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1. One job application. I don't really care about this one, but I have to do three job-search activities per week for my unemployment insurance, even if I have no real intention of following up on them. And, you know, if this company happens to take me up on my offer, it wouldn't be the end of the world or anything. *shrug*

2. Edited somebody else's NFE fic. It is a good fic; I think y'all are going to enjoy it. :)

3. Finished reading and commenting on every work in the Ladystuck Remix main collection and treats collection. Go me! (Once again, I advise anyone with an interest in female-character-centric Homestuck fics and art to go check those out. Look through the prior collections as well while you're there!)

4. Tweaked my Tumblr theme so reblogs no longer automatically display in all-italics. That had been bugging me for years and tonight I was finally fed up enough to fix it.

5. Cooked a batch of rice -- by which I mean two cups' worth -- most of which will go into my freezer for storage.

6. Started a batch of pot roast, which will cook overnight and should finish up around 8 or 9am.

7. Responded to and cleared out all comments-needing-replies from my various inboxes, because today I had the spoons for that kind of social interaction. :)
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Stuff done so far today:

1. Started a batch of veggie sidedish, which should be done around 10pm. I also hardboiled some eggs.

2. Volunteered for the church recycling sale. I am a little unclear what I will actually be doing, as the response got mangled by the coordinator's iPhone autocorrect -- it says, and I quote, "How about Saturday and housewares 830 to 11 or 11 to 2 or him and Sunday we could use some help monocot cashiering and Monday 10 to 2" -- but I will show up to work housewares tomorrow morning and hopefully get clarifications about the rest in person.

3. Started the application process for Not the IRS 2017 tax season... by which I mean I determined that the application website now supports Chrome (yay!) and put the three relevant positions into my job cart to deal with tomorrow.

4. Attempted a new method to combat depression-induced inertia and executive dysfunction, namely, in the morning I will text Vicky one or two things I want to do that day -- specific tasks, with clear endpoints -- and she will text me once or twice later on to remind me and/or ask if I've finished yet. I think this will be helpful, and may improve my productivity on other tasks as well because it's a lot easier to keep going after I get in a groove of doing stuff than it is to get started on that first task.

5. Cleared out the backlog of old reviews/comments I'd been avoiding because they required actual thoughtful responses.

6. Read and reviewed another Ladystuck Remix fic. This leaves me with three to go in the main collection, plus three in the treats collection (and the originals that inspired them). They're all really good stories, but there's a difference between reading just for the hell of it and reading with the intention of leaving a comment that says more than just, "Hey, I liked this."
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Today is Ladystuck Remix reveal day! I wrote two fics: my assignment and a pinch hit. I will talk about each in a separate post.


Hold the Line (As Dreamers Do): 1994: The Betty Crocker conglomerate invites Dr. Jade English, celebrated astrophysicist and CEO of Skaianet Technologies, to teach one year of classes at their first foray into private education, Marjorie Husted University in Houston, Texas.

Jade says yes.

Meanwhile, the Condesce is staging a corporate takeover of Disney. [2,475 words]


This is a pinch hit, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] dashery! It is a remix of Hold the Line.

thoughts! )
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Today is Ladystuck Remix reveal day! I wrote two fics: my assignment and a pinch hit. I will talk about each in a separate post.


Tiny Grass Is Dreaming (Failure To Communicate): Something about talking to Damara makes Aranea feel like all her words twist in her mouth and come out as unintelligible nonsense. She hates it. [1,500 words]


This is my assignment, written for [archiveofourown.org profile] feralphoenix! It is a remix of Tiny Grass Is Dreaming.

thoughts! )


(And hey, if anyone has grammar and/or tone corrections for the German, I am all ears.)
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I have been slowly commenting my way through the Ladystuck Remix archive. As has become my habit with small single-fandom exchanges, I am reading in reverse word count order, which means I start with art and end with fics that aspire to the short end of Big Bang status. I still have twenty-eight stories to go (plus the three Treat works), and as they will only continue getting longer, I suspect there is no way I will finish before the creator reveal. *sigh*

(It takes a lot longer for me to read remixes than other types of story, because I like to go read (or reread) the fanwork being remixed as well, so as to get a better sense of what the writer/artist was attempting to riff off of.)

The general quality of work is really high this year, FYI! I'm not going to put together a rec list, because I do not have the time or spoons, but you should definitely go check out the main collection and the Treats collection.
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The Ladystuck Remix collection is open! Sixty-two remixed female-centric Homestuck fanworks, plus two more in the Treats collection.

