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So hey, remember when I said I was editing some stuff for my sister? The latest is now available for purchase via Kindle ebooks!

Second Chance Iowa

It is an ~70,000 word M/M romance novel featuring Colton Catherwood (successful writer) and Danny Garcia (high school teacher) who find each other again after a devastating high school breakup and seven years of silence.

Selling points: The main characters are easy to like (even when they're being dumbasses, because relationships are hard), there is a diverse cast of secondary characters who have lives of their own, a class of high school students get encouraged to follow their writing dreams, Iowa is more than just cornfields, and Danny and Colt reach a well-earned happily ever after. :)

Content notes: The lack of lube is a deliberate stylistic choice (trust me, I asked) to play up a fantasy/spontaneity aspect. HIPAA regulations are ignored for dramatic purposes. Also there is a cheating subplot (not involving the main characters) and a dysfunctional father-son relationship (because of homophobia) so be careful if those are issues for you.

If you are interested in her other work, here's a website. Note that she's switching from porn to romance, so this book is not necessarily representative of earlier stories. Also I haven't read any except this and Bound in Blue, so I cannot speak for their quality one way or the other. (I liked "Bound in Blue," though!)


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