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Remix reveal day! I wrote three stories this year: Sacrifices (Backwards and in High Heels) for [archiveofourown.org profile] aviss, Problems and Solutions (All Things in Time) for [archiveofourown.org profile] cofax, and Down in the Deep (The Index of Refraction) for [archiveofourown.org profile] significantowl.

I am going to talk about each in a separate post.


Down in the Deep (The Index of Refraction): 450 words, April 2012. Now her breath is water. And they are still not the same. Freya/Merlin.

Remixed from Down in the Deep, a fic by [personal profile] significantowl.

Confession: I have only ever seen four episodes of Merlin, and they were the first four of series one. So I have never actually seen Freya. But! [personal profile] significantowl's fic is so lovely, and I wanted to say thank you for her beta job on my assigned remix, so I dashed this off in a hurry.

It's about miscommunication, I think, between two people who genuinely care about and for each other but who come from different backgrounds and don't see the world the same way even when they use the same words. It's also an excuse to play with language and elemental symbolism and stuff -- sometimes, I just want to write something pretty. Hopefully I succeeded!

(The remix subtitle is something I am very happy about in this case, because I spent about half an hour trying to think of some water-related quote before I finally hit on the idea that miscommunication is similar to the way objects appear to disjoint and bend at the interface between water and air. Hence refraction. *grin*)
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Remix reveal day! I wrote three stories this year: Sacrifices (Backwards and in High Heels for [archiveofourown.org profile] aviss, Problems and Solutions (All Things in Time) for [archiveofourown.org profile] cofax, and Down in the Deep (The Index of Refraction) for [archiveofourown.org profile] significantowl.

I am going to talk about each in a separate post.


Problems and Solutions (All Things in Time): 1,250 words, April 2012. How the Goa'uld Therem came to infiltrate Stargate Command and make an attempt to commandeer the Gate, as told by Susan Pevensie to SG-1 (with necessary omissions).

Remixed from An Alternate Solution to the Problem of Susan, a fic by [personal profile] cofax7.

I wrote this one for fun, because Cofax's original story is such a neat idea. :-)

I also wrote it because as a child, I never saw Susan's survival of the series as a problem. How could it be? Everyone else dies! She's the only one who lives! Since I am not Christian and do not believe in a heaven, I could not (and cannot) see death as a happy ending. Susan's ending is obviously not happy, since she has to deal with the loss of her entire family (barring her unpleasant aunt and uncle), but she's the only one who has the possibility of future happiness, and also of future change, growth, and agency.

I have never understood how the Lewis who wrote that wonderful line in HHB -- "if you live, you may yet have good fortune but all the dead are dead alike" -- could be the same man who insisted the death of almost all his main characters was a good thing. But I have never understood the appeal of a theology of death in any application, so I tend to ignore most of TLB in order to keep myself from frothing fits of rage. *wry*

This will, alas, never be expanded because all I know about SG-1 comes from other people's fanfiction, a handful of episode reviews and meta posts, and some still pictures of the cast. Which is just barely enough to write this kind of idea-centric crossover, but not anywhere near the kind of familiarity one needs to write proper character-centric epics.
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Remix reveal day! I wrote three stories this year: Sacrifices (Backwards and in High Heels for [archiveofourown.org profile] aviss, Problems and Solutions (All Things in Time) for [archiveofourown.org profile] cofax, and Down in the Deep (The Index of Refraction) for [archiveofourown.org profile] significantowl.

I am going to talk about each in a separate post.


Sacrifices (Backwards and in High Heels): 1,850 words, April 2012. Barbara Kean has been making sacrifices for a very long time. Her marriage and her children are the latest tithe to the city that owns her heart. Barbara Kean-Gordon/Jim Gordon.

Remixed from Sacrifices, a fic by [livejournal.com profile] aviss.

Aviss and I matched on Inception and Naruto. You will notice I failed to write in either of those fandoms. This is partly because she is a strong KakaIru shipper, and as I have said before and will doubtless say again, the logic of that pairing escapes me (though I love both characters individually!), and because she is also an Arthur/Eames shipper and... I don't know, I just wasn't feeling romantic when I first looked through her stories and particularly not slash romantic. I was feeling very, very gen, and also very female-centric. This was almost certainly a reaction to my Narnia Big Bang fic, which I was fighting at the time -- it only has three female characters and they don't even meet each other, let alone talk, and I just really, really wanted to write something that wasn't all about men.

This is in no way a negative comment on Aviss's work! It's just the mood I was in for reasons completely external to Remix.

