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aka pieces of "Five Things That Never Happened to Rex and Ana Lewis (And One That Still Might)" except I am only posting the opening snippets from four of the five AUs, since I haven't started writing the final two sections yet.


from part 1 - The Best of All Possible Worlds )


from part 2 - Be All That You Can Be )


from part 3 - At the Thought of His Immolation )


from part 4 - The Line Dividing Good and Evil )


Sections 1 and 2 are now finished in rough draft and the whole story is a hair over 8,000 words so far. That is pretty much the only thing I worked on today. *sigh*

Well, I did also read the canon for one of my Yuletide recipient's requested fandoms that we did not match on, just in case, since rereading the canon we did match on has been like pulling teeth. I'd forgotten how badly written that canon is on a words-on-the-page level. Also, ye gods, I did not realize at the time I first read it (I was eighteen, what did I know?), but it is the purest, most ridiculously overwrought distillation of manpain that ever manpained, and I have the terrible feeling that the author agrees with the main character that an awesome sex life is genuinely the most important thing that makes a good marriage. Communication? Trust? Laughter and affection and shared values and goals? Pssh, no. It's all about the orgasms. Which, can I just say, "Ick, no, thanks ever so but I think I'll be over here completely and utterly disagreeing with you."


I can still see why I liked the story underneath the manpain and clunky writing, but I am less able to blithely brush past those aspects these days, especially when I am trying to read with an eye to writing fic and thus have to actually pay attention to the fine details of setting and character. *deeper sigh*


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