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Because when I'm stressed out by managing holiday craziness, trying to cram two weeks of online training into three days, and cursing at an incredibly glitchy internet connection, obviously the answer is to write wildly AU kinkmeme threesome fills that don't even get to the actual point of the prompt and toss in extensive references to a completely different threesome as an integral part of the background. *headdesk*

But hey, you know, I wrote a thing?

Summary: Matt opened a rift to the middle world to get relief from his own dark realm and the futility of arguing with Vanessa and Wilson over the injustices created by their settlement after the war. He expected a quiet morning alone. What he found was better. (2,125 words)

Note: This fic was written in response to a prompt on [community profile] daredevilkink: Matt is Hades; Foggy AND Karen are Persephone. Matt's life is sad and lonely until two creatures of sunshine and spring flowers catch his attention. Threesome in the underworld!!!

I didn't get to the Matt/Foggy/Karen threesome part, alas, and a bunch of strongly implied past Matt/Vanessa/Fisk crept in from somewhere, but I hope it's clear that this meet-cute is aiming toward that scenario. (Also this wants to be the opening chapter of a longer story in which Matt overturns the current setup of the three realms and perhaps fights an incursion by the Devourers while he's at it, but I don't have the time to write that. Sorry!)

The Shattering of Stone (AO3 version) / The Shattering of Stone (kinkmeme version)
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I've been having issues with the "Guardian" fight scene for the past few days, which apparently translates to writing a random [community profile] daredevilkink fill. *hands*

(I think I have finally found the problem, btw. The fix will involve going back to the point where I took a wrong turn and ripping out everything that follows, which is annoying, but the results will be worth it.)

But anyway, fic!

Summary: Karen thinks her phone is lost or stolen. It turns out her bosses simply borrowed it... which may not actually be an improvement. (1,850 words)

Note: This fic was written in response to the following kinkmeme prompt: Foggy finds Karen's secret stash of photos. He meant to get an address from her phone, but found... Selfies with Matt. Pictures of Foggy sleeping and drooling. Matt cleaning his ear, and then sniffing it. A dead pigeon (wtf, karen?!). Food. Coffee. Cat photos.

Matt: Oh, please don't tell me she still has that embarrassing photo of me from the Christmas party.
Foggy: Huh... yes...
Matt: Nooooooooo...

My fill is a little sideways to the prompt in that it's from Karen's POV instead of Foggy's, but as someone who ACTUALLY HAS pictures of dead pigeons on my phone, I couldn't resist. :D

A Moral Decision in One Eighth of a Second (AO3) / A Moral Decision in One Eighth of a Second (kinkmeme)

Please read it on AO3; I've made some minor touch-ups.

ETA: Now with a 450-word explanation for the dead pigeons!

(The dead pigeon description is based on one of my actual dead pigeon photos. Karen's motivations are her own.)
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So I may have filled a Daredevil kinkmeme prompt? Um. I'll put it up on AO3 tomorrow or Sunday, after I look it over for the inevitable glitches I'm sure I'm not seeing at the moment. But hey, y'know, fic. (No actual sex occurs on-page, but the fic is basically nothing but foreplay between naked people, so I don't think it qualifies as safe for work.)

[ETA: the slightly revised final version is now up on AO3! (Link below)]

Summary: Being with Matt is still a terrible idea, but Claire can find some compensations. (1,425 words)

Note: This fic was written in response to the following kinkmeme prompt: matt/claire, skinship. because of this gifset; matt doing it to claire or vice versa I don't mind, but it could be good if it was part of the aftersex "cuddling" that then leads to just more sex after the sex. It's also a response to the Cotton Candy Bingo prompt: skin, because why not. :-)

Until the Day Breathes and the Shadows Flee (AO3) / Until the Day Breathes and the Shadows Flee (kinkmeme)
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Summary: Wherein the beta kids have an agreement to form a sedoretu once they're old enough, as told in a series of standalone pesterlogs. Part 3 - Interludes. (3,800 words)

Note: This chapter took me forever and a day (aka, two years and three months) to write. I freely admit I am a terribly slow and inconsistent author. Sorry about that. This chapter is also not what I intended to write, but I felt weird writing a scene that was specifically about the beta and alpha kids meeting when they hadn't yet done so in canon, so I did some transitional scenes for the beta kids and a bit of introductory background stuff for the alphas.

