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Random question that is obviously unrelated to anything, really, I swear:

Can anyone explain to me the appeal of stories in which Peter Parker is the biological son of and/or raised by people other than his canon family?

Like, I absolutely get the appeal of people mentoring Peter. That lands squarely in the found-family trope, which is one of my personal favorites. And I can see the appeal of giving a loving family to characters whose backstories involve unhappy stints in foster care (Matt Murdock gets adopted, Scott Summers gets adopted, etcetera). But while Peter is an orphan, he already has a loving (and reasonably healthy) family. Ben is vital to his origin story, and May is awesome. So why do so many people want to give Peter a different background that there is an entire subgenre ('superfamily,' I think?) wherein he is the biological and/or adopted child of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers, to say nothing of stories that attach him to a variety of other characters/ships?

I would really love to hear the perspective of someone who is into this trope, because it makes no sense to me on either a plot or emotional level, and I would like to at least get an intellectual understanding of its appeal.

Please help?


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