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Ladystuck Dark reveal day, hurrah!

I wrote And the Big Bad Wolf: Jane has nothing to fear in the forest. The girl in the white fur dress is not so sure. Contains implied mind control and mild gore. (2,400 words)

[This story has also been crossposted to ff.net.]

It's basically a fairy-tale mashup, because there is no way on earth to look at the end of Act 6 Act 5 and not see Little Red Riding Hood references. Then I threw in a bit of generic "evil witch" because the Condesce may be a grandmother figure, but she's not anybody's idea of innocent. Also all the other characters are various beta session carapaces, partly so it was easier to keep Jane isolated (since she has no canon connections to them), but partly just because I could and it struck me as amusing in a terrible way.

This story is perhaps one of the least original things I've ever written. It is what happens when you execute the following equation: my long-standing interest in fairy-tales + the fatalism and color scheme (white-black-red-green) from Knives + forest descriptions from Star Island -- most specifically Inland, Walking South for the birches, Raspberry Red for the berry patch, and Lake Windigo for the maples around the unnamed lake in the fic. (Side note: here are some other island poems, if you are curious).

It's a bit rushed toward the end, because I have chronic deadline failure. It is also slightly less disturbing than I meant it to be -- I was originally planning to work in the implication that the Condesce has been eating parts of the dead bodies and also feeding them to Jane, but that fell by the wayside for lack of time. Ah well, such is life.
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Whoops, forgot to post this here last night! Anyway, the Ladystuck Blind Darkfic Challenge, to use the full name, is now open on AO3 for everyone to read. Authors remain anonymous for the moment, and a guessing game will start in a day or so (a Google doc of challenge participants is available for that purpose). There are 35 works by 33 creators.

And here are a few recs, while I am thinking of it. Bear in mind that they are all darkfic; you read at your own risk.


Waste: 1,100 words. Doomed timelines aren't limited to the world of the game.

(No characters are listed, and I'm not going to mention them either because I think the slow realization is part of the intended effect, but they're pretty obvious as you read.)


at the end of all things (or possibly the beginning): 2,700 words. Sometimes the Handmaid doesn't want to deal with the Condesce. But only sometimes.

(The Demoness and the Condesce, non-linear and chained by the horrible, dragging weight of inevitability that hangs over their intertwined history. Also blackrom of a peculiarly despairing flavor.)


poor, sweet, dear, precious fefeta: 1000 words plus several illustrations. Sometimes, it’s easiest to smile.

(When the author uses the body horror and psychological horror tags? She is really, really not kidding. The story takes a joke character, says, "No. Pay attention. This is not funny," and then proves that lack of humor beyond a shadow of a doubt.)


The Blinking of Eyes at the Sun: 1,700 words. For the first three sweeps of her life, Damara is unaware of the world outside. She has her room and the halls of the apartment she shares with her guardian. Locked doors are as familiar to her as the shuttered windows she finds everywhere. The few books that are provided to her do not speak of a world beyond the rooms she knows and for sweeps, she believes that everything there is exists within the rooms and halls.

She believes in many things that she realizes too late aren't true.

(This is now my headcanon for the Handmaid's childhood. Entirely psychological horror, though made worse by the physical abuse we know she suffers later on.)


Fronting: 1000 words. What's it like having a malevolent god from outside space as your mother? Feferi Peixes knows. She knows all too well.

(When not even your mind is your own and despair will doom your entire species, what can you do but smile?)
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I am over the minimum wordcount for my Ladystuck Dark fic, but I am not finished by a long shot. I have... *checks outline* ...three more scenes to write. Maybe four, depending on how the last two play out in practice -- they are the ones that start to break the previously established pattern so who knows what might happen when the words hit the page!

This story is definitely in line with the dark!fic theme of this Ladystuck iteration, but I can't help finding it utterly ridiculous as well, if only because it is stolen lock, stock, and barrel from a hodge-podge of things I've previously written -- and which I will gleefully link to once authors are revealed.

Ah well, back to the salt mines!


ETA, 1:15am - Success! Okay, so I missed the deadline by ten minutes -- I threw up an almost finished version ten minutes to 1 o'clock and then wrote the last 250 words or so in a frantic rush (and fixed some of the previous ones while I was at it), but hopefully that is close enough.

I think I may have ended up with more "creepy" than "dark," but again, that should be close enough.

Now I shall reward myself with milk and cookies, since I've already had quite enough alcohol for the night, whoops.
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I have achieved 3/4 of the minimum wordcount for my Ladystuck Blind entry, which is due tomorrow night. I also have a general pattern for the not-yet-written sections, but fuck it, I am tired and cannot brain. I will finish the fic tomorrow.

(I think it will be stupidly obvious which story I wrote, but then, I say that with the perspective of someone who has of necessity read every damn thing I've ever written -- including all the things that aren't fanfiction, let alone Homestuck fanfic -- so probably it is more obscure than I think it is.)

And now to bed.


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