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I have ambivalent feelings about genre romance. On the one hand, a lot of it is... um... gender essentialist, sexist to various degrees, and frankly badly written. On the other hand, it gives me guaranteed happy endings, reasonably written porn, and an automatic focus on female protagonists. Of course the female protagonists are usually focusing on men, but I try to stick to books where there's another plot running alongside the romance, so both the heroine and the hero have something else to think about besides having (or not having) sex with each other.

Which is by way of leading to up to talking about Nalini Singh. Whose Psy-Changeling paranormal romance series (psychics and were-creatures in the same world, because why settle for just one when you can have both!) is one of my guilty pleasures.

I am pretty sure if I'd started reading with book one (Slave to Sensation) or book two (Visions of Heat), I would have finished the volume in question and not bothered with the rest. But my introduction was book three (Caressed by Ice), and I have to admit, I have a Thing for Judd Lauren, the hero of that book. I also really like Brenna Kincaid, the heroine -- I mean, she's working on inventing a technology to duplicate and improve on Psy teleportation! She has a degree in advanced computer programming! She can build remote-controlled bombs! Brenna's awesome. :-)

So after reading book three, I went back and read books one and two and inadvertently got hooked on Singh's overarching series plot threads. I need to know how the whole mess with Silence, the Psy-Net, the Council, and the shifting balance of power between the Psy, the changelings, and the humans is going to play out. To that end, I read each new book as it's published, whether I give a damn about the personal problems of the new heroine and hero or not. (Usually Singh is good enough that I care for the duration of the book, whether I remember much about the protagonists afterwards or not.)

Which is by way of leading up to saying the latest book (Kiss of Snow) arrived in the smoke shop this week, and I have a copy and am in the middle of reading it.

Sometimes I just want brain candy, deeper analysis be damned. *wry*


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