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1. Today was the start of the annual Apple Harvest Festival on the Commons, which means the smoke shop was absolutely jumping all day long. We made twice as much money in the morning shift as we often do, and the evening shift looked to continue the same way.

So I was very busy this afternoon. That's a little wearing, but not unexpected.

What was unexpected was RE failing to show up at 4pm to start his shift and let me clock out and go home. When he still hadn't arrived at 4:15, I called PM who told me to call STNC (our parent company) to get his phone number (because our employee reference sheet is sadly out of date), whereupon I called RE and left a message saying, essentially, "Um, where are you and please get here!"

Then I punched out and went to get a very belated lunch, since if he didn't show up, the plan was for me to work until closing, in which case I legally needed a half hour break. Fortunately he called back -- it turned out he'd written his schedule down wrong -- and promised to get in as soon as possible. So I went back to eat my gyro on a table... except the level of traffic in the store was still nuts, so I abandoned my food and went to help MS until RE arrived. Which ended up being about 5pm.

I got an extra hour of pay, but I think it cost me two hours of sanity, so I am not sure the trade was worth it.


2. Tomorrow I have to go into town to get my picture taken for a photographic church phone directory, after which I am going to the mall to buy new sneakers (mine have finally started leaking through the soles when it rains) and then to Tops for groceries. Which neatly takes up the middle of my day. Oh well, at least I will feel productive.


3. In other news, I am writing again after largely stopping for a week due to A) lack of sleep and B) overdosing on Supernatural fanfic, which I love because, Wincest and angel slash aside, that fandom will give me gen stories about sibling relationships -- which often also include adventure plots about the apocalypse, and Sam having evil powers and being psychic and stuff, and Sam and Dean being very large and strong men... shut up, I am sure you have equally stupid narrative kinks. (No, I have never seen the show. It's not hard to pick up the basics via fannish osmosis, though.)

So yeah, I'm writing. It's just that nothing is anywhere close to being done. I have added a few hundred words to a few things, picked away at the Mary Pevensie POV piece of my Narnia genderswap thing, mulled ideas for a Laurie Pevensie POV genderswap ficlet, done a bunch of world-building for original fiction, and so on and so forth.

Maybe next week I'll get something finished.


4. In other other news, apparently my high school class is, in fact, planning a 10-year reunion. It will simply happen eleven years after graduation, because we're special like that.

How do I know this? Because there is a Facebook group for planning said reunion. Which one of my former classmates invited me to join.


At the moment, it looks like the plan is for us to commandeer a restaurant in late February 2011. We shall see if anything comes of this.


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