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Remix reveal day! I wrote two stories this year: In the Absence of Sun (The Grief Inside Your Bones) for [archiveofourown.org profile] templemarker and Sword and Stake (Hath Yet Her Honor and Her Toil) for [personal profile] rthstewart. I'm going to talk about each in a separate post.


Sword and Stake (Hath Yet Her Honor and Her Toil): 625 words, May 2014. The new Council hires Lucy Pevensie to train novice Watchers. Dawn enrolls in her class.

Remixed from Sword and stake by [personal profile] rthstewart.

I hadn't really been planning to write anything for Remix Madness, since it took me such a long time to finish my assigned remix, but rth had not yet received her assigned remix (you can check these things from your AO3 dashboard), and she is a wonderful person who deserves all the gifts. So I wrote her one. :-)

It didn't hurt that the concept in her three-sentence ficlet is inherently awesome. I mean, Lucy Pevensie vs. the forces of evil! Lucy Pevensie, training up the next generation! Dawn recognizing a new role model! What's not to love? I just elaborated a little on rth's foundation.

(...I am now trying very hard to resist elaborating on my own elaboration, and writing the incident where the old Watchers' Council tried to discourage Lucy from hunting vampires, on the grounds that she wasn't a Slayer or even a Potential, and Lucy firmly put her foot down and told them what was what. I rather suspect she was persona non grata to the Council hierarchy for decades, though field Watchers often sought her advice in secret. I'm also not certain what her siblings' roles were in the battle against demons and vampires and repeated apocalyptic threats, but I'm certain it would make an epic tale... that someone else should write so I can read it. *wry*)

The subtitle is a gender-flipped line from Tennyson's Ulysses, which you may have noticed -- I use another one of its lines as my journal header, after all -- is one of my favorite poems.
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Remix reveal day! I wrote two stories this year: In the Absence of Sun (The Grief Inside Your Bones) for [archiveofourown.org profile] templemarker and Sword and Stake (Hath Yet Her Honor and Her Toil) for [personal profile] rthstewart. I'm going to talk about each in a separate post.


In the Absence of Sun (The Grief Inside Your Bones): 5,175 words, May 2014. Buffy goes to LA after Angel's private little war. Faith trails her like a dark mirror, chasing her own demons and debts. Neither expects to run into Wesley. Buffy/Faith/Wesley, explicit sex.

Remixed from In the Absence of Sun, by [archiveofourown.org profile] templemarker.

So yeah. I wrote porn for Remix. Weird, isn't it?

I did not actually mean to write porn at all, nor to write in this (these?) fandom(s). I matched templemarker on Inception and Star Trek: AOS, and my initial intent was to remix Conversation Piece, in which Ariadne sneaks into one of Arthur's dreams and discovers a 1940s bar. I rewatched the movie specifically to refresh my memory of their interactions, and got a few hundred words written. But while I was poking around templemarker's archive, trying to choose a fic to remix, I read In the Absence of Sun and that scenario just point-blank refused to get out of my head, no matter how hard I tried to concentrate on writing Ariadne and Arthur.

So I said the heck with it and went with the story that wanted to be written.

I don't know exactly why I decided to switch to Buffy's POV -- that was not a conscious choice, properly speaking, just something that I'd apparently decided very firmly before I so much as opened a new Word document. *shrug* The rest of it... I am not good at PWP, really. I think it's partly because porn is still not my go-to toolkit as a writer, and partly because world-building and character exploration are my catnip. So I wanted to know more about the situation that led to Buffy and Wesley meeting Faith in a bar, and this led to the (possibly inevitable?) conclusion that Buffy had come to Los Angeles after the events of "Not Fade Away," as had Faith (for similar-ish reasons), and that Wesley had mysteriously recovered from his case of fatal death and was not coping well. (Buffy isn't coping terribly well either, though the narrative doesn't draw attention to that nearly as much as it draws attention to Wesley's issues. Tight third-person POV is an interesting tool. *wry*)

And then they all have sex.

