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I am trying to get a bunch of internet housekeeping tasks done tonight, so... better late than never? (Also, I am sorry, but I am not going to backtrack my links and add author names. I am, at heart, a terribly lazy person and the names are now on the stories themselves in any case.)

Anyway, here are twelve more stories I think you might enjoy. :-)

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I still need to read the two stories I failed to finish before the author reveal, but one is Eridan-centric and I don't care if he's somehow become a fandom woobie, I still think he's an annoying jerk and stupidly boring besides (boring being the much greater sin for a fictional character), and the other looks like it will probably be complicated and somewhat depressing and... I dunno, if I read it and it's fantastic, I may return and add it to this post, but I am kind of recced out for now, particularly since recs are NOT my usual mode of fannish engagement.
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Today is Ouroboros Mix reveal day, hurrah!

I wrote Maid of Life and Death (Her Every Breath a Blade): In the Furthest Ring, Skaia's light is a distant, faint blue dot, barely enough for Jane to see the contours of the rocks she threads her way between. Now and again metal structures gleam like the edge of a blade reflecting starlight, but there are no stars in this ebon sky. Before her lies nothing but nightmare.

It is still better than what she leaves behind.

Jane isn't made to be alone.

(4,600 words, remix of Bend Around The Blades by [archiveofourown.org profile] lantadyme)


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Argh, I so wanted to finish reading all the Ouroboros Mix stories before authors are revealed around Friday noon-ish, but I have thirteen left (plus originals, oh my god, why do I do this to myself...) and I'm sorry, there is just no way.

This is why I need to get better at time management, so I'm not always trying to do three or more things at once. *sigh*

Hmm. Maybe I can at least skim to tell whether I would rec them, and then just read those in detail now while saving the others for tomorrow night after work...?

ETA: Screw it, I give up. Two stories left, both of which are long (and one is a remix of an equally long fic), and they both look potentially interesting, so yeah, not gonna get my second rec post up tonight. Dammit.
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There will be a part 2 sometime before Friday, but I have read approximately half the stories and thought I might as well post some recs now. There is no theme here, just some things I especially liked and wanted to share. (FYI, I didn't bother reproducing warnings or other tags -- they take up way more time and space than I have patience for on my journal -- so you will have to read those in the header information on AO3.)

Anyway. Twelve Eleven stories I like and think you might enjoy too!

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So that's pretty much what I've been doing since Friday. :-)
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I've been reading back-to-front through the Ouroboros Mix archive (meaning I started with the stories posted earliest) and backtracking to read a bunch of the original stories that inspired the remixes while I'm at it -- some I'd read before, but a bunch I hadn't, so that's been interesting. I've also been skipping a few fics that look awesome but are also LONG, since I'm more in the mood for bite-size reading experiences today. I will get to the longer stories tomorrow, I suppose.

I have vague intentions of making a rec post when I'm finished with the archive... although that will probably take at least another day or three (there are only 53 stories, but that's still a lot of words to read!), so perhaps I will do two rec posts: one when I get halfway up page two of the archive and another when I reach the end. *ponders*

I am also trying to leave kudos and/or comments on each fic, since remixes are typically low-feedback exchanges so every little bit helps. I'm not sure why I try so hard to comment when participating in fic exchanges, since I am terrible at leaving comments on pretty much everything the rest of the year, but whatever, it's been working for me thus far.

(Oh, also! My remixee liked what I did with her story! *huge sigh of relief* I know that a remix challenge is not a gift exchange, strictly speaking, but one still wants to produce something the original writer won't hate, at the very least.)

And now back to reading. :-)
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Ouroboros Mix 2013 is live!

For obvious reasons I cannot point you to the remix I wrote, but I can and will point you to the wonderful remix I received. :-D

Afterparty: [ETA: by t34lbloods (perculious)] Jane and Dave debrief. Remix of Hollywood Shenanigans, 2,650 words.

It is a lovely story dealing with the aftermath of my Alpha!Dave-escorts-Jane-to-Hollywood fic, via a conversation between Jane and Dirk and a meeting between Dave and Rose. The addition of Dave's POV adds new depth and angles to the events and nuances that flew over Jane's head in the original (and getting to see Alpha!Rose is a real treat!). Also, Jane is adorable and the way Dirk is so obviously fishing for actual real-time stories of his bro is funny and sad at the same time, in the best Homestuck fashion.

