or artwork for me! I'm pretty easy to please -- unless you write a context-free sex scene, I'll be thrilled just to get something in response to one of my prompts. Optional details are optional, after all! *grin* But I realize that's not terribly helpful, so here's the (very!) long version. (I am sorry for the tl;dr, but I like to talk about things I love and I figure more details are better than fewer.)


General Information )

Okay. On to specific prompts.


Jade English's adventures in the Medium )


Terezi-Aradia-Vriska ashen porn )


Jade and Jane )


So... yeah. This is what I want and I will love you forever for filling one of these prompts. ♥


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