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About five days ago, some asshole used my legal name email address to sign up for a Spanish-language internet dating site. Since then, I have been getting at least 100 emails a day from that site, to the general effect of 'Legal-First-Name-Random-String-of-Numbers has received a new message' or 'Random-Name-Who-Is-Probably-a-Bot has done something in relation to your post/profile/message/what-the-hell-ever'. (I would be more specific except I do not speak Spanish and don't entirely trust Google's auto-translate function.)

I mean, Gmail knows they are spam and duly files them as such, but still!

I can't even unsubscribe from the damn thing, since that would require knowing what password the asshole created when they used my email to sign up. *headdesk*

The site, for those who may be curious, is Plentyoffish Media Inc. #142-757 West Hastings St., PMB 670, Vancouver, BC V6C1A1. Their web address is pof.com.mx. (Are they Canadian or Mexican? Who knows!)

I feel like I should write them an annoyed letter or something.
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This morning, I woke up to a series of ff.net comments on Tides (a Naruto canon-divergence AU fic I wrote back in 2005), which I cannot read as anything other than performance art.

I suspect this is even how the commenter intended them, although what they thought they were performing was threatening and dismissive anger with the aim of producing hurt, fear, and a sense of inferiority, rather than the utter hilarity I actually experienced, because baby's first flame attempts are impossible to take seriously. *wry*

Content warning for misogyny, ableism, homophobia, and death threats/suicide baiting, I guess.


nine anonymous comments on 'Tides' )



I find these hilarious both for their general misreading of the manga (apparently the intended message is that Naruto is god and can do no wrong, while both Sakura and Sasuke -- you know, the people Naruto loves and would die to save -- are horrible and need to die in agony (thus making Naruto's choice of friends... wrong? impossible! pay no attention to the contradiction behind the curtain!)), and for the amount of effort expended in performative outrage when every browser comes equipped with a perfectly functional back-button. The attitudes embodied in the commenter's choice of insults are more sad than anything else, but also contribute to my inability to take anything this person says seriously.

This gift of hilarity has also reminded me that I should probably go stick a note in front of all my Naruto fics saying that they're based on manga canon only (for the very simple reason that I have never watched the anime). I mean, people like today's commenter never read author's notes anyway -- they are looking for things at which they can perform frothing outrage, not nuance -- but it would give me an additional thing to laugh about later on when they act like anime-only events should be a trump card when discussing a manga-based story. *wry* And for people who aren't performative outrage artists, such a note would be a quick and easy way to set proper expectations going in.

...I'll get to that some other day, when I am feeling up to a couple hours of internet housekeeping.
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tomato plant growing in a hedge
tomato plant in hedge, Thursday, 22 September 2016

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[Context: I live in a house that is subdivided into four apartments: two on the ground floor and two on the second floor. The upstairs apartments share a balcony over the front porch.]

One of the many oddities this year has given me is the sight of a freaking tomato plant growing in the hedge that separates my house from the sidewalk. Or actually, two tomato plants. One is just a lot younger than the other, and probably won't bloom or fruit before the first frost hits.

Downstairs Neighbor S and Upstairs Neighbor E think that Diagonal Neighbor P (who has since moved out, and we're all kind of relieved about that) must have chucked a half-eaten tomato off her balcony at some point this spring, after which at least one of the seeds sprouted despite the drought and used the hedge as its climbing frame. Exuberantly.

Landlord Dude seems to be harvesting the tomatoes as they ripen, and found a stake from somewhere to prop up the younger tomato plant.

I am mostly bemused by the whole business... though I admit, I wouldn't be sorry if at least one of the tomatoes fell to the ground and started the cycle over again next year.

(Diagonal Neighbor P's other accidental planting -- a spiderwort that has taken over the entire north half of the front yard and is now encroaching upon the south half as well -- can go die in a fire, though. We all devoutly hope it won't survive the winter.)

