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Things I have been doing recently-ish:

1. So on Saturday the 12th, while I was in Denison (I cannot remember offhand whether this was before, after, or in the middle of hacking up ch. 14 of "Secrets" with red pen), I spent an hour or so flipping channels between the final third of Sky High and Argentina vs. Nigeria. (Boring game, btw.) And this left me, as stories often do, wondering if there was fanfiction for Sky High. Apparently there is. Except, alas, something like 80 percent of it seems to be "My totally cool OFC goes to Sky High and falls in love with Warren Peace!!!" dreck, and what remains is often Warren/Layla.

(Which, okay, Warren/Layla is not bad, but it's not what I am looking for... you know, tangentially, I think there is a pairing type a lot of people find attractive, which is main!female!character with badboy!secondary!male!character -- Hermione/Draco, Katara/Zuko, Layla/Warren, Jean/Logan, etc. -- and it tends to leave me cold, especially when done in a shallow, trope-reliant way. And especially especially when the main!female!character has a canon love interest whom I also like, and whom she explicitly chooses. But that may just be me, and I may well be generalizing from too few examples, and also, this is way tangential.)

Anyway. So I have been trying to find good stuff among the dreck, and also hitting the Yuletide archives and [livejournal.com profile] crack_van and doing lj interest searches and stuff. I tend to overdose on fic when I find a new canon that interests me, but it's very frustrating when there just isn't stuff there to drown in. :-(


2. After losing sleep the past few days (because of trying to find good Sky High fic), I caught up on some rest last night and used my renewed brainpower to finish transferring my red-pen edits of "Secrets" ch. 14 from paper to the computer file -- and made a few more changes as I went, which is par for the course -- and sent it off to beta. So hopefully I will get that back in a week or two, and have the chapter up... I dunno, around the 4th of July if I'm lucky?

But don't count on it. My estimated editing times always stretch out longer than I think they will. (Mostly this is because I am usually sick to death of a story or chapter by the time I'm making a third draft of it -- and yes, I really do make three actual separate drafts of each chapter of "Secrets," in comparison to the one or two drafts I make of anything else. This is mostly because the story is so damn long that I need the extra care.)


3. My parents are hitting the road Tuesday morning and driving out to the Twin Cities for General Assembly. I will fly out on Saturday, and on Sunday we'll drive up to the lake. Hurrah for a vacation that is actually a proper vacation! We will most likely drive back down Friday night, since my return flight to Ithaca leaves Saturday morning and you don't want to risk bad weather on the lake plus bad 4th of July weekend traffic when you have a plane waiting.

But I am going to Star Island. Everything else is irrelevant. \o/


...Judging by the lack of brain-to-keyboard filter going on here, I think I should go catch up on more sleep. Stupid enervating summer humidity.


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