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1. Laundry! Washed, dried, air-dried, folded, hung, and put away.

2. Changed linens.

3. Withdrew cash to pay for cab rides to and from the airport.

4. Bought gum for airplane takeoffs and landings.

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21. Finished packing, aside from a few things I am still using/will use overnight, which I'll add to my suitcase or backpack in the morning.

The plan is to go to bed at 10pm tonight (and take a Benadryl in hopes of knocking myself out) so I will not be completely brain-fried when I get up at 4am in the morning. UGH.

I must remember to light candles to Meteora, Constructa, Constricta, Wayland, and Trilitus, to request good weather, no mechanical troubles with the planes, a smooth and timely flight, no airport delays or complications, and no taxi delays. (My pantheon of travel gods is about 85% a joke with myself. But only 85%. The other 15%... well, that's between me and my superstitions. *wry*)

And now, if you will excuse me, I have to go wash some dishes and clean my teeth.
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1. Took communal compost bin to the curb for pickup. (I seem to be the only person in both houses who remembers to do this. I am not exactly complaining about that, but I do wonder who, if anyone, would step up to the plate if I weren't here.)

2. Sliced two chicken thighs and baked them in balsamic dressing.

3. Began summer apartment photographs and turnover inspections at work, which is interesting.

4. Called my dentist to ask when I would be billed for my May 15th appointment. Apparently the office manager has returned and sent all the outstanding bills earlier this week, so I should receive mine on Friday. It's not that I especially WANT another bill, but I was even less happy about the prospect of an unknown bill hanging over my head indefinitely.

5. Bought a zester/grater at Target.

6. Saw Wonder Woman, which I enjoyed a lot! Quick impression: vague spoilers, I guess? )

7. Bought groceries.

8. Paid my monthly internet bill.

9. Recharged my bus pass.

10. Cooked the first of three Blue Apron meals. More details in this post (poll and general comments) and also this post (pictures and recipe).
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1. Put away laundry.

2. Wrote some character descriptions for "Intervention" and emailed them to my WIP Big Bang artist. That was actually a very useful exercise, because I had not thought in detail about the characters' appearances before and now I can try to work some of those visual details into the story text.

Like, about all I had before was that Kath is short and wears her hair in braids, Jahiem is a lot taller than Kath, Adam has blond hair and always wears black, Inez wears a gold cross necklace, Jayavanti is a bit taller than both Kath and Hegev, Nico is tall and often sleep-deprived, Hegev is Tellarite, Zhi-ren has long hair he sometimes puts into a ponytail, Fra Treefell is weather-beaten, and Elakwa looks like Marina Sirtis's more tired and less fashion-conscious cousin. Which is not a lot to be going on. Now I know a lot more. :)

3. Put my peppers and squash out all day on Wednesday, since the forecast predicted a mostly cloudy day rather than full sunlight.

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10. Finally got around to cooking the fajita filling for which I chopped and froze the ingredients a couple weeks ago. \o/ That's now in the fridge, cooling down, and I'll stick it in the freezer in the morning.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 this afternoon, and I'd been forewarned that there were Feels as well as laughs and quality explosions, but oh man, I was not prepared.

*wallows happily in All The Emotions*

Also, this film does surprisingly well on the female characters with their own plot arcs who talk to other female characters front? Which I was frankly not expecting from this particular corner of the MCU, but there it is. And it is very nice!

Some vaguely spoilery thoughts under the cut )

Anyway, I enjoyed GotG2 a LOT. I mean, I went in expecting to have a good time, but (as I remarked to a friend years ago, in reference to Captain America: The First Avenger), that movie was way better than it strictly needed to be, and you could tell everyone involved in making it was having a ball -- and that carries through on screen in both obvious and subtle ways. :D
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1. Finished outlining Susan's super-belated gift story. My next creative task is to finish editing "Second Chances" (my Daredevil Secret Santa fic from Dec. 2016), after which I will move on to my FandomTrumpsHate fic.

2. Bought some groceries.

3. Watered my houseplants. Also applied a drop or two of anti-fungal solution to each of my peat cylinders, since they were starting to grow mold and that is obviously no good for the pepper seeds I am actually trying to grow. *crosses fingers for the seeds*

4. Cut my fingernails and toenails.

5. Took an afternoon shower and finished packing in preparation for the lock-in.

6. Helped staff the Ithaca/Oneonta lock-in!

details under the cut )

Anyway, enough about that.

7. Shoveled my sidewalk when I got home, despite being dead tired, because I am apparently the only tenant who cares about that. Nrgh.

8. Unpacked, took a shower, and then TOOK A NAP.

9. Posted about my week on Facebook. I think I've mentioned that I'm trying out weekly updates over there as a way to stay connected to people I know non-fannishly. It seems to be working as intended.

10. Called Vicky to sing Happy Birthday to her answering machine. :)

11. Boiled a dozen eggs.

12. Received my federal tax refund, yay! I promptly transferred most of it from checking to savings, where it will sit while I figure out how much of it I want to apply to a church pledge and how much I want to dump into my IRA as a 2016 contribution. (I would really like to be able to eventually retire rather than having to work until I'm ninety to keep up with expenses, so I contribute what I can when I can, even if it's not nearly as much or as often as I'd like.)

And now, I think, I will go back to bed. :)
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1. Taped, sanded, and painted a fifth frame; touched up the two I painted on Thursday. Then I touched up the fifth on Saturday morning before packing them all into a laundry basket, carefully cushioned by towels, and took them down to NJ.