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two very pink 'walking doll' greeting cards

Tonight I did a preliminary triage of the two enormous file folders of my life documents from 1985. I threw out a few things right away (cards, some of the more repetitive drawings), marked a few things to definitely save, and separated all the weekly daycare reports to return to my mom, but most of the art is still waiting for me to do a more thorough sorting.

However, there's one thing that snagged my attention and which I cannot figure out: namely, the two cards pictured above. The gimmick is that they each have four legs arranged like spokes on a wheel -- as illustrated by the apparently three-legged doll on the left -- and you can spin them to make the card 'walk'. But what is the point of them? You can't actually expect a three-year-old kid to have the manual dexterity to spin the legs without simultaneously squashing or tearing the card, and they're not very useful for any other kind of play, so...???

In summary, I am baffled.

(Also, these cards are a prime example of why, as soon as I was old enough to express an opinion and be taken seriously, I insisted for years that I LOATHED pink. I didn't actually hate pink, but if I hadn't taken that exaggerated stand, every present I ever received (okay, every present I ever received from anyone except my parents, who were very good about not pushing that bullshit) would have been pink. Because fucking gender roles.)

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two dreams

May. 26th, 2016 03:22 pm
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I had a couple weird dreams last night, which I made a point of remembering after I woke up because I wanted to share them.


1. The first dream was sort of a sci-fi action thriller thing, in which a group of people had the ability to 'abstract' themselves one layer away from normal reality, and then perform the same trick a second time (second-level abstraction), but while it was technically possible to keep going indefinitely, in practice if you went to a third-level abstraction, about half the time what came back (if anything came back at all) was not quite you.

Abstracted people, as viewed from normal reality, were invisible except when they were in motion, at which point they appeared sort of like a silvery column of heat distortion. The people who could abstract (which I think relied on gadgets) were on some kind of heist mission related to maybe overthrowing a dystopia of some sort, and were being chased by agents who could either not abstract at all or could only perform first-level abstractions, BUT they had guns whose bullets could, upon touching the after-image an abstracted person left in the lower reality level, explode in such a way as to send shockwaves through higher levels of abstraction and hopefully knock abstracted people back into normal reality where they'd either be arrested or shot for real.

Being abstracted was visually weird to experience, because it literally was abstraction -- the world went from three-dimensional reality to first being kind of flat color and drawn with heavy linework, and on a second-level abstraction, you started to get light shining through stained-glass color blocks and vaguely cubist distortion effects. Third-level abstractions got really trippy, and that's where the mental effects started to kick in because abstraction didn't erase the world around you, just your perception of it and its ability to interact with you, and in third-level abstractions you could, like, walk through walls if you wanted, or ignore gravity, and sort of see time-currents or something? And your mental processes went all weird, and I guess a bunch of people just didn't want to go back, and some who did couldn't readjust because brain chemistry is delicate, you know?

I might try to work that idea into a proper story someday.


2. The second dream involved me trying to make a baby shower gift for some friends (who are not remotely romantically involved in real life, let alone expecting a child) and I settled on a knit wool hat of many colors which I was going to make via an automatic knitting machine. It was in my public library, over near the paperback fiction shelves, and what you did was enter a pattern into a computer and the machine would produce your design in whatever colors and fibers you wanted. It manufactured your chosen kind of yarn out of a pile of raw synthetic fibers, so I guess it was a bit like specialized 3D printing?

Anyway, I was sitting there trying to translate a set of knitting instructions into a sort of grid pattern, and all around me other people were entering their own programs... one of which was an actual baby. Literally, these two women programmed the machine (in the public library!) to knit a living child out of a pile of synthetic fibers. And it worked. They picked the crying baby up out of the basket of finished products, put on a diaper and a onesie, and took the kid off to get a birth certificate or whatever.

And nobody blinked twice.

I decided to make my friends' kid a blanket as well as the hat, because I felt slightly upstaged after that.
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Some incidents from the last two weeks:

cut on general principle )


I am having fun, really! But every job has its share of utter WTF, and this particular one has to cram a year's worth of crazy into only four months. It is an interesting ride. *wry*
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I had the weirdest dream last night.

