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1. Put away laundry.

2. Wrote some character descriptions for "Intervention" and emailed them to my WIP Big Bang artist. That was actually a very useful exercise, because I had not thought in detail about the characters' appearances before and now I can try to work some of those visual details into the story text.

Like, about all I had before was that Kath is short and wears her hair in braids, Jahiem is a lot taller than Kath, Adam has blond hair and always wears black, Inez wears a gold cross necklace, Jayavanti is a bit taller than both Kath and Hegev, Nico is tall and often sleep-deprived, Hegev is Tellarite, Zhi-ren has long hair he sometimes puts into a ponytail, Fra Treefell is weather-beaten, and Elakwa looks like Marina Sirtis's more tired and less fashion-conscious cousin. Which is not a lot to be going on. Now I know a lot more. :)

3. Put my peppers and squash out all day on Wednesday, since the forecast predicted a mostly cloudy day rather than full sunlight.

4. Planted two new seeds to replace Tethera, since that poor seedling's stem snapped while I was checking its soil to see if it needed water after a day outside. :/

Tangentially, it is AMAZING the difference between Tan and Sethera on the one hand, and Azer and Hovera on the other: one set of seedlings spent their first week or so inside under probably somewhat inadequate artificial light, while the other two started going outside literally the day after they sprouted. I really must make a photo post about that.

I have also started turning on the pole lamp in the corner while the plants are indoors, to try to make the artificial light somewhat less inadequate. I hope it is helping.

5. Cut my fingernails.

6. Went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 a second time, because reasons. (I really, really like found family as a trope, okay? It is a damn near bulletproof narrative kink for me.) The audience this time was less participatory -- basically silent instead of laughing aloud and/or cheering at the relevant points -- which is definitely a different experience from my first viewing, but I think the film itself held up quite well to a rewatch.

7. Did a little shopping at Target after the movie. I wanted to buy a couple small mesh bags to hold delicate items (scarves, pantyhose, etc.) in washers and dryers, but I couldn't find any and didn't have time to track down an employee for help. However, I did successfully buy a sixpack of black socks (which means I should be able to get rid of some old ones that are nearly worn through around the heels and ankles), a box of 100 tealight candles, a pack of sanitary pads in the style I like which my grocery store has annoyingly stopped carrying (seriously, I just want ultra-thin Always regular pads with WINGS. the wings are the important part. is that so much to ask???), and a new bra to replace an old one whose underwire came loose and started stabbing me in the armpit. So, you know, mostly a successful trip.

8. Took compost to bin. This included the rinds of three satsumas (or possibly clementines; it's impossible to tell the difference) which I nabbed from coffee hour leftovers last Sunday and used as my breakfast fruit instead of craisins or applesauce.

9. Bought groceries. Also got cash for a bunch of sparkling water cans my diagonal neighbors keep tossing in the recycling bins. I mean, if they don't want the bottle deposits, I will totally take advantage of their carelessness and/or ignorance. *wry*

10. Finally got around to cooking the fajita filling for which I chopped and froze the ingredients a couple weeks ago. \o/ That's now in the fridge, cooling down, and I'll stick it in the freezer in the morning.

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Wings are *key*. Praise the inventor of wings. (Also praise menopause. A lot.)


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