Main collection / Treats collection

And what did I get, you may ask? I got this:

The Time-Traveler's Kismesis: Counterthesis (The Troll Out Of Time Remix): Meetings between the Demoness and her kismesis, the Dolorosa, who refuses to give up hope in a world the Demoness knows is doomed. (1,863 words, by a currently anonymous writer)

This takes my short, fragmentary work The Time-Traveler's Kismesis: Counterthesis and not only flips the POV to show Damara's view of that meeting, it extends both forward and backward in time to encompass the whole story of their relationship and is framed by two excellently deployed quotations from Alternian romantic poetry. ;) It is gorgeous and bleak and hopeful all at once, and I love it to pieces, and you should go read it right now and tell the author they're brilliant! ♥
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I have finished the edits for one of my Ladystuck Remix fics. I also wanted to do a cool thing with Unicode, but apparently AO3 doesn't support what I was trying to kludge it into doing. *sigh* I went with my backup option instead -- it serves the same purpose, but it's not nearly as aesthetically pleasing.

Now I am going to eat lunch and spend my afternoon editing the other remix fic. I think I know what the thematic throughline needs to be, so it's just a question of what tweaks, insertions, and deletions will best bring it out.


ETA, 8:30pm - And I have edited the second remix, yay!
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Ha! I successfully finished and posted my Ladystuck Remix pinch hit.

It is drastically tangential to the original in a lot of ways, though it mirrors one particular aspect with perfect rigidity. I also want to revise it a bunch, though not as much as I want to revise my assigned remix -- in both cases, because I think the stories are thematically sloppy and need a much tighter, cleaner focus.

Still, it's done and that's the main thing. :)
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Writing stuff:

1. I grabbed a Ladystuck Remix pinch hit. This was possibly a bad idea, but I very much want to play with some of the writer in question's stories, so. We shall see how it goes. :)

2. I just received my Narnia Fic Exchange assignment, whereupon I cracked up and startled the dog, because my recipient reflected several of my own prompts right back at me with slightly different emphases. Obviously these are stories I am interested in! The question now is whether they are stories I can write as well as stories I want to read...

3. I am continuing to edit pieces of "The Transient and the Eternal" and post them to AO3. Most of the edits so far have been very minor -- punctuation tweaks, a rephrased clause here and there -- but the tenth fic got some actual substantive changes. I wanted to mitigate some glaring sexism that snuck in while I wasn't examining my default cultural assumptions, and I wanted to play up Sara and Kira's friendship a bit more by clarifying that she cares about him, she knows he's dangerous, and she doesn't find him personally intimidating in the slightest. Also the beta draft final paragraphs were missing some connective logic, so I needed to let them breathe a touch more.

4. I hate my WIP Big Bang. Hate it, hate it, hate it. ...On the brighter side, my artist sent me a progress shot of the illustration and it looks really cool. So there's that!
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I got my dates mixed up somehow and thought the Ladystuck Remix posting deadline was the 24th instead of the 25th. Oh well, that just means I have an extra day of editing time, and that never hurt anyone.

The posted version is kind of, um. Well, dire is too strong a word. It's serviceable. But it's awfully clunky and I think about half my point gets lost in that clunkiness, besides which I didn't have time to apply the formatting thing I want to do. I suppose that's a project for Tuesday.


In other news, Susan and I did succeed in seeing Star Trek Beyond, though the only tickets left were for the very front row so all the characters' faces and shoulders looked weird and some of the action scenes became visually unintelligible because of perspective issues. That aside, I liked it! It was a lot more hope-peace-exploration-wonder than the previous reboot films, and there were no women randomly posing in their underwear, both of which I take as victories. :D

Correction: Several hours later I remembered that there is one very brief shot of an underdressed woman, as part of the montage accompanying Kirk's opening Captain's Log. He's talking about morale and relationships among the crew, and after we see a shot of a happy (and fully clothed) couple ducking into a doorway while kissing, we see a shot of a (barely clothed) woman throwing a (fully clothed) man out of her room into the corridor. So it's gratuitous underwear, which is annoying, but it's also over in about two seconds and it's not set up in a way where a male character is watching a female character undress without her knowing he can see. Everybody else remains fully clothed through the entire movie, despite a gag reference to Kirk's shirt getting torn.


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