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1. Attended church, which was a special service with sermon and music by Samite Mulondo, the founder of Musicians for World Harmony.

2. Coffee hour cleanup.

3. Made my weekly Facebook update post.

4. Changed linens. Given the weather, I decided NOT to do the winter-to-summer swap. (I want spring back!)

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18. I seem to have forgotten to mention this in my last few 'stuff done' posts, perhaps because it hasn't been on any of my to-do lists? Well, anyway, I have been reading (in bits and pieces, between other things) the Memoirs of Lady Trent series. I ended up starting with book two, The Tropic of Serpents, because I had to order book one via interlibrary loan and I am impatient. I then moved right on to book three, The Voyage of the Basilisk, which I just finished tonight.

They are fun books! I wouldn't call them deep literature, but they are a pleasure to read -- both in terms of the characters and plots, in terms of the worldbuilding (which is genuine world-building rather than region-building, and thought-out to a degree more writers should aspire to), and in terms of the actual writing, which manages to be smoothly invisible in service of the story despite having a distinctive first-person narrative voice. That is a neat trick, and I wish I could pinpoint how Brennan pulls it off.

Anyway, I have jumped back to start book one, A Natural History of Dragons, and I expect I'll make some reasonable progress on that during slow periods at work tomorrow. :)
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1. Took kitchen compost to communal bin.

2. Called Susan and chatted for an hour and a half. It was good to catch up!

3. Started moving my vegetables outside in the afternoons, to get them used to direct sunlight (instead of sunlight filtered through my kitchen windows).

4. Planted new seeds in three of my squash containers, since only one of my transplants (Meeny) survived. I have put two seeds per container, and will thin as necessary in a few weeks.

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16. Trimmed the back of the lilac bush, which has to be done every year to make room for my air conditioner. (It grows right up against my front room window, you see.) I will trim the rest of the bush in late May, after it has finished blooming -- it has only just started blooming now, and while the flowers aren't very abundant, they are making a much better showing than in various years past. I definitely think the plant does better when I prune it regularly.

17. Did a smidge of editing work on "Second Chances," which I hope to finish by Monday night. *crosses fingers*
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[community profile] snowflake_challenge Day 3: Set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private.

I have various and sundry goals for the year, but I think the biggest ones are... hmm...


1. Starting in April, get really serious about finding and applying to full-time jobs, because my current one (though it's nice and has a reasonable hourly wage) is only part-time and therefore has no benefits. I'm keeping it for now because it meshes well with my seasonal tax-prep job, but I want something more stable going forward.

2. Finish at least three chapters of "The Guardian in Spite of Herself," because I failed miserably on that front last year (ugh, depression) and now that I'm feeling less pervasively gray, I would like to get back to more regular writing.

3. Relatedly, write something every day. This can be as little as a single sentence, but I find that I do best in life when I arrange my days (or weeks) to have reliable structures and patterns. Last year I was pretty successful at finally training myself into making daily flossing a reliable habit, so I'd like to try that with writing this year. :)

4. Also relatedly, keep up my daily to-do lists! I have used to-do lists off and on over the years, mostly when I am having particularly bad problems with depression (I always list a few gimmes, like meals, to make sure I have things I can cross off and point to as 'see, I am NOT doing nothing!' evidence), which is why I started up the habit again in 2016, but I've been trying to regularize it a little more, and plan some items a few days in advance, and it's been very helpful in creating a sense of stability when my greater life has felt too big and terrible to ever be within my control. I'd like to keep that up in good times so the habit will be in place whenever bad times roll back again. *wry*

(They always do. These past couple years were only the second time I've had long-term depression; it's been almost entirely situational, which was also the case with my first extended depressive period, so I was pretty sure it would clear up when my life got less chronically stressful. (Spoiler: I was right.) But even when I'm doing well, I still get my blue funks -- I have periodic clinical depression, which means that a few times a year, my brain chemistry randomly conks out for a few weeks -- and I like to have a well-honed set of tools for getting through them.)

5. Continue my decluttering project. I have a bunch more boxes and cupboards that need to be sorted through, and there are still a bunch more clothes I should try on and decide whether I'm ever going to wear them again. I think I'd also like to get a new computer chair, and maybe some kind of shelving unit I can use to store my spare gardening stuff instead of having it randomly stacked on my kitchen floor.

6. Figure out a way to get more physical activity into my life. It needs to be sneaky and low-key, and it needs to be easily slipped into a daily routine rather than a special-purpose event solely about exercise or flexibility. I already walk 1-3 miles a day -- this is easy, because I don't usually have a car and I have an established routine of going to take a photograph of Cascadilla Creek from the Tioga St. bridge every day that this is physically and temporally possible -- but I want to add something a little higher intensity, and maybe also something to improve flexibility since I've been getting a bit stiffer as I get older and that annoys me.

Any advice on the exercise front would be very welcome, btw! :)
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I had my first in-person continuing education tax prep class on Tuesday night -- intro to depreciation, basically -- and it went pretty well. I now have a better understanding of some stuff, and I got some useful practice working on Schedule C forms and the asset management tab in our proprietary software program.

While I was there, one of my Not the IRS coworkers from last year asked if I was available to do some receptionist work at the downtown office during pre-season, and I said yeah, I was, since my current job at the rental office is only part-time. She talked to the person running pre-season down there, and today I got a job offer email and have duly jumped through the appropriate hoops to finalize it.