Go read and heap praises upon the author!
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Mildly strange experience of the day: receiving a review for a fic I wrote... five years ago? six? in a fandom I have since basically abandoned, in which the reviewer ignores the story at large in order to nitpick a minor issue, and in the process restates one of the themes of the story as if triumphantly proving to me that I have somehow missed this truth of human nature instead of, you know, writing a fic about it. O_o

I always wonder what people's motives are in leaving such responses. I mean, do they think an author will rewrite a story years after the fact? Do they just want to feel superior at a writer's expense? (I suspect the latter option is more likely to be correct.)

I sometimes also wonder if such reviews mean I've been too oblique in my writing, but I went back and reread the story in question (since it's been five or six years and I'd forgotten almost all the details) and no, it's pretty clear that the relationship in question was problematic before it broke off entirely and that things don't "suddenly 'get better'" -- instead, Character A explicitly chooses to forgive Character B despite their troubled past, and it's all but explicitly stated that Character B continues to backslide into old, bad patterns for a while thereafter. I just didn't dwell on that because it wasn't the main arc of the story. Horror of horrors, I occasionally try to maintain narrative focus!

Ah well, at least that kind of review is a sign that the fic hasn't completely sunk into the vast obscurity of the internet.

And on that note, I will return to editing my latest fic... which will go anonymously live tomorrow afternoon with the rest of the Ouroboros Mix fics, yay! I can't wait to see what my remixer did with one of my submitted stories. (And I really hope my remixee doesn't think I butchered her fic... *bites nails, twitches in nervous anticipation*)
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I finished the torn-up and completely rewritten scene, touched up some other stuff while I was at it, and came up with an actual title and summary instead of the terrible placeholders I'd been using. My Ouroboros Mix fic is hereby defeated!


I would still appreciate a beta job, if anyone is interested and available. The stories go live at 1pm EDT on Friday, so this would be a very quick turnaround (and therefore not something I need a lot of in-depth commentary for), but it's always helpful to get a second set of eyes on a story. As I've said before, it's a Homestuck fic between 1,000 and 5,000 words long, and I can provide other details as necessary.

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I keep finding things wrong with my Ouroboros Mix fic. Like, yesterday I finished the scene I'd realized I needed to insert -- yay! -- and then this morning in the shower I realized the reason I keep being unhappy with the other scene I've been rewriting over and over is that it is the wrong scene. It's working completely against the emotional and thematic arc of the story, which is probably why it has grown longer and longer and longer and still never felt quite right.

So I will be ripping that out and redoing it yet again. Argh.


In other news, last night I had a dream about two lesbian scholars/augurs/religious teachers who basically invented the germ theory of disease and a bunch of basic epidemiology on Firsthome, back a thousand years or so before Ekanu's day. It was the sort of dream where you wake up and think, "Okay, I have two main incidents and they both make reasonable narrative sense, but how the hell do I connect them into a single story because there are several years between them and... oh, right, flashbacks, duh."

Their names are Hesotha and Ujamulala, and they are from the same geographic region as Ayutha the carter from Clockwork. I should write an outline of their story before I forget the details. :-)


And now, laundry!
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Thing I did yesterday: finish and post the rough draft of my Ouroboros remix, despite AO3's attempts to thwart me in re: formatting issues.

Thing I did last night: realize I need to insert an entire new scene because of Reasons, as well as completely rewrite another.

Thing I will presumably do today: fix the damn story.

Thing I need to do sometime this coming week: think of a better title and summary, dammit.


I also got a haircut yesterday and will do my weekly grocery run today, but whatever, that's just everyday life. Writing is where it's really at. *wry*

Hmm. Speaking of which, is anybody willing to beta-read my remix once I fix the egregious problems? It's a Homestuck fic, obviously, between 1000 and 5000 words, and is (unfortunately?) the sort of remix that works better if you've read the original first, because it is in direct conversation with that story, not just another take on the same general idea. (It should still be able to stand alone, of course, but it loses some layers that way.)


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