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I mentioned last summer that the story I ended up writing for [archiveofourown.org profile] FiKate in the 2014 Narnia Fic Exchange was not the story I first tried to write. I'd forgotten how close that failed attempt came to reaching the minimum word count, though, and I think it's fairly cute in its own right, so I'm posting it for the sake of completism.

Summary: Aravis, Cor, and Corin visit Narnia for the Summer Festival. Fragment. (900 words)

Visiting Narnia )

And that is where I stalled out and could not manage another hundred words for love nor money. I think the main problem is that I had no plot. I mean, the general thrust was Aravis and Cor having polite culture shock about various things in Narnia, but there wasn't a strong narrative arc, and a more general "hey, let's explore Narnia for a while" milieu story would have required at least another two thousand words to feel properly weighted and balanced, and if I couldn't manage another hundred, twenty times that was clearly out of the question.

The other takeaway lesson, of course, is that the narrative voice Lewis uses for the Chronicles does NOT come naturally to me, and I should probably not try to force it unless I have a very good reason. *wry*

(I am not entirely sure that this fragment meshes with These bringing with them unknown gods and rites. It fits all right with Any Sentry from His Post, which is set one week after the Battle of Anvard, but I'd expect Aravis to at least make passing mention of a trip to Narnia when thinking about the trouble of settling in to a new country and culture. Still, if the first full moon fell, let's say, the night before this fragment opens, and the trip to Narnia only lasts two or three weeks, she could perfectly well be back in Anvard for the next full moon.)
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Over on Tumblr, somebody suggested that for April Fools, fan writers should make art and fan artist should write stories -- a sort of conceptual bodyswap. I thought this sounded fun, and dug out my art supply box. At first I couldn't think of any fanart that I both wanted to draw and thought I had any chance in hell of pulling off, so I drew a random freehand mandala instead:

spring mandala

This is the kind of thing I used to doodle all over notebooks during lectures, only usually in a single color of ballpoint pen rather than multicolored Crayola markers.

Then I had the notion of making another mandala, only out of various Homestuck symbols. But before I started on that, I wanted to do something with the little strip of paper I tore off a printer sheet to make a square for my first mandala. So I folded it into quarters and drew four scribbled pictures of a tree over the course of an imaginary year. (I dislike waste. *shrug*)

four seasons doodle

After that, I got started on the Homestuck mandala. I'm using Beta kid god tier symbols only, because A) I didn't feel like trying to draw Hope or Rage, and B) more than four symbols in a single work starts to get conceptually overcrowded.

Homestuck mandala WIP

I'm still working out how to add Breath to this WIP, since it's not circular like Space, Time, and Light. Possibly four smaller diagonal versions in the corners of the page?

If anyone has suggestions, I am all ears! (And I'm setting this aside for the night, so you have time to make suggestions, should you wish. *grin*)
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Here, as a historical curiosity, are three stories I didn't write for [livejournal.com profile] snacky last summer, and a slightly misdirected trial version of the one I did end up finishing.


Take 1 - King Lune and Queen Elwen visit Cair Paravel (150 words) )


Take 2 - Susan visits the Lone Isles to reestablish Narnian sovereignty (650 words) )


Take 3 - the immediate aftermath of LWW (300 words) )


Take 4 - a recognizable first attempt at  )


For the record, the first three fragments are more or less part of my unified Narnian timeline headcanon. I hesitate to make them fully official, since I may try to write actual finished stories around those ideas some day and those would doutbless overwrite bits of what I've written here (just as the finished version of "Into Something Rich and Strange" overwrote the trial version in this post), but they are part of my assumed background to stories set later in the Pevensies' reign.
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[personal profile] rthstewart requested: Narnia, Cor and Aravis meeting Ilgamuth and Shezan

This is not really a proper response to the prompt, since I never reached the actual meeting, but I like this scene and may do something more with it someday.

Aravis and Cor return to Tashbaan. Fragment. (475 words)

Ancient Lands )

I really need to write "A Change of Season" in 2014; there are so many other Narnia fics I cannot work on until I finish that and thus pin down my post-HHB headcanon for Calormen!
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This is NOT [personal profile] branchandroot's mini-ficlet. It is, instead, the version that failed to work, mostly because it's not actually a response to her prompt. (Naruto and Narnia, Sakura and Susan, the hidden sides, for the record.) This could develop into a reasonable story in its own right, I suspect, but I'd need to come up with a proxy antagonist for Team 7 to fight plus some kind of action/spy plot and resolution thereof, and I don't feel like writing a ten-thousand word fic along those lines. But here is a hint of what that story could have been if I'd worked out those problems and continued.