Hopefully once that gets processed, I will be able to access the calendar management part of the company's internal website, because otherwise I can't input my availability, and if I can't input my availability, I can't be scheduled to work. Parts of that application can't be accessed remotely for obvious security reasons, but on Tuesday I wasn't able to access any of it from the plaza office either, probably because my tax prep job offer doesn't go 'live,' so to speak, until January.

I also got talked into signing up for a second in-person class which runs six hours rather than three. The first session for that was tonight, and the second will be next Thursday. This one is on rental income, and I would like to say for the record that Schedule E is a pain in the neck, and also that if I hadn't just taken the class on depreciation and gotten that practice with the asset management tab, I would be so lost. But I am managing to keep my head above the metaphorical water, though if I get landed with any of this stuff during the season, I am going to pester my coworkers for second opinions on several things. (And hey, at least now I know which things to pester them about. That's progress!)

Hmm, what else...

Oh! And in a pleasantly surprising turn of events, it turns out that Plaza Boss is returning for this year -- I think she may be taking over the downtown office as well? -- so I will not get stuck working under Mall Boss. I was afraid of that scenario, since Mall Boss seemed to hold a grudge against everyone associated with the plaza office after her daughter got fired (even though we had nothing to do with it). But Plaza Boss is awesome and we are all glad to have her back for another year. :)
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I am debating whether I want to bother updating my resume tonight (and printing several copies at the library tomorrow because I have not yet gotten around to buying new ink for my stupid printer) in order to attend a job fair in Cortland tomorrow afternoon. I mean, on the one hand networking is good and it would be really sweet if I could land a full-time job. On the other hand, I am just really tired this week and I was looking forward to an afternoon chilling with Dottie on my lap while I get some solid rereading done for my Yuletide assignment -- not to mention I have only just been settling in to my current job and it feels weird to be trying to ditch it already.

Also tomorrow is meant to be very rainy and I don't like doing big go-out-and-people activities when it's raining. Rainy days are for being mellow. Job fairs are not mellow. (Useful! But about as far from mellow as I can imagine.)


I should update my resume on general principles anyway. I can decide about the job fair in the morning.
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2. Put away the food I cooked on Tuesday and dumped the resulting scraps into the compost bin.

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I made a start on unfucking my sleep schedule last night, and hopefully I will be able to get it fully back on track by Monday. With a bit of luck, this will give me the spoons to get some necessary stuff done over the weekend. *crosses fingers*
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I didn't post about this yesterday because I was waiting for a confirmation email, but...


It is a part-time office thing (~25 hrs/wk) at a local rental company, so it's not absolutely ideal, but the hourly rate is reasonable, the work itself sounds like a good mix of routine and interesting variables, and the location is easy to get to. I start Tuesday morning.

I will still be drawing a smidge of unemployment compensation, since that's based on a four-day week and I'll only be working three days a week. I will also, obviously, continue to look for either a better full-time job or a complementary part-time position.

But oh my god, I HAVE A JOB.



Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go collapse in relief for a little bit. :)
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1. One job application. I don't really care about this one, but I have to do three job-search activities per week for my unemployment insurance, even if I have no real intention of following up on them. And, you know, if this company happens to take me up on my offer, it wouldn't be the end of the world or anything. *shrug*

2. Edited somebody else's NFE fic. It is a good fic; I think y'all are going to enjoy it. :)

3. Finished reading and commenting on every work in the Ladystuck Remix main collection and treats collection. Go me! (Once again, I advise anyone with an interest in female-character-centric Homestuck fics and art to go check those out. Look through the prior collections as well while you're there!)

4. Tweaked my Tumblr theme so reblogs no longer automatically display in all-italics. That had been bugging me for years and tonight I was finally fed up enough to fix it.

5. Cooked a batch of rice -- by which I mean two cups' worth -- most of which will go into my freezer for storage.

6. Started a batch of pot roast, which will cook overnight and should finish up around 8 or 9am.

7. Responded to and cleared out all comments-needing-replies from my various inboxes, because today I had the spoons for that kind of social interaction. :)
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1. Tested my printer, discovered the ink had gone all weird, and therefore went to the public library to print copies of my resume and reference list. I have a recurring problem with ink, probably because I only use my printer about once every three or four months; this means that when I want to use it, the ink has often dried up and I have to buy replacement cartridges long before I should need to judging by number of pages printed.

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I have a job interview at 11:30am today. It's not the greatest job in the world, and is also sadly part-time rather than full-time, but this is one of those cases where something is clearly better than nothing, so.

I did some prep with Vicky yesterday during our phone conversation, I have looked the company up online and spent an hour or so poking around their website, I know the relevant bus schedule to get me there, and I think I'm as ready as I'm ever going to be.

Now please excuse me while I indulge in five minutes of distilled panic to get it out of my system. :)

oh god the sky is going to fall, they'll hate me, they'll laugh me out of the building, they'll ask questions and I'll go blank and start drooling, my pad and tampon will fail catastrophically all at once and I'll leave bloodstains on their furniture, I will turn out to have grievously offended at least one of the interviewers in the past and they'll be even more offended when I don't remember doing it, they'll ask me detailed questions about PowerPoint, I'll forget to ask their names, I'll forget to offer copies of my resume, I'll smile too much, I won't smile enough, I'll have horrible sweat stains all down my back and under my arms, my shoes will disintegrate in the middle of the conversation, I will spontaneously combust and run out of the building in flames, my glasses will fall apart, my pen will explode in my hand when I try to take notes, they'll hate me they'll hate me they'll hate me


Okay, done now.


ETA: It went pretty well, I think, and I remembered to send thank-you notes to hopefully reinforce my good impression. :)


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