And I happened to open Aviss's one Nolanverse Batman fic while in that mood, and Barbara Kean-Gordon practically leaped off the page, grabbed me, shook me, and said, "Write MY story, dammit!"

So I did.

At first I thought I'd keep the story the same and write Barbara's perspective on the divorce, and what it felt like to have Jim abandon her for Gotham and for Batman, but I didn't start remixing immediately. (As I said, I was busy fighting my Narnia Big Bang, which was due first.) And when I came back, I was even more preoccupied with the limitations of gender roles and stuff, and I thought to myself, "What if Barbara was the police commissioner, and Jim was the civilian spouse? What would that do to the implications of their marriage and their divorce?"

So I wrote that instead.

Because I was switching something as major as basic story roles, I kept pretty much everything else exactly the same, just expanded a bit and altered where I thought the gender of the POV character would change things. So Barbara thinks about Rachel Dawes and about her daughter, as well as about Harvey Dent, Jim, and the Batman. And she's clearly had more opposition in her rise to power than Jim did, and has more understanding of what it's like to play the role of scapegoat -- because that is what happens to women in positions of power, more so than to men. Which sucks.

In retrospect, this was a mean thing to write as a remix. My story carries the implication that I disliked Aviss's work and wanted to 'fix' it. Which is not true! Her story is a very good character study! I just, for unrelated reasons, was in a mood where I really needed to say things about women in power and gender roles and I used her story as a vehicle for my own issues.

Sorry about that. :-(
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I haven't properly started reading through Remix and Remix Madness yet. Work is a little crazy because of issues at the other store (two people quit and another has a family crisis), so PM had to get people to cover all her shifts up here and go work down there instead. Which means we are running short-handed for several days.

Also Monday morning, after losing power for an hour and a half in the dead of night and having to use a flashlight to find my way around my apartment -- stupid spring snowstorms, grrr! -- I woke up around 11am only to discover that the ceiling fan in my bathroom was leaking disgusting red-brown water all over the floor. Yuck. I mopped up the worst of the spill with a sponge, put out a bucket to catch the drips, and left a note for my landlord who was coming over anyway to replace light bulbs in a fixture that's too high for me to reach, even with my stepladder. (I have HIGH ceilings. My windows are so huge I use twin bed sheets as curtains.) The fan was working again Tuesday morning, so either he fixed it or it was just an ice clog in the vent slowly melting its way into oblivion. :-/

Anyway. Remix. I started reading stories other than my gifts tonight, but I think I am coming down with a cold -- I have that horrible raw throat thing going on -- so I am calling it a night and going to bed without even getting through all the Narnia fics, let alone all the other fandoms. :-(

As for the stories I wrote, I have heard from all three of my remixees, so yay! Two are otherwise languishing in obscurity, which is pretty much what I expected, but the third... I guess I accidentally hit a collective fandom button or something? Because people are actually reading it. And apparently enjoying it. Which is nice, don't get me wrong! But definitely not my past experience of how Remix Redux works!
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And here is the fic someone wrote for Remix Madness 2012! It is based on No Illusions, a not-quite-three-sentence ficlet about Mal setting the scene for her suicide.

Come Upon Me (Like a Debt Remix): Dom lives the same mistake over and over again. [ETA: by [archiveofourown.org profile] lady_krysis aka [profile] lady_krysis]

Like many Inception fics, it is eerie and haunting and deliberately blurs the line between waking life, memories, and dreams. Go read it and praise the author!


I ended up writing a second Remix Madness fic myself last night, for a total of one assigned remix and two bonus stories. They are all in different fandoms and for different writers. One is a crossover. Two of the four fandoms involved are ones in which I had not previously written, one is something for which I'd only previously written one ficlet, and the fourth is something I write in a lot.

If you guess any of them before names are revealed, I will write you a ficlet of your choice. :-)
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Look! This is what someone wrote using my story as a starting point!

Loving Bonds (The Dark Night of the Soul Remix): Sometimes all you have is faith, hope, and love. Sometimes faith and hope fail you, but love never does. [ETA: by [archiveofourown.org profile] ishafel aka [livejournal.com profile] ishafel... who ironically enough already remixed me once a couple years ago]

It is a remix of Loving Bonds, a Dark Is Rising fic I wrote for Yuletide in 2009. Mine is primarily about why Blodwen Rowlands allowed Bran to remain in the 20th century as an infant, and secondarily about the Rowlands' marriage. The remix is primarily about the Rowlands' marriage, only from John's POV, and it is AMAZING. Also bleak and hopeful, by turns, and beautiful all the way through.

Go read it and tell the mystery author how awesome ze is!


