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Okay. Current writing project summary:

1. WIP Big Bang. My posting date is August 15. I should probably have all my chapters done at least a week before that, for editing purposes. I am currently stuck (yet again) halfway through ch. 11 because I suddenly realized I need to explain a bunch of political process stuff, which should have been introduced a lot sooner for proper flow and foreshadowing purposes. I have the terrible feeling I need to go back and make edits to previously posted chapters so the necessary setup for my ending is in place. (This is doubly annoying since I already did make edits on ch. 1 a couple years back. *sigh*)

2. Ladystuck Remix. Due July 25. I looked through my remixee's archive, picked a few likely stories, and then stalled out. This is my most immediately pressing project and I should try to get an outline and a decent stab at a rough draft done by Sunday night.

3. Narnia Fic Exchange. I made my requests and offer today, though I may tweak them somewhat before the signup period closes. Assignments go out around July 29 and stories are due August 31. I don't need to worry about this for a month.

4. Remix Redux. There is no schedule yet and signups probably won't open until next week at the earliest. Again, I don't need to worry for a while.

5. Daredevil Bingo. [personal profile] significantowl wants to set one up. I want to participate! No hard details exist yet.

6. I am not allowed to sign up as a Palestuck pinch hitter. I do not have the time. (Other people should, though!)

7. "Guardian" ch. 17. Yeah, I'll... uh... get back to you on that sometime? *headdesk*


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