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1. Took weekly Monday photographs of my vegetables, but forgot to post them online. Ah well. I will do a two-weeks-in-one post this coming Monday.

2. Walked to the Cayuga St. bridge to watch my town's fireworks display at 9:45pm Monday night. (Ithaca usually does fireworks a day or two before the 4th. I am not sure when or why that offset started, but at this point it's a tradition and continues through sheer inertia.)

3. Wrote four fic DVD commentaries. :)

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21. Applied to TC3! (I mean, I fudged some dates because I don't remember the exact end dates of my association with my high school and previous colleges. I can tell you month and year, sure! But exact day? Pfff, no. I assume they will understand and cut me slack on that front.) Tomorrow I will start arranging for transcripts. I believe I can do that online for the two colleges. For my high school, I think I have to make a phone call, so that will wait for Monday.

22. Emailed Vicky about some super-secret plans we may or may not be conspiring over. ;)

And that is that!

For the record? My productivity was wildly uneven this week. Points 1 through 8 took four days (Monday-Thursday), whereas points 9-22 were all done in a single day (Friday). This is because I knocked my sleep schedule completely out of whack and did not manage to yank it back on track for several days, during which I kind of zombied around doing nothing in particular. I can't even say I was relaxing and enjoying myself; I was mostly just going through the motions and hoping some spark of emotion/inspiration would light me up.

I really need to stop letting my sleep schedule drift. That is utterly devastating to my ability to be a functional person.
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1. Put away the remaining laundry.

2. Backed up my hard drive.

3. Made an appointment to give blood this coming Thursday.

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17. Submitted my WIP Big Bang snippets.

18. Checked 2D movie times for Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which I would like to see tomorrow. (I'd wanted to see it Thursday or Friday, but see above in re: the universe squashing me flat.) I think 1:15 or 3:10pm sound most promising.

19. And this is true for all the days in question: I plonked at a few bits of fiction to no particular effect. *sigh* I will keep trying tomorrow.
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Apropos of nothing in particular! A couple days ago I started manually forwarding all the spam messages I was getting from that dating site (Plenty of Fish) to their PR address (pr@pof.com), since my attempt to 'reset' the non-existent account's non-existent password didn't work, that was the only electronic contact method I could find after a good half hour of searching, and I couldn't tell which of the various phone numbers and physical addresses I found were actually real and up to date.

(For the record? Not having your contact information clearly displayed on your home page, including a customer service email address to deal with complaints not covered by your unfeasibly minimal preset forms, is deeply skeevy.)

Anyway, the first round of forwarding won me nearly twelve hours without spam. Then I got another burst, forwarded them all (with a copypasted "I don't have an account with your service. Stop sending me email" message appended), and have now been spam-free (...from that source) for nearly twenty-four hours.

I have doubtless jinxed myself just now, of course, but I trust if I make myself enough of a nuisance the POF staff will either fix the problem or just give up and block me, which should hopefully render me invisible to the spam-sending part of their email program. *crosses fingers*

(...I have also been marking every single one of their messages as a phishing attempt, which is untrue and probably wrong of me, but that is the only other weapon in my arsenal at the moment; of course I'm going to use it.)
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About five days ago, some asshole used my legal name email address to sign up for a Spanish-language internet dating site. Since then, I have been getting at least 100 emails a day from that site, to the general effect of 'Legal-First-Name-Random-String-of-Numbers has received a new message' or 'Random-Name-Who-Is-Probably-a-Bot has done something in relation to your post/profile/message/what-the-hell-ever'. (I would be more specific except I do not speak Spanish and don't entirely trust Google's auto-translate function.)

I mean, Gmail knows they are spam and duly files them as such, but still!

I can't even unsubscribe from the damn thing, since that would require knowing what password the asshole created when they used my email to sign up. *headdesk*

The site, for those who may be curious, is Plentyoffish Media Inc. #142-757 West Hastings St., PMB 670, Vancouver, BC V6C1A1. Their web address is pof.com.mx. (Are they Canadian or Mexican? Who knows!)

I feel like I should write them an annoyed letter or something.
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1. Watered my houseplants. I also saved two of my peppers from a bout of dehydration, via emergency watering and temporary toothpick stakes to lean on. I keep forgetting how fast the peat pellets dry out. :/

2. Failed to floss my teeth Monday night because I was so tired from working 8:30am-9pm at Not the IRS (plus travel time). This is noteworthy since I think that is the ONLY time I have failed to floss my teeth since I started my "if you don't floss, your mouth and teeth will feel gross and be totally icky" campaign, which, considering how many years I had previously spent trying and failing to make flossing a daily habit -- I tried guilt and shame, I tried logic, I tried financial panic (cavities are stupidly expensive to fix), I tried flossing at work on my lunch breaks, etc. -- really says something about the power of revulsion as a motivating factor.

The problem, of course, is that revulsion is horrifically easy to misuse. But I think in this particular case, it helps a lot more than it hurts.

