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Yeah, yeah, dead horse. I know. But WishingDreamer5 (despite the "I have no other choice but to report you" thing in their original review -- what, someone was holding a gun to your head?) is at least willing to ask me what I mean instead of assuming that my viewpoint is automatically irrelevant. So I am attempting to explain. And I am also making my explanation public "in order for others to see it, just like teachers do at school," because that is indeed a good idea. :-)

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I am blurring the point on where use of second person slides from "a character's point of view expressed in an unorthodox technique" to "an author directly addressing the reader," but that's somewhat unavoidable since there is no hard and fast line in the sand between those extremes. It gets even blurrier if you use second person to tell the story of an original character in a work of fanfiction -- in practice, it can be made clear through a distinctive voice and a solid POV that "you" refers to a specific character rather than to a generalized/idealized reader, but I am pretty sure any rule I tried to lay down would have at least a dozen exceptions. *sigh*


Tangentially, it's frustrating to get messages about complicated issues while I am at work (or checking email on my way to work). I can read email and do a surprising amount of websurfing via my phone during my lunch break or slow periods in the evening, but typing more than a couple short sentences in response is next to impossible. Basically, after I disconnect from my upstairs neighbors' wireless router I am incommunicado until I get home from work the next day, because I don't leave any slack time in my morning routine to get online at all, let alone type up thoughtful comments.

(Which is, of course, another reason not to get into fights. There is no way in the world I could moderate anything in a responsible fashion.)


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