Summary: In the aftermath of Anvard, Edmund attempts to hire a trio of assassins to guard Susan from potential Calormene retaliation. Susan accepts their contract. (1,250 words)

Set a Thief )

And that's where I realized I was writing the wrong story, ditched the political intrigue, and went off to start a new fic with a much tighter focus on Susan, Sakura, and their respective personal issues.
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From the department of Things I Am Not Writing Now, So Please Stop Trying To Get My Attention, Dammit: the opening scene of "A Change of Season," which is the probably-novel-length sequel to "Out of Season" and "To Every Thing There Is a Season."

which I am now going to post because putting it out in public will remind me that I need to write it SOMEDAY. just not today )

Then we jump to Anvard the next morning, shortly before the Narnian attack, rather than follow Ilgamuth across the desert. (I am trying to write about events in Calormen that occur in HHB's aftermath, you see, not to recapitulate the entire book.) And then after the battle itself, I think we'd jump to Calormen and Shezan getting news of the catastrophe (but probably not the curse, just yet; Archenland and Narnia will try to keep that secret as long as possible)... but that is a story for another day. *wry*
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I think it is time to admit that I am not going to finish this fic, because at the moment it has no plot and the minute it acquires one, it will turn into yet another novel-length WIP hanging over my head. (Particularly since I suspect the plot would involve A) twelve trolls and twelve humans learning to deal with their new supernatural powers, and B) somebody trying to disrupt the handover from the old Aspects to the new ones -- your standard YA fantasy, in other words.) But I am fond of these opening scenes with Dave and Aradia, so I am posting them for the record.

Dave and Aradia always knew there was something different about them, but being weird's not a problem if you're weird together. (3,750 words)

Aspects of Immortality )

I think if I continued this story, it would end up as Dave<>Aradia. Not all paired Aspects would have that sort of relationship, but I think Dave and Aradia's personalities play off each other well and growing up together gives them a bedrock solid understanding of how to navigate each other's virtues, quirks, and flaws.
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Random fic scraps I've written at work. I don't have dates for these -- I am not always as scrupulous about dating pages as I'd like to be -- so they go from shortest to longest.

Homestuck Fanfiction Scrapheap

Jade, isolated )


Davesprite and wing repair )


In a Purple Wood - aka, Terezi meets Nepeta )


I have no idea where I was going with the first fragment.

The second fragment was going to be another "Tales from the Yellow Yard" fic, but it never really clicked and I abandoned it unfinished.

"In a Purple Wood" is canon for my "Alternian Nights" sequence of fics. It's just disproportionately shorter than the other three stories and I couldn't figure out where to go after the initial meeting -- what happens is Nepeta takes Terezi back to her cave for the day and then Terezi cautiously allows Nepeta to visit her own hive in return, but I couldn't make that narratively interesting, alas. :-(


And that's pretty much it for fic scraps, aside from some original fiction which is too short to contain any useful contextual information, and I don't feel like writing ten paragraphs of non-fiction to explain two paragraphs of actual fiction. Somehow that doesn't feel like a good use of my time. *wry*

In any case, I should get back to writing the epilogue of "Secrets," which has been giving me absolute fits of frothing frustration. I think I have been approaching it all wrong and should start over with a different scene at a different time and place (though the same three characters) which will hopefully be more conducive to making them have the conversation I want them to have. *resolve face*
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Random fic scraps I've written at work, in no particular order.

Narnia Fanfiction Scrapheap

Shasta and animals )


Shezan at the Ulvaan temple )


Ilgamuth and Shezan meet; alternate scene )


Jill and Eustace in Aslan's country )


And that is it for Narnia fic scraps. (I do have another unfinished piece I wrote at work -- the Aravis/Cor backrub thing that took a random turn into vaguely kinky sex -- but that is longer and it will become a proper finished story one of these days. OR ELSE. *frowns meaningfully at the fic in question*)
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Also known as the scene where Shezan talks to the gods.

I thought I'd deleted this! It turns out I just saved it in a completely unrelated folder that I'd had open for some reason. Then I had no reason to go looking for Narnia fic there, so I only stumbled across this scene tonight.

It is from late in "Out of Season," the night before the Spring Festival. I cut it because it was a little too divine intervention-y. I like characters to make their choices for internal reasons, not because some deity said "Do this OR ELSE." And since Shezan mostly forgot the dream anyway, it seemed weird to keep the scene when it had no practical effect on the plot.

But I like the interaction between Shezan, Achadith, and Aslan, so I am posting this for the sake of completeness. *grin* (1,100 words)

[ETA: The AO3 crosspost is now up!]

Out of Season: Shezan's Dream [cut scene] )

In other news, I am doing my best to force myself to write despite the blue funk. I think it is helping. I still feel monumentally uninspired and without motivation, but the act of creation is in itself a weapon against emptiness. It is just incredibly difficult at times like these. I have one fic that's about 2,000 words now (this is after a week of effort like pulling teeth) and I have been staring at it all afternoon and evening trying to figure out what happens next, but I just cannot get my brain to cough up basic dialogue. Very frustrating!

Nevertheless, I will persevere. *resolve face*


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