If you're confused about the alpha kids' moieties and why they don't match the beta kids, that is partially intentional and the complete reasons will probably get explained in chapter 4, whenever I get around to writing that. But if the confusion is too great, please tell me and I'll see what I can do to slip some justifications into the text of this chapter.

(The previous two chapters are available here on AO3.)

[ETA: The slightly revised final version of this chapter is now also up on AO3! Yay!]

Four by Four 03: Interludes )

I've had Dave and Rose's chatlog done for ages, and Jade and John's done for nearly six months, but two-thirds of Jane and Jake's and the entirety of Roxy and Dirk's chatlogs were only written tonight, so I haven't had much chance to check them for coherence and such. If you have any suggestions or questions, please tell me! I would like to make sure I am getting my points across and keeping the characters in-character... or at least as in-character as possible, given the AU sedoretu gimmick.
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Something I find fascinating about Homestuck as a fandom is the weird experiments it inspires me to try. For example, this fic, which I wrote... and then decided to format entirely as a series of images. Because why not? (Don't worry! The second "chapter" is not actually a chapter; it's just a text version for anyone who is using e-readers, is reading on a small screen, has trouble parsing cursive fonts, or just doesn't want to bother with images. You may want to disable the AO3 work skin, though, since I did use pesterlog formatting.)

Anyway, this fic is a combined response to two kinkmeme prompts. The major prompt, by [personal profile] random_gal, was for Jane contacting either Rose or Dave to assuage her doubts that Roxy and Dirk are actually related to them. The minor prompt was for Jane meeting either Rose or Dave in person and striking up a conversation about their child that they've never met.

Contact for Proof: Dear Ms. Lalonde, my name is Jane and I met your daughter online last month... [Alpha Timeline Fluff, obviously] (3,075 words)
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It is once again random kinkmeme promptfic time!

The stream of everything that runs away: In Dave's defense, he really, truly, honest to god, cross my heart, do I look like a liar to you, thought Jade and Rose had locked the super-fancy teleportalizicator console already -- set it to track baby alterna-Rose and her cat and nothing else -- and so it wouldn't matter if he twirled the dials and pushed the levers and sat on the big fuckoff green button. Especially since he wasn't anywhere near the zappy ray bits.

Apparently accidental time travel is still a thing. Alpha!Dave and kid!Dirk, gen and feels. (2,700 words)

Notes: "The stream of everything that runs away" may or may not be an official part of my Alpha Timeline Fluff series. It uses that as background, but I'm not sure how it would affect other series events, so for now it exists in a sort of quantum bubble. The title is a line from Robert Frost's poem "West-Running Brook".

[ETA: The slightly revised final version is now up on AO3! And I have decided that it is a full part of the Alpha Timeline Fluff series after all.]


The prompt in question, courtesy of [personal profile] askerian: alpha Dave somehow ends up 400 years into the future with kid!Dirk. (like, he doesn’t die and escapes into the medium and then falls out? condie throws him and rose in a bigger version of dirk’s headless microwave thing to keep them out of the way? what? i don’t even care which)

i just have this image in my head of this classy motherfucker in button-up shirt and waistcoat, sitting on one of the lowest metal struts over the water with his feet bare and his suit pants legs rolled up as kid!Dirk shows him Very Srsly how to fish.

awkwardness and sparring and tender feelings as they learn to know each other plz.

And hey, happy stupidly early birthday, Asuka! (I know I am a month off-target, but given my longstanding time-management issues, I figure this is close enough. Also, it was a really good prompt. *wry*)
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At last I have finished editing that anonymeme fic I've been talking vaguely about for a while now. It is now up on AO3! (Please read that version rather than the kinkmeme version, since I have made some significant edits and also some small extensions.)