The opening two scenes -- Buffy goes to LA, and Buffy runs into Wesley -- are entirely my creation. The next three -- Buffy and Wesley meet Faith in a bar, the car ride and actual sex, the aftermath -- are a close-but-not-exact variation on the events of templermarker's story. This is partly because we're in Buffy's POV rather than Wesley's and they're not always in the same place or paying attention to the same things, but I also actively altered some of the characters' actions, both during the actual sex and during the aftermath, because the emotional through-line of my story is different. Which is the fun of remixing, really: taking the same notes and arranging them into a new tune.
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I took a brief nap to recover after a busy visit from my parents, and woke up to a wonderful surprise: both the RemixRedux 11 and Remix Madness 2014 archives are now live! Anonymously, of course, so my own work will remain a mysterious subject of mystery for another week, but in the meantime I highly recommend you go read the three (!!!) stories that have been written using my old stories as a springboard.


Overground (The Rat Without A Maze Remix): [ETA: by [archiveofourown.org profile] qwerty] Sarah might have left the Goblin King, but she never meant to leave the Labyrinth. (1,025 words)

This is based on Balance, a Sara/Jareth story I wrote back in 2006. "Balance" was a reworking and extension of an even earlier work -- "Running from Her Shadow" -- that was itself an extension and fictionalization of a tiny irritated/outraged meta essay I wrote to and for myself back in 2001 directly after watching Labyrinth for the first time and reading it as a story about the rejection of female sexuality. (Which is kind of a funny response in retrospect, coming from someone who is thoroughly asexual and aromantic, but eh, I am large; I contain multitudes. *wry*)

Anyway! My remixer has taken the basic premise behind "Running from her Shadow" (which is the first chapter of "Balance") and elaborated on it wonderfully, bringing in rich details about both the Labyrinth denizens Sara slowly outgrows, and the normal life and people she fails to fit in with. I glossed over most of that, so it's very cool to get to feel Sara's growing sense of dislocation instead of just being told what the problem is. Go tell my remixer they're awesome!


Where The Wood Drake Flies (The Squirrel With The Table Remix): [ETA: by [archiveofourown.org profile] Estirose] Amanda is still learning control, but at least she has Sarek. (300 words)

This is based on Penelope, Weaving, which is a little Amanda/Sarek 15-minute ficlet I wrote as a first toe-dipping venture into Star Trek fandom after the 2009 reboot movie. Both my story and the remix are character studies of Amanda, centered on how and why she agreed to be (at least superficially) a housewife on Vulcan. The remix, though, has a more sensual way with words, and casts a tighter focus on Amanda's love for Sarek and how much their relationship means to her. Go read it!


Turbulence (The Storm Warning Remix): [ETA: by [archiveofourown.org profile] Gehayi] Before her descendant Jadis was brought to Narnia, before she herself came to Charn, Lilith was a Carrionite, and her people had been banished by the Eternals to the Deep Darkness. (3,450 words)

This is a remix of Storm Warning, which is not actually a three-sentence ficlet despite being written for the 2011 Three Sentence Ficathon. (I am not always very good at structural restrictions, alas.) My ficlet is about Jadis discovering the secret tale of how Lilith came to Charn via tricking the Doctor into giving her passage in the TARDIS, and how the Doctor tricked Lilith in turn by stranding her on an empty world that circled a dying sun.

The remix tells Lilith's story. The author neatly and brilliantly weaves Lilith into Doctor Who canon, with its insistance on science over magic, its plethora of ancient universe-spanning powers and wars, and its cavalcade of alien refugees on Earth... while simultaneously working in all the Middle Eastern mythology that surrounds Lilith, and giving Aslan an ominous cameo. It is a tour de force and you should read it immediately!
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Ha! Finished the long version of my remix, did some preliminary edits, posted the beta draft, and sent it off for beta-reading.

