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So last night I was all, "I am going to wait a day before writing the next section of "Trollstuck," and therefore today I will work on "Secrets" ch. 15 in the vague hope of getting it done by the 10th anniversary of when I started posting that blasted story." That failed to happen.

Tonight I was all, "Okay, let's write the next section of "Trollstuck" -- fake archaeology is yay!" That also failed to happen.


Instead, that fic I mentioned a couple months ago wherein spoilers for Act 5... is that still a thing I need to cut for? ) That's now at 2,400 words. And has a title. ("Instant Corpse Party (Party Not Included)," FYI.) I think two more scenes might finish it?


Also I kind of had a disturbing (and/or disturbingly sexy?) daydream this morning as I was not-quite-awake yet that ties into the weird colony planet AU I dreamed about back in March, only this was about the humans' side of the story and some details on their genetic engineering program and stuff. Which took a very strange left turn into gender issues and telepathic pack-bonding and military organization and stuff. (FYI, it turns out that while the trolls set up a colony for mining purposes, the humans were there specifically to research the native psychic wildlife in hope of finding ways to counter troll psychics. Logic, I has it!)


One day, I would like to understand my own brain.

I highly doubt this will ever be a thing that happens.
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Homestuck is now invading my dreams.

For example, a couple weeks ago I had a dream that resulted in a Dave<>Aradia fic that I am noodling around with. The rough draft is currently 3,500 words or so. It went very fast at first, but now I've hit the stage where I need to bash it heavily around the edges so it runs on story logic instead of dream logic.

And last night, I dreamed that trolls and humans had both colonized a marginal sort of planet and then the new colonies got abandoned in the muddle of a vast interstellar interspecies war. The world they were on contained a lot of vicious psychic monsters, and the two species took different approaches to dealing with them. The humans used genetic engineering to give some people specialized powers that mimicked the native animals' abilities. The trolls, who already had some psychic powers, instead of took advantage of a quirk of the hemospectrum.

cut because you probably don't want to read my weird dreams )

Also Nicolas Cage drove a speedboat along some canals, but I don't think that was relevant to the main plot thread. *wry*


And now to bed. After I take another Benadryl. *blows nose, curses early spring*


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