Untimely Ripped: Most spellbooks are bullshit. Everyone knows this. But they're made of words and you need words to fill the hole in the center of your mind, so you flick through this one at the same mechanical pace you read a cheesy romance yesterday and plan to read a stupidly anachronistic spy thriller tomorrow. The clock on the living room wall ticks rhythmically above your head. Outside, light November rain mists down on the fallen leaves and dormant grass. Damara's cat watches you disdainfully from the mantel. You turn another page.

And then a spell title jumps out at you: For the Restoration of Life After Untimely Death. (10,775 words) [kinkmeme version, for historical reference]

Notes: This story was written in response to the following kinkmeme prompt from [personal profile] duendedefined/[tumblr.com profile] damaramegido: Aradia is told that there's a way to bring her sister Damara, who had killed herself a few months prior, back to life. This could happen either in a sci-fi setting (medical experiments?) or an urban fantasy setting (magic?), I don't really mind. Aradia immediately accepts, and the procedure/spell/whatever goes off without a hitch.

And Damara is not happy to be back.

Basically Megido family sadstuck with Aradia trying to give her sister a second chance.

I took the urban fantasy option, though the setting is suburban/rural rather an actual city. It's set in a slightly alternate version of western New York -- primarily because I am at heart a lazy writer, but also because Ithaca in November is very atmospherically conducive to stories about depression so I figured I'd write that general landscape into the story.
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It is once again random kinkmeme fill time!

Prompt: Rose and Dave use their twin powers for evil, by which I mean they go clubbing and cooperatively seduce older men, by which I mean they take Dad home and ride him. Bonus points for unfairly hot dancing and a really confused and turned-on Dad.

(I would like for Dad to be significantly older than Dave and Rose, but I would also like for them to be legal, so maybe 50-ish and early twenties? Filler do what you want, idk)

I didn't get to the actual sex, but I did get the dancing, the seduction, and some dirty talk, and it's always possible I'll manage a part two to show what happens once Dave and Rose get Mr. Egbert into their apartment. In the meantime, please enjoy...

Dance With Another (kinkmeme) / Dance With Another (AO3): Dave and Rose cooperatively seduce older people for no-strings threesomes. Mr. Egbert has no idea what's about to hit him. (2,775 words)
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This is a ridiculously, incredibly super-belated kinkmeme fill -- the original prompt was posted back in August 2012 -- but what the hell, porn is porn, yeah?

Prompt: Can we get some breast worship all up in the house? It's my biggest kink and I never see anything for it! I just want something with one of the more well endowed girls (in my headcanon, Jane and Jade are the most "gifted" of the girls, but whatever girl the filler wants to do is fine) getting their breasts played with and cared for by one of the guys or girls with maybe some nipple play and suckling thrown in too?

(also, if you do it as f/f, I think it would be cool if one of the human girls was getting fawned over by a troll girl who just can't get over how much softer, squishier and bigger human breasts are)

Summary: Jane and Dave are on a mission to thoroughly map certain areas of bodily terrain. Explicit sex. (4,775 words) [Also posted here on the kinkmeme]

All That We Survey )

And that is that. Yay porn?
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I am having ISSUES with my NFE fic, so it is random kinkmeme fill time again! Fair warning: the following fic contains no kink whatsoever, unless you count fluff and family feels as kink.

It does, however, contain terrible childhood experiments in baking. Which are largely based on my own terrible childhood adventures in baking, before I knew that recipes were a thing. I really did hide my screwups in my sock drawer, but lacking a magical teleporting cat, I had to feed mine to my dog... and occasionally to my little sister. *is totally unrepentant* (Also, I was ten years old, not seven. I am not sure how I made it to ten without realizing what my mom's cookbooks and recipe box were for, but I can be amazingly oblivious at times.)

Recipe for Success: (AO3 version) 2,400 words. Prompt: I just want a nice feel good Jane fic about her first attempts at baking. Like how her dad taught her that sort of thing and them being happy and familial.


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