...I am so sorry I am making my little sister read porn. I mean, I know she is a grown woman. I'm sure she's read plenty of erotica and porn on her own time. But we've never really talked about that sort of thing, not to mention this is porn that I wrote, which is therefore completely different. I told her all I really need edited is the thematic stuff and she does not have to comment on the hotness (or lack thereof) of the porn. We shall see if she takes that convenient escape clause.

*twitches in reflexive embarrassment*

Um. On that note, is anybody else willing to look over some porn-plus-themes for me? It's not in one of my big fandoms, but I have written in it before, and it has a broad base for culturally osmotic familiarity. (In other words, I'm sure you've heard of it and know a few details even if you've never had direct contact with the canon.) And anyway the basic thrust (ha, whoops) should be clear even without specific fandom familiarity.

Also, I could use feedback on the porn. *wry*

It's over 3,000 words and under 10,000, and I will tell you any further details if you are interested and give me an email address at which to contact you.
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The trouble with starting to write a porn-centric story at, um, shall we say a certain point in a female hormonal cycle, is that once your body has stopped sending "yes, yes, go sex, much yay, hubba hubba hubba!" signals to your brain, it's kind of hard to work up the necessary motivation to write the second half of the porn in question. Or at least it is if you are my particular brand of asexual.


My life. So hard.


I am definitely past the halfway point of the story, though, and probably past the halfway point of the sex too. I have also made some judicious edits and additions to previous scenes to highlight the theme of this piece, insofar as it has one beyond "wow, sex," and will do another pass-through to that effect once I have typed "the end" or words to that general effect. So yeah. Progress!
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I don't need time. What I need is a deadline.
---Duke Ellington



*continues beating head against her remix*
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FYI, Remix Madness is now open for signups. The rules and FAQ are here, and there is a signup link on the side of that page.

Basically what you are doing with Remix Madness is giving blanket permission for other Remix Madness participants to pick one or more of your stories (except a designated "safe" story and WIPs) and write their own version of it. You also get the chance to do the same to as many other participants as you wish. (Well, as many as you can write stories for between now and Sunday, anyway.) There are no minimum eligibility requirements, and you do not have to have participated in the regular Remix Redux exchange to participate in Remix Madness. There is also no pressure -- you don't need to write a story -- and no minimum word count.

I have signed up, but I need to finish fixing my regular remix before I get ambitious and try writing anything else. So it's back to the porn mines for me, I guess. *rueful sigh*

ETA: Wrote more porn, still not done. Oh well, tomorrow!
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Hi, not dead!

Random stuff in no particular order:

1. I posted a rough draft of my remix tonight. It's not the entirety of what I have written, but it's the part that works okay on its own -- the rest is either a rambling introductory scene I may end up cutting altogether, or unfinished unrepentant porn. Unfinished porn is nobody's friend. *wry* (Yes, I am actually writing porn for RemixRedux. I am as surprised by this development as you are! This is not even the fic I meant to be remixing, but it's the one I couldn't get out of my head, to the point it muscled in on my planned remix and stole all my inspiration for itself. Stories. What can you do.)


2. I now have eleven pepper sprouts. I'm not completely sure the later sprouts will do as well as the earlier ones -- they're a bit crumpled and funny around the leaves even after some time to grow -- but what the heck, they deserve a fair chance. I gave them all a bit of MiracleGro on Thursday and we shall see what happens.

I also acquired seven more flowerpots. You see, we are cleaning out the smoke shop basement in preparation for closing in about two months, and we have a LOT of old junk down there. Which included seven very nice terracotta pots, 7" across and 5.5" tall. The pots I was using last year (of which I have two) are 8" across and about 7" tall, while the two I bought at Target a few weeks ago are square-ish rather than round but of basically similar dimensions. So my new pots are a bit smaller but still of respectable size... and I got them for a grand total of $7.00, no sales tax.

It's not a very large silver lining, but I'll take it.


3. I have finally applied to return to college. By which I mean I finished the online form part of the application and my transcripts will go in the mail tomorrow morning. From this point on, my fate on that front is out of my hands.