2. Made a packing list. Then packed.

3. Bought groceries.

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10. Went to see Rogue One with Susan at 4pm. I liked it a lot!

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On the other hand, as Susan justly remarked, there wasn't very much of that ineffable sense of joy/wonder/boundless possibility that is the hallmark of Star Wars at its best and most inspiring. For me, the movie's virtues outweighed that flaw -- I am totally down with Star Wars attempting a gritty and morally gray war movie (the tragedy is not a departure; tragedy is a central theme of the franchise, just as much as hope) -- but judging by reviews a bunch of other people feel differently. And that's okay!

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17. Responded to all the comments on my Yuletide fic and my Daredevil Secret Santa fic. \o/


Jan. 1st, 2017 06:56 pm
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Briefly dropping by to say: went to see Rogue One this afternoon with Susan, and enjoyed it very much!

And now, dinner. :)
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1. Added the necessary scene to my DDSS fic, researched a couple factual issues, and made some preliminary edits. Then I got Vicky to look over the beta draft and made a bunch more edits in response to her advice. (I probably would have made even more than that, but the archive went live three hours early so oh well, maybe after they're no longer anonymous.)

2. Went with Vicky and Mom to see A Child's Christmas in Wales as performed by the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival... oh wait, excuse me, the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey. (I always forget they got fancy. My image of them is frozen around the mid-90s, back when I was part of their Junior Corps: aka, when I did unpaid summer ushering and concessions work for them in return for free drama lessons. I quit when they started requiring payment for the lessons while still not giving any monetary compensation for the ushering and concessions work.) The performance was very good. We had seen it at least once before, many years ago, but none of us remembered more than vague impressions so it was effectively a new experience. We were all pleasantly surprised by how many songs there were -- really, it's as much a musical as a play.

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23. Started working through the DDSS archive. Hopefully I will finish that on Tuesday and can then get properly started on the Yuletide and Yuletide Madness archives.
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I got my dates mixed up somehow and thought the Ladystuck Remix posting deadline was the 24th instead of the 25th. Oh well, that just means I have an extra day of editing time, and that never hurt anyone.

The posted version is kind of, um. Well, dire is too strong a word. It's serviceable. But it's awfully clunky and I think about half my point gets lost in that clunkiness, besides which I didn't have time to apply the formatting thing I want to do. I suppose that's a project for Tuesday.


In other news, Susan and I did succeed in seeing Star Trek Beyond, though the only tickets left were for the very front row so all the characters' faces and shoulders looked weird and some of the action scenes became visually unintelligible because of perspective issues. That aside, I liked it! It was a lot more hope-peace-exploration-wonder than the previous reboot films, and there were no women randomly posing in their underwear, both of which I take as victories. :D

Correction: Several hours later I remembered that there is one very brief shot of an underdressed woman, as part of the montage accompanying Kirk's opening Captain's Log. He's talking about morale and relationships among the crew, and after we see a shot of a happy (and fully clothed) couple ducking into a doorway while kissing, we see a shot of a (barely clothed) woman throwing a (fully clothed) man out of her room into the corridor. So it's gratuitous underwear, which is annoying, but it's also over in about two seconds and it's not set up in a way where a male character is watching a female character undress without her knowing he can see. Everybody else remains fully clothed through the entire movie, despite a gag reference to Kirk's shirt getting torn.
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Things done recently:

1. Got around to seeing Captain America: Civil War on Wednesday. That was not really a Cap movie; that was an Avengers movie... which is not inherently a bad thing (I like big team movies), but is annoying because Steve should not get upstaged by Tony in his own damn movie. Also holy shit the writers have no idea how international diplomacy and treaties work, do they? The logistics on that broke my suspension of disbelief so badly that I spent the rest of the story with a little section of my mind just spinning its wheels trying to think of some way to handwave that mess that made even a token 5% gesture at real-world logic.

(I am still working on that, btw.)

But it was fun, and I'm glad I saw it on the big screen.

2. Drove to NJ on Friday, after which I spent the evening hanging out with Susan -- by which I mean we ordered a pizza and talked about nothing in particular for a few hours, and then my parents and aunt arrived home from their trip and all five of us talked about nothing in particular for another hour and a half. Sometimes it's nice to just be around someone without pressure to be Doing A Thing, you know?

3. Went over to Susan's on Sunday afternoon, where we watched Deadpool (we had both missed it in theaters, which is much more explicable in my case) and agreed that it was pretty much exactly what we'd wanted out of a Deadpool movie. I would definitely be interested in a sequel. :)

4. Washed a lot of laundry.

5. Not written any fiction since Thursday evening. Traveling is a little disruptive that way. *shrug*

6. Signed up for Ladystuck Remix, because I love remix challenges and I love Ladystuck, and while two great things do not always and necessarily taste great together, in this case, I am pretty sure they will. :)

7. Despite not actually writing, I did make a firmer outline for the rest of "The Courting Dance," which became possible once I finally figured out how to approach Peridan's POV chapter. (In summary, I'd been starting in entirely the wrong place and being too narrative instead of focusing on his own preoccupations.) Previously my 'outline' could be summarized as, "And then politics, return to Archenland, Great Council session, maybe another wedding, the end. Remember [redacted argument point] and [redacted physical prop]." Which is not wrong, but is not terribly useful either. Now I know whose POV I'll be in for each chapter, and have at least a one-sentence summary of what should be happening. I have also decided not to actually write the second, northern-style wedding, because while the fact that Aravis and Cor agree to put on that show is important, the show itself is irrelevant to the story I am telling.


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