I think it's because of my NFE signup, in which I said, among other things, that I would prefer not to write any Pevensie/Caspian ships (because none of them make any sense to me) and also requested a story about Polly and Digory post-MN, and somehow this all got tangled up with the Problem of Susan and turned into a massive THING where Polly and Digory accidentally left one of their Ring sets in Narnia and Disney!Caspian found them and used them to travel secretly to England where he got involved with the Malfoys (??? idk, what even) and kept kidnapping Susan into creepy stalker pseudo-romantic dinners at expensive exotic hotels and then getting Lucius Malfoy to Obliviate her so she couldn't tell her family what was going on, but while she didn't consciously remember anything she SUBCONSCIOUSLY began to associate Narnia with el creepo stalker probably-gonna-rape-her-eventually!Caspian and THAT'S why she turned away.

I don't know how the hell this fit into the timeline, since it would have to happen simultaneously before and after SC, nor do I know how it would have resolved because my alarm went off and I woke up just as Caspian was climbing the steps of a really blinged-out glass pyramid to consult with some ~mysterious evil power~ about Susan's continued resistance to his ~charms~ and what to do about the growing restlessness among his people who were kind of pissed off at the way he kept raising taxes to pay for those expensive hotels and stuff.


My brain, gentle readers. It is a strange place.
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Yay, I can get online again!

I'm not sure exactly what was going on there. It's true that for several hours, my router had no signal going in or out, but I think there was also something glitching in my actual laptop, since both before and after the router failure, it kept telling me that various Microsoft programs I hadn't opened weren't responding, and opening other programs at glacial speed such that no webpages would load even when the router was fine. Anyway, I restarted twice and that seems to have fixed whatever was eating all the processing power.

Computers are freaking weird sometimes, you know?
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This morning my mom sent me an email with what seems to be the abstract of a presentation given at a recent-ish theological conference held at Drew University -- or maybe the theme statement of the conference as a whole? It's hard for me to be sure since the text is one of the best examples of academic jargon run amok that I have ever seen. To wit:

Some of the most recent, most significant, most discussed works in queer theory have interrogated how we conceive our relation to the future and the past. From Lee Edelman’s polemicized caution that certain forms of commitment to certain kinds of futurity serve to eradicate queerness, to José Esteban Muñoz’s insistence that queerness can be secured only by fixing our eyes on the glimmering horizon of the future, to Heather Love’s worries about our relation to the traumas and injuries of the past, to Carolyn Dinshaw’s insistence on the very queer ways the past and present long to connect, this body of work seeks to replace reliance on logics of repetition, linearity, periodicity, and teleology with images of temporal drags and co-presences, anachronisms and proximities, contaminations and touches across time. Just as the foundational works of queer theory revealed that conceptions of gender, sexuality and race are not natural or inevitable, but social and conventional—and, hence, ethical and political—this body of work underscores that even seemingly commonsensical categories like past, present and future are intimately bound up with desire and power.

and then it keeps going for two more paragraphs! )


I have no words. O_o
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On Friday at Tutto Bene, I got some tea to go with dessert. Let me tell you about this tea.

It is a brand called Mighty Leaf, and the particular blend is Organic Breakfast.

The front proclaims, underneath the blend name, that it contains Artisan Whole Leaf Pouch * Black Tea * Caffeine.

On the back, first we have some generic blend babble/brewing instructions: A robust, wide-awake blend of organic black tea leaves. Our take on the classic English Breakfast is serene contemplation from dawn to dusk. Brew time 4 minutes.

Then there is a little infographic box about the Mighty Leaf brand in general, entitled "Magic of the Mighty Leaf": Since ancient times, a freshly brewed pot filled with whole teas leaves has been revered as the richest in character. Today we proudly continue the tradition. Our handcrafted silken biodegradable pouches are packed with our artisan blends of whole tea leaves, fruits, herbs, spices and flavors too big for ordinary tea bags. Enjoy the liberation of pure tea goodness and rediscover the pleasure of the way tea was naturally meant to be.




Okay then!


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