*attempts to cross fingers and bite nails simultaneously*


4. Today's RE session was the second half of a two-part lesson on courage -- this is less about how to know what the good/right/appropriate thing to do is, and more about how to actually do the thing in question. So we did a quick recap of the story from last week (The Lion on the Path) and then played Courage Tag (which is basically freeze tag with beanbags on your head) and gave the kids a chance to practice being brave and telling a bully -- first a random person, then a "friend" -- to stop being mean; Joan and I took turns being the bully and the person being picked on, since we didn't want to say mean things to the kids themselves. It was actually really hard to say mean things to Joan! For one thing, I kept running out of ideas, and for another, even though I knew it wasn't real, just saying the insults made me feel like a shitty, shitty person.


So that's some stuff I've been doing.
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Today I did a bunch of things:

1. Got a haircut
2. Posted the two Cotton Candy Bingo fics I finished on Thursday and Friday
3. Bought groceries
4. Brought my resume up to date and emailed it to Vicky for feedback
5. Crossposted almost all of my Inception and Star Trek: AOS fic backlog to AO3
6. Tentatively applied for a very part-time job at my church starting in August
7. Started writing my remix fic

Which is enough for any day, I think.

In other news, all but three of my thirteen pepper seeds have now sprouted. It's interesting to see them in such dramatically varied stages of development -- one or two days makes a huge difference at this point. I will probably take another picture Sunday evening, to have a visual record.

Right now, though, I am going to take a shower (to clear out tiny, itchy hair-clipping residue) and go to bed.
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From the department of random things:

1. I have tentatively chosen a story to remix, after taking a week to slowly poke through my remixee's archive. Tonight I did a little brushing up on my familiarity with the canon in question, partly just on general principle and partly because I wanted to double check the way a few specific characters behave, individually and together. I'll probably start writing tomorrow.


2. I talked about various church-related things a few posts back. They have been resolved as follows: A) the brunch has been rescheduled for Sunday May 18th, and I have an offer for a ride there and back; B) it's okay for me to arrive 15 minutes late to the adult RE sessions; and C) I have made an official pledge via an online form, so I need to write a check and bring it to church this Sunday or else I will forget and never pay up.


3. I had not finished reading the Jadefest archive when authors were revealed, but I have continued to work my way through the remaining fics. This has taken a while, both because I've been reading other stuff as well, and because I was reading them in reverse word count order, so I left the longest ones for last. As of tonight, I have one story left -- Hold the Line -- which I have been highly anticipating because it's by an author I like a lot ([archiveofourown.org profile] dashery), and the summary sounds freaking awesome, to wit:

1994: The Betty Crocker conglomerate invites Dr. Jade English, celebrated astrophysicist and CEO of Skaianet Technologies, to teach one year of classes at their first foray into private education, Marjorie Husted University in Houston, Texas.

Jade says yes.

Contains violence against robots, too many background characters, Rose Lalonde on a Big Dog motorcycle, and the unspoken promise between a war-maker and those who would soldier on.

And it contains Jade English/Dave Strider, which is not a relationship I have seen before. There's a fair amount of alpha universe Dave/John (which I avoid because John/Dave is not my ship to start with, and its alpha universe iterations tend to degenerate into interminable angsty pining and completely ignore the boys' ties -- friendly, familial, romantic, whatever -- to both Rose and Jade), a lot of Dave/Rose (which I like even when it fails to mention Jade or John, because I like Dave and Rose being hopelessly codependent, okay? it's a weakness of mine), and even the occasional Jade/Rose (which, full disclosure, I have written myself, though not in an angsty pining way). But alpha universe Jade/Dave is the next best thing to nonexistent, which is sad. Old ladies deserve love too, and if Dave wants to be Jade's boy toy, I say more power to him.

Anyway, I am going off to read that now. :-)

ETA: It was even more awesome than I hoped it would be. A++, have already read again. :-D


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