3. Imported my Livejournal to Dreamwdith, which, um, ran into some problems.

4. Opened a mini-ficlet prompt meme. (I am still taking ficlet requests, if anyone is interested!)

5. Bought groceries.

6. Attended the Stewardship committee meeting on Thursday night. I now have a list of people to call in the second round of "please pledge money, we can't run a church by wishing," and I will call them... Sunday afternoon, probably. *adds to to-do list*

7. Boiled a dozen eggs.

8. Wrote three prompt ficlets. I am still working on a fourth, but I couldn't finish it before work got busy and I hit the exhausted and brain-fried portion of my day. (Another 8:30am-9pm shift today, joy. By the time I leave the rental office tomorrow, I will have worked 60 hours this week. And next week I get to do it all again! What fun! (Kill me now.))

9. Wrote twelve thank-you notes to church members who have already pledged for the 2017-18 fiscal year. I got six of them into the mail for Saturday morning pickup, and will drop the other six off on my way to work in the morning. The remaining six envelopes are stamped and return-addressed, and I will write the cards tomorrow.

10. Changed the scented wax in my wax melter.

11. Backed up my computer onto my external hard drive, which I really ought to do more frequently. I wonder if there's a way to harness revulsion for that task as well...?

And now to bed. Mmmm, bed.
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Well, fuck.

I tried to import all my LJ comments, but in order to do that you have to import all your entries as well... and now every single journal entry I made before May 3rd, 2009 (barring the directory posts that didn't exist on LJ in the first place) has been duplicated.

*infinite headdesking ensues*

I guess I will try opening a support ticket, but I kind of doubt there's anything to be done except manually delete SIX YEARS of duplicated posts, and who on earth has time for THAT?

*headdesking continues*
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Question: if you have previously imported your journal from LJ (like, back when DW opened) and have been crossposting from DW since then, will the importer try to yank duplicate copies of stuff that already exists over here, or will it only go after stuff without duplicates, i.e., comments?

I ask because I would hate to lose years of comments, but I do not want to deal with the headache that wholesale importation might cause, and the FAQ was not especially clear on this issue.


I think I am going to agree to LJ's new terms of service if only so I can get my data OFF the damn site, and also access some exchange and challenge communities while they decide what to do about this mess. (Hopefully they will move to DW...) Then I will figure out how to redirect all comments over here, and also finish updating all my fic directory posts so the links point to DW instead of LJ. I have let that project languish for far too long. *sigh*
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1. Paid my monthly rent, paid my credit card bills, and transferred some money to my savings account. Yay financial responsibility!

2. Filed my own taxes, since the waiting period for the EIC is now over. (Go on, ask me about the PATH Act. You know you want to...)

3. Bought groceries. (I failed, however, to buy more applesauce, since my store was completely out of their own un-flavored brand with no added sugar. I will try again on Monday, and hopefully buy a few other things in the process.)

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16. Made a little more progress on my Cotton Candy Bingo prompt fic, mostly reconfiguring the opening scene so it will feed better into the climax and conclusion.

I'm going to keep working on the story tonight, and then hopefully go to bed before midnight for the second day in a row. *crosses fingers, makes resolve face at self*
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I keep my master fic directory post at the top of my journal not by making it sticky but by dating it twenty years into the future. This is partly because I started doing that before sticky posts were a thing, but I keep up the habit because it has a very useful side effect:

It catches spam comments.

See, LJ spammers tend to attack the most recent post on a journal, regardless of its content. And since the 'most recent' post on my journal is always my fic directory, it catches all that spam in a single place where I can deal with it conveniently, instead of having it spread over dozens of posts.

I mention this because I got a notification of a spam comment a couple days ago, and when I went to delete it, I realized that LJ had (for unknown reasons) NOT been notifying me about spam comments for several months... and I had accumulated 118 other spam comments since October. *headdesk* I mean, they were all screened and therefore invisible to anyone but me, but still. When you don't delete a spam comment, the spambot that left it thinks you're a viable target and just keeps pinging you every few days, which is how I built up such a pile of bullshit on that post.

About 110 of them were for porn sites, and predictably gross ones at that. The remaining few included one makeup ad, one online medication ad, one 'make a living filling out online surveys; this is totally not a scam, we swear!' ad, and about five things in Cyrillic which I couldn't read but were, statistically speaking, probably also porn. *sigh*

I cleared them all out, and will be keeping a closer eye on that post going forward since LJ is demonstrably falling down on sending me spam comment notices.
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Victory! Yuletide fic is done and posted.

There was an analogy that occurred to me around 6pm as being wonderfully apropos, but trying to fit it in wound up derailing the emotional through-line horribly, so I cut that attempt back out again. I kinda-sorta finagled it into a different location in a different form, but this version is not nearly as direct (or imagery-rich) as before, which is a little sad, but hey, that situation is exactly what the phrase 'kill your darlings' is meant for. *wry*


I should probably get the story beta read. The problem is, what I really need is a canon and characterization check, and this canon is... not obscure obscure -- I would be willing to bet that several people in my circle have consumed it at some point -- but not something I think a lot of people have detailed knowledge of right at their fingertips, and obviously asking would be a dead giveaway.

Presumably this is when I learn to use the Yuletide chat thingywhatsit and try to find a hippo? Ugh. That kind of technology never wants to work for me.

Tomorrow, I suppose.

(I mean, if anyone is willing to offer sight unseen, I will tell you the canon in private and you can decide from there whether it's something you are familiar enough with to offer informed commentary, but that's not a very reliable method of finding editors.)


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