Apparently I have been a good Liz this year, because in addition to my assigned Remix I have received a Remix Madness story. It is making me itch with curiosity as I wonder what story it's based on. Why isn't it tomorrow evening already? *gnashes teeth in frustration*

And in yet more Remix news, I wrote a Madness fic myself tonight just for the fun of it. I think I will stop there, though, because I need to get some sleep tonight or work will be impossible on Monday.
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Remix Madness is open!

This is a subsidiary part of Remix Redux wherein anyone can play! You do not have to have written in any qualifying fandoms, and the story/stories you produce do not need any minimum wordcounts. All you have to do is post your name and a link to your own work on the opt-in post so other people also have the chance to remix you. (You can choose one safe story that you don't want other people to touch, if you like.)

It's fun! Last year I wrote Postcards from Naxos (You Don't Have To Go Home, but You Can't Stay Here) for Remix Madness, just because I was in love with With Thanks to Apollo by [livejournal.com profile] sour_idealist.

I have not picked out anything to try playing with this year, but you never know what might happen. :-)
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1. The Hinata prompt!fic for [livejournal.com profile] hungrytiger11 is now 4,000 words, WTF. All I promised was a minimum of 100. This is forty times that length and it's still not finished!

Also, I think I am writing myself into a mild blue funk every time I work on it. Seriously, this is the most depressing story I have written in ages. Even including the silly bit where Ino talks about Sai and oral sex. But I have to finish it now. I have reached a point where I need the catharsis for myself, regardless of what effect the story will have on any eventual readers.


2. I did a few preliminary edits on my remix and then sent it to beta -- thank you very much, [personal profile] significantowl and [livejournal.com profile] emmee_kay! I think I will post the beta draft on AO3 tonight, just in case. At least that way nobody will have to pinch hit if catastrophe strikes.


3. Narnia Big Bang fics have started going up on [livejournal.com profile] narniaexchange! Do go read them -- the three that have been posted so far are all excellent, and all very different from each other.
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What I did tonight: wrote 200 more words of the Hinata fic. Man, this is like pulling teeth. But I will get through it! I want to know how it ends!


Also, I wrote my remix. Yes, all of it.

In a way, I cheated -- the form of what I wrote is almost a paragraph for paragraph retread of the original (plus some expansion and extrapolation) -- but I needed to keep that aspect the same because of the other thing I changed. You don't get the right funhouse mirror effect without the pattern mimicking. (This is definitely a remix where, while it works in its own right, you really need to read the original to get the full impact.)

Hey, is anyone willing to beta read the remix for me? It's between 1,000 and 3,000 words, in a fandom I have talked about before on my journal but never posted any fics in. I don't think you need much canon knowledge; everything is fairly self-explanatory. Also, the original fic it's based on is under a thousand words, so it shouldn't be too hard to read that in order to tell me if my story works as a remix as well as working in its own right.

Remixes are due Sunday night, so I would like this story back on Saturday evening, if possible.
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The Hinata prompt!fic for [livejournal.com profile] hungrytiger11 is at 1,700 words. Bleh. I don't even know where it's going, really -- it started out as politics and then veered into a random lunch gathering of the Leaf Shadow summer camp women's survivor club. Attendees include Hinata, Sakura, Ino, Tenten, and Karin. I am not sure why Karin is there, as I am quite certain she did not attend the camp and only met the others much later via Sasuke. (She's in the army, like he is.) I have no idea how I'm going to haul it back to politics, or even exactly what Hinata is "moving on" from. I mean, I have some ideas -- there's set-up for at least two things already -- but it's all very fuzzy. But at least I've fulfilled the "+ any of the girls" part of the prompt!

[ETA, midnight: 2,700 words now, and I veered back to politics via an angst-filled flashback-ish thing. *hands* I don't even know anymore.]

I also started the trollstuck AU for [livejournal.com profile] explodingfrogs, because I figured out the opening paragraph as I woke up this morning and I wanted to get that written down before I forgot. So that's at 200 words. (...It wants to be illustrated. WTF, seriously, I am not an artist. *attempts to subdue plot bunny*)

And I copy-pasted the fic I am remixing to my hard drive for convenience. I should probably get started on that soon, considering it's due a week from tomorrow. :-/


In slightly tangential news, apparently the NBB fics and art will start going up tomorrow! I cannot wait to read them all, and also, it will be a relief to finally hear from other people whether I did a good job on my own fic or whether I completely blew it. I have been kind of twitchy and "but when will they go up? is it now? okay, how about now? or maybe now?" since I sent in my final draft. I freely admit I am not very good with delayed